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France Ligue 1

Our predictions for the matches in the French Ligue 1 include stats, teams’ performance and the form of the players before the beginning of each event. The current info you can find includes news, stats and rankings!

1Mar22:00Lyon-Saint Etienne- View Tip
1Mar18:00Bordeaux-Nice- View Tip
1Mar16:00Nantes-Lille- View Tip
29Feb21:00Amiens-Metz- View Tip
29Feb21:00Stade Brestois 29-Angers- View Tip
29Feb21:00Toulouse-Rennes- View Tip
29Feb21:00Monaco-Reims- View Tip
29Feb21:00Montpellier-Strasbourg- View Tip
29Feb18:30Paris Saint Germain-Dijon- View Tip
28Feb21:45Nimes-Marseille- View Tip
23Feb22:00Paris Saint Germain-Bordeaux4-3 View Tip
23Feb18:00Rennes-Nimes2-1 View Tip
23Feb16:00Saint Etienne-Reims1-1 View Tip
22Feb21:00Lille-Toulouse3-0 View Tip
22Feb21:00Dijon-Monaco1-1 View Tip
22Feb21:00Strasbourg-Amiens0-0 View Tip
22Feb21:00Angers-Montpellier1-0 View Tip
22Feb18:30Marseille-Nantes1-3 View Tip
21Feb21:45Metz-Lyon0-2 View Tip
21Feb20:00Nice-Stade Brestois 292-2 View Tip
16Feb22:00Lille-Marseille1-2 View Tip
16Feb18:00Stade Brestois 29-Saint Etienne3-2 View Tip
16Feb18:00Reims-Rennes1-0 View Tip
16Feb16:00Lyon-Strasbourg1-1 View Tip
15Feb21:00Bordeaux-Dijon2-2 View Tip
15Feb21:00Nantes-Metz0-0 View Tip
15Feb21:00Toulouse-Nice0-2 View Tip
15Feb21:00Nimes-Angers1-0 View Tip
15Feb18:30Amiens-Paris Saint Germain4-4 View Tip
14Feb21:45Monaco-Montpellier1-0 View Tip
2Mar21:45Paris FC-Lens- View Tip
29Feb16:00Lorient-Chambly Thelle FC- View Tip
28Feb21:00Sochaux-Rodez- View Tip
28Feb21:00Le Mans-Guingamp- View Tip
28Feb21:00Caen-Grenoble- View Tip
28Feb21:00Auxerre-Niort- View Tip
28Feb21:00Chateauroux-LE Havre- View Tip
28Feb21:00Nancy-Clermont Foot- View Tip
28Feb21:00Orleans-Estac Troyes- View Tip
28Feb21:00Valenciennes-Ajaccio- View Tip
24Feb21:45Estac Troyes-Auxerre3-1 View Tip
22Feb16:00Lens-Caen1-4 View Tip
21Feb21:00Chambly Thelle FC-Nancy2-1 View Tip
21Feb21:00Rodez-Lorient0-1 View Tip
21Feb21:00Guingamp-Sochaux1-1 View Tip
21Feb21:00Grenoble-Chateauroux0-1 View Tip
21Feb21:00Ajaccio-Le Mans2-0 View Tip
21Feb21:00Clermont Foot-Paris FC0-1 View Tip
21Feb21:00LE Havre-Orleans1-2 View Tip
21Feb21:00Niort-Valenciennes1-0 View Tip
17Feb21:45Chateauroux-Lens3-2 View Tip
15Feb16:00Lorient-Clermont Foot0-1 View Tip
15Feb16:00Nancy-Guingamp0-1 View Tip
14Feb21:00Valenciennes-Sochaux3-2 View Tip
14Feb21:00Le Mans-Rodez0-0 View Tip
14Feb21:00Caen-Estac Troyes0-1 View Tip
14Feb21:00Auxerre-Chambly Thelle FC0-0 View Tip
14Feb21:00Grenoble-Niort3-1 View Tip
14Feb21:00Orleans-Ajaccio0-3 View Tip
14Feb21:00Paris FC-LE Havre1-0 View Tip
4Apr21:10Paris Saint Germain-Lyon- View Tip
22Jan22:00Reims-Paris Saint Germain0-3 View Tip
21Jan22:10Lyon-Lille2-2 View Tip
8Jan22:05Lille-Amiens2-0 View Tip
8Jan22:05Paris Saint Germain-Saint Etienne6-1 View Tip
8Jan19:45Lyon-Stade Brestois 293-1 View Tip
7Jan22:00Reims-Strasbourg0-0 View Tip
18Dec22:05Nantes-Strasbourg0-1 View Tip
