Premier League Predictions

Premier League standings

1 Arsenal34245556
2 Liverpool34228441
3 Manchester City32227344
4 Aston Villa34206821
5 Tottenham32186816
6 Manchester United33165121
7 Newcastle331551315
8 West Ham3413912-9
9 Chelsea32138114
10 Bournemouth3412913-11
11 Brighton321111102
12 Wolves3412715-8
13 Fulham3412616-4
14 Crystal Palace3410915-12
15 Brentford349817-7
16 Everton3411815-12
17 Nottingham Forest347918-18
18 Luton346721-28
19 Burnley345821-32
20 Sheffield Utd343724-59
2 Liverpool17133142
1 Arsenal17132241
3 Manchester City17125041
4 Aston Villa17122338
5 Tottenham16120436
7 Newcastle17113336
6 Manchester United1692529
13 Fulham1791728
9 Chelsea1684428
11 Brighton1576227
8 West Ham1767425
10 Bournemouth1766524
12 Wolves1773724
14 Crystal Palace1764722
16 Everton1764722
15 Brentford1756621
17 Nottingham Forest1755720
18 Luton17431015
19 Burnley17241110
20 Sheffield Utd17241110
1 Arsenal17113336
3 Manchester City15102332
2 Liverpool1795332
4 Aston Villa1784528
5 Tottenham1666424
6 Manchester United1773724
8 West Ham1772823
10 Bournemouth1763821
16 Everton1754819
9 Chelsea1654719
12 Wolves1754819
14 Crystal Palace1745817
11 Brighton1745817
13 Fulham1735914
15 Brentford17421114
7 Newcastle16421014
19 Burnley17341013
17 Nottingham Forest17241110
18 Luton17241110
20 Sheffield Utd1713136

West Ham - Liverpool

Premier League, 27 April 14:30
Harry KettlePRO Tipster
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    Newcastle - Sheffield Utd

    Premier League, 27 April 17:00
    Harry KettlePRO Tipster
    1.25Newcastle to win10
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      Manchester United - Burnley

      Premier League, 27 April 17:00
      Harry KettlePRO Tipster
      1.55Manchester United to win10
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        Fulham - Crystal Palace

        Premier League, 27 April 17:00
        Harry KettlePRO Tipster
        1.76Over 2.5 Goals10
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          Wolves - Luton

          Premier League, 27 April 17:00
          Harry KettlePRO Tipster
          1.67Over 2.5 Goals10
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            Brighton - Manchester City

            Premier League, 25 April 22:00
            Harry KettlePRO Tipster
            1.48Manchester City to win10
              • 10% Brighton
              • 20% Draw
              • 70% Manchester City
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              Arsenal - 50Chelsea

              Premier League, 23 April 22:00
              Harry KettlePRO Tipster
              -10 Coins
                • 25% Arsenal
                • 25% Draw
                • 50% Chelsea

                Wolves - 01Bournemouth

                Premier League, 24 April 21:45
                Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                -10 Coins
                2.84Wolves to win10
                  • 50% Wolves
                  • 50% Draw
                  • 0% Bournemouth

                  Manchester United - 42Sheffield Utd

                  Premier League, 24 April 22:00
                  Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                  +3 Coins
                  1.33Manchester United to win10
                    • 57% Manchester United
                    • 14% Draw
                    • 29% Sheffield Utd

                    Everton - 20Liverpool

                    Premier League, 24 April 22:00
                    Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                    -10 Coins
                    1.50Liverpool to win10
                      • 0% Everton
                      • 20% Draw
                      • 80% Liverpool

                      Crystal Palace - 20Newcastle

                      Premier League, 24 April 22:00
                      Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                      -10 Coins
                        • 0% Crystal Palace
                        • 100% Draw
                        • 0% Newcastle

                        Fulham - 13Liverpool

                        Premier League, 21 April 18:30
                        Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                        +6 Coins
                        1.56Liverpool to win10
                          • 0% Fulham
                          • 10% Draw
                          • 90% Liverpool

                          Everton - 20Nottingham Forest

                          Premier League, 21 April 15:30
                          Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                          -10 Coins
                          1.95Over 2.5 Goals10
                            • 67% Everton
                            • 17% Draw
                            • 17% Nottingham Forest

                            Crystal Palace - 52West Ham

                            Premier League, 21 April 17:00
                            Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                            +8 Coins
                            1.84Over 2.5 Goals10
                              • 20% Crystal Palace
                              • 60% Draw
                              • 20% West Ham

                              Aston Villa - 31Bournemouth

                              Premier League, 21 April 17:00
                              Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                              +9 Coins
                              1.85Aston Villa to win10
                                • 83% Aston Villa
                                • 0% Draw
                                • 17% Bournemouth

                                The Premier League (PL) is the world's most exciting and richest football league. It began in 1992/93, but English football started long before, in the 19th century. The league features 20 teams and sees a 38-game season that runs from August until May. The three teams that finish bottom of the table are relegated. The top four usually qualify for the following season’s Champions League. Further European places are available in the Europa League and Europa Conference League too.

