Online Casinos accepting Bitcoin and other Crypto

Cryptocurrency payments are taking off, which led to their addition as a payment option in many online casino websites. There are even full crypto casinos that only accept cryptocurrency payments. What follows is a list of casino games that accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or different fiat currencies.

What are crypto casinos?

The majority of casinos support deposit and withdrawal using EUR, USD, GBP, plus cryptocurrencies. However, you can come across casinos on the internet that only accept crypto payments. Online casinos that offer payments only via cryptocurrencies are referred to as crypto betting sites. Most of them accept Bitcoin plus several other fiat currencies.

The crypto casinos themselves are no different than the regular ones, at least in terms of the games they offer. All slots and live dealer casino titles are provided by the same casino software suppliers. The difference here is that these casinos only accept bets done with a cryptocurrency. There is no difference in terms of what games you get.

Crypto casinos also tend to have awesome bonuses and promotions. They resemble those that you can find in the standard casino websites. There are also some websites that allow all kinds of payment options, but they also have exclusive bonuses for deposits done with a cryptocurrency.

Another advantage of the crypto casinos is that their websites have a mobile version or a mobile app. In the best-case scenario, users will have both options. However, everything there is the same, so keep that in mind.

Cryptocurrencies used for placing bets on online casinos

As the blockchain technology continues to develop and cryptocurrencies become more widespread, the number of fiat currencies accepted by crypto casinos continues to grow. Still, the most commonly used remain:

  • Bitcoin – this is the most popular cryptocurrency worldwide. It’s accepted by many casinos and game betting websites, and it’s also preferred by players. By using it, they get an extra layer of protection. Apart from that, Bitcoin is also a decentralized currency, which means that you have full control of it at all times.
  • Ethereum – this is considered to be the second-best cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It helped make blockchain technology a lot more accessible, which boosted the popularity of Ethereum as one of the most popular digital currencies. It’s no wonder that many Ethereum casinos accept it as a payment option.
  • Litecoin – even though this currency looks a lot like Bitcoin, it has its unique characteristics. Payments done with it are fast and secure, and players can remain anonymous.
  • Monero – many players opt for this cryptocurrency in order to make anonymous and secure transactions to the casino they’ve chosen. It’s these two attributes that make it so popular and used by players. However, it’s important that the casino that you like also allows you to use it as a deposit and withdrawal option.
  • Ripple – this is a cryptocurrency and also a platform where you can exchange currencies. By using this digital currency, you can have high deposit and withdrawal limits in the online casinos without compromising their speed.

Is it allowed to bet using different currencies?

The online casino websites have the opportunity to choose whether or not to integrate a platform that allows transactions just with cryptocurrencies or with other options as well. Most casinos offer other deposit and withdrawal methods, apart from cryptocurrencies. There, you can bet using different currencies, but let’s not forget that there are websites that are specifically designed for crypto payments.

With crypto casinos, you won’t be able to bet in a different currency apart from the digital ones that are accepted. Those types of casino websites are created so that they can make anonymous transactions using cryptocurrencies. This is something that some players appreciate above all else.

At the end of the day, every user can determine for themselves whether they want to bet with cryptocurrencies in crypto casinos, or they will choose a website that also accepts other currencies.

Pros & Cons of online crypto casinos

Placing bets in online casinos using cryptocurrencies has its advantages and disadvantages, so let’s consider the main ones:

  • Pros
  • Crypto casinos offer the chance of making anonymous payments
  • Your winnings can increase automatically if the price of the cryptocurrency continues to grow
  • Deposits done with cryptocurrencies are instant
  • Winnings made via cryptocurrencies are paid out in a very short time
  • Any potential fees for payments done via a cryptocurrency are lower
  • Cons
  • If the cryptocurrencies lose their value, the crypto-based casinos will most likely disappear
  • Standard casinos might not accept them as a payment option if the laws change
  • You might come across a crypto casino with questionable practices

What type of games can you find in crypto casinos?

You won’t find any difference in terms of the available that you can come across in a crypto casino in comparison to what you’d find in a standard one. The options are the same, so it all depends on the providers that the casino partners with because it has to implement their games on the website.

The main types of games in the crypto casinos are slots and live casino games with real dealers. This means that they are by no means inferior to regular casino sites in terms of the variety of games.


Which are the best crypto casinos?

You can take a look at our ranking list, where we’ve included online casino websites that accept payments done via cryptocurrencies.

Are the crypto casinos secure?

In terms the payment security, the crypto casinos are one of the most secures ones. However, if we take a look at the safeness of the digital currencies themselves, the crypto casinos are as safe as the currencies will be over time.

Are there any bonuses in the online cryptocurrency casinos?

Yes, the casinos with cryptocurrencies offer bonuses for new registration and for the players who’ve already registered. There are even some casinos that will give you a special gift if you register and make a deposit with a cryptocurrency.