18Dec22:05Stade Brestois 29-Bordeaux2-0 View Tip
18Dec22:05Le Mans-Paris Saint Germain1-4 View Tip
18Dec22:05Nimes-Saint Etienne1-2 View Tip
18Dec22:05Amiens-Rennes3-2 View Tip
18Dec19:45Lyon-Toulouse4-1 View Tip
17Dec22:05Monaco-Lille0-3 View Tip
17Dec19:45Reims-Montpellier1-0 View Tip
29Oct22:05Bordeaux-Dijon2-0 View Tip
13Aug21:05Estac Troyes-Lens1-2 View Tip
13Aug18:45Lorient-Le Mans1-2 View Tip
5Mar21:55Saint Etienne-Rennes- View Tip
4Mar22:10Lyon-Paris Saint Germain- View Tip
13Feb22:00Epinal-Saint Etienne1-2 View Tip
12Feb22:05Lyon-Marseille1-0 View Tip
12Feb19:30Dijon-Paris Saint Germain1-6 View Tip
11Feb21:55Belfort-Rennes0-3 View Tip
30Jan21:55Nice-Lyon1-2 View Tip
29Jan22:05Marseille-Strasbourg3-1 View Tip
29Jan19:30Epinal-Lille2-1 View Tip
29Jan19:30PAU-Paris Saint Germain0-2 View Tip
28Jan21:55Monaco-Saint Etienne0-1 View Tip
28Jan19:30Belfort-Montpellier0-0 View Tip
28Jan19:30Angers-Rennes3-3 View Tip
28Jan19:30Limonest-Dijon1-1 View Tip
20Jan21:55St-Pryvé St-Hilaire-Monaco1-3 View Tip
19Jan21:55Lorient-Paris Saint Germain0-1 View Tip
19Jan18:15Athletico Marseille-Rennes0-2 View Tip
19Jan18:15Dijon-Nimes5-0 View Tip
19Jan18:15Rouen-Angers1-4 View Tip
19Jan18:15Montpellier-Caen5-0 View Tip
18Jan21:55Nantes-Lyon3-4 View Tip
18Jan19:00Paris FC-Saint Etienne2-3 View Tip
18Jan19:00Angoulême-Strasbourg1-5 View Tip
18Jan16:00Belfort-Nancy3-1 View Tip
18Jan16:00Gonfreville-Lille0-2 View Tip
18Jan14:00Prix-lès-Mézières-Limonest0-1 View Tip
18Jan14:00Epinal-Saint-Pierroise0-0 View Tip
18Jan14:00Nice-RED Star FC 932-1 View Tip
17Jan22:05Granville-Marseille0-3 View Tip
16Jan21:55PAU-Bordeaux2-2 View Tip
6Jan21:55Rouen-Metz3-0 View Tip
5Jan21:55Linas-Montlhery-Paris Saint Germain0-6 View Tip
5Jan18:15Fréjus St-Raphaël-Nice2-0 View Tip
5Jan18:15Limonest-Le Puy Foot1-1 View Tip
5Jan18:15Grande-Synthe-Nancy0-1 View Tip
5Jan18:15Hombourg-Haut-Prix-lès-Mézières0-3 View Tip
5Jan18:15Entente S St Gratien-Epinal0-1 View Tip
5Jan18:15Valenciennes-Dijon1-2 View Tip
5Jan18:15Dieppe-Angers1-3 View Tip
5Jan15:15Bastia-Borgo-Saint Etienne0-3 View Tip
5Jan15:15Reims Sainte-Anne-Montpellier0-1 View Tip
5Jan15:15Trélissac-Marseille1-1 View Tip
5Jan15:153-Lille2-3 View Tip
5Jan15:15Lorient-Stade Brestois 291-1 View Tip
4Jan21:55Bourg-en-bresse 01-Lyon0-7 View Tip
4Jan19:00Athletico Marseille-Rodez2-1 View Tip
4Jan19:00Belfort-Montceau3-0 View Tip
4Jan19:00St-Pryvé St-Hilaire-Toulouse1-0 View Tip
4Jan19:00Sablé-PAU2-2 View Tip
4Jan19:00Angoulême-Challans3-1 View Tip
4Jan19:00Rennes-Amiens0-0 View Tip
4Jan19:00RED Star FC 93-Chambly Thelle FC2-1 View Tip
4Jan16:00Monaco-Reims2-1 View Tip
4Jan16:00Tours-Nimes2-2 View Tip
4Jan16:00Le Portel-Strasbourg1-4 View Tip
4Jan16:00Stade Briochin-Gonfreville1-1 View Tip
4Jan14:00Fabrègues-Paris FC0-2 View Tip
4Jan14:00Aviron Bayonnais-Nantes0-2 View Tip
4Jan14:00Niort-Saint-Pierroise1-2 View Tip
4Jan14:00Versailles-Granville1-2 View Tip
4Jan14:00Guichen-Caen1-2 View Tip
3Jan21:55Bordeaux-Le Mans2-0 View Tip