                                Our Premier League predictions hub offers football tips, including Premier League match predictions and much more. Read on as we examine the best football bookies, how to find winners and explain more about the PL.

                                Premier League Teams

                                As of the 2023/24 Premier League season, there are 20 teams in the EPL, and these are:

                                Each week, or whenever they play, we’ll have Premier League score predictions, tips analysis and the latest odds for these 20 teams.

                                Recommended Bookmakers for Premier League Betting

                                So many bookmakers are out there, and all the best offer Premier League betting. We provide reviews and info on the top football betting sites. These sites are also great for betting on the Championship and competitions such as the EFL Trophy. There is no shortage of top-class bookmakers for PL betting, with bet365, Ladbrokes, Betfred and Betway just some of our favourites.

                                With so many excellent Premier League betting sites, most offering some free bet or welcome offer, it pays to join several. However, when choosing a bookie for Premier League predictions, you should look for various qualities. The range of markets is important if you like to vary your bets. The best PL bookies offer over 700 different bets on most league games. Premier League Odds are significant too, with the overround, or profit margin, ranging from just a few per cent with the best bookmakers to over 10% with others. What promos the site offers for existing customers are also essential, as are the website/app and customer service.

                                What To Research Before Betting

                                Our Premier League tips will help you find great winning bets. However, we do not recommend blindly following anyone’s match predictions, score predictions or tips in general. And that includes our own! They are a great starting point and might give you some inspiration, ideas for bets or stats to explore. However, it always pays to do your own research as well.

                                Alternatively, you might see a betting tip or Premier League prediction that confirms or supports research you have already done. This is a great way to give you more confidence in your analysis. Whichever way you approach this, doing your own research is key as this way, you know exactly what the methodology was and why specific Premier League predictions were made.

                                Consider any information and team news you can obtain that could affect the match. That might include injuries and suspensions, form, the weather, changes of management, coaching staff or tactics, the head-to-head record, morale and confidence, squad rotation, player and team motivation, and more besides. In addition, you should understand the rules of whatever market you are betting on. This would include things like whether or not extra time or own goals count in that bet.

                                Why Should You Trust Us?

                                You should trust us partly because we are telling you not to! If a site offers Premier League tips that are “guaranteed” to win or publishes stats that seem to support their claims that they have enjoyed long-term sustained success, you should treat them cautiously. If you have independently analysed ALL of the tips they have published over a long time and can see that they are indeed winning, then great. However, few, if any, sites will stand up to this sort of rigorous analysis, and many simply lie or doctor their tips and stats after the event!

                                In contrast, we offer our tips as a starting point but advise you to study the form and stats yourself. We aim to under-promise and over-deliver rather than the other way around. That said, our tips are all thoroughly researched by expert analysts using a statistical and mathematical approach that puts the value at the centre.

                                Additional Football Betting Tips

                                As well as these core Premier League predictions and tips, we offer a wide range of other betting tips too:


                                Can I watch the Premier League on TV?

                                The Premier League season is broadcast in around 190 countries on over 400 channels, so the chances are, yes, you can! English Premier League is the most watched sports league in the world.

                                When does the season start?

                                The PL season typically begins around a third of the way through August and ends in May the following year.

                                What is the most popular betting market in Premier League betting?

                                There are so many to choose from, but the main Premier League matches odds, also known as 1x2, 90 minutes and a host of other names, are probably the most popular. Just make your prediction on who will win, and away you go.

                                Do you do Premier League table predictions?

                                Our latest Premier League predictions focus on individual matches, but before the season begins, we often have other sports betting tips for the season ahead. This includes outrights such as title betting, relegation, top four, etc.

                                Which PL markets have the best odds?

                                In terms of the best value, Asian handicaps generally have the lowest bookmaker markup. Other popular bets with low-profit margins for the bookie include BTTS, the match odds and over 2.5 goals.

                                Is correct score betting good value?

                                We make English Premier League score predictions because many punters like the chance to land winners at long odds. However, these markets offer worse value than those with fewer possible outcomes.