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If you are looking for tipsters who can provide you with HT FT predictions, you’ve come to the right place.

Understanding Half-Time and Full-Time Football Predictions

People who want to bet on football know that every match has an HT and an FT score. Of course, some leading online bookies take advantage of this and offer their clients the opportunity to bet on different markets. That’s why if you check some of the hottest betting tips, you can see that people recommend all kinds of options.

The classic halftime/fulltime football betting market is a bet that consists of 2 parts. Choosing the classic version of this market means you must predict the HT and FT results correctly to win your bet. Of course, bookies also allow you to place system bets where you can combine them with even more options.

Different Types of HT FT Bets

Once you check the hottest HT/FT free tips, you will realize that this football betting market is quite popular. Unlike several years ago, it has evolved and branched out into all sorts of options. Consequently, users who find a popular online bookmaker can find many options.

Although not all online bookmakers offer different HT/FT bets versions, some brands have stepped up their game. So, let’s look at some of the most popular options.


When it comes down to HT/FT, choosing the bet on the winner means you place a bet that a given team will win the match. Although it may seem easy, wagering on such an outcome requires you to go through a lot of information.

To predict your bet, the team you’ve wagered on has to win the HT, as well as the FT. Keep in mind that any game interrupts may void your bet, especially if they take place after the end of the first half. Check the given online bookie’s T&C to learn more about that.

Correct score

Another type of popular HT/FT Bet is the one related to the correct score. Generally speaking, those with more experience have read at least several correct score tips because this market is known for its high odds. Hence, it shouldn’t be surprising the odds for the HT and FT options are even better.

When choosing this market, you have to predict the correct score at the Half Time as well as the Full Time. Since this is easier said than done, most bookmakers will provide way higher odds than usual. However, before wagering, learn more about the two teams and their previous results.


Betting on the number of goals is one of the popular options after checking different HT/FT tips. Choosing this option means you must predict the number of goals that either team will have during the match. Although some bookies may combine this option with things like Over/Under, you may have to guess the exact number of goals.

To predict this kind of bet, the team you wager on must score the number of goals you’ve predicted. Like choosing the Correct Score option, you must research and learn more about the two teams.

Corner Kicks

Even though it is not as popular as the previous options, some hot HT FT football predictions will focus on the number of corners. Those interested in this option will need to wager on the number of corner kicks. Of course, they can only predict their bet if they guess the corners in the first and second halves.

Since predicting the exact number of corners is almost impossible, bookies will often let you choose from pre-selected alternatives. For example, you can punt on the fact that one of the two football teams will have more than 10 corners for the given match.


This HT/FT betting market is usually popular among experienced online bettors, and you can find different variations. For example, you can bet on the total number of red/yellow cards, choose which team will receive the first card in the match, or choose which team will have more cards once the match is over.

Unsurprisingly, some online bookmakers provide even more options for you to choose from, so it all depends on the operator. Even though the odds for this market aren’t always that attractive, they are higher than the classic options, such as 1×2.

HT/FT Betting Example

You may have access to the best HT/FT predictions, but they won’t help you unless you know what you’re doing. The table below will help you learn more about betting on the half-time/full-time markets.

🎯 Prediction✅ Half Time✅ Full Time⚡ Odds
1/2The Home Team LeadsThe Away Team Wins40.00
2/1The Away Team LeadsThe Home Team Wins35.00
1/XThe Home Team LeadsDraw14.00
2/XThe Away Team LeadsDraw16.50
X/1DrawThe Home Team Wins5.10
X/2DrawThe Away Team Wins7.00
1/1The Home Team LeadsThe Home Team Wins3.70
2/2The Away Team LeadsThe Away Team Wins5.60

*The Odds are exemplary; they may differ depending on the football match and the bookmaker

How To Pick HT/FT Bets

To pick HT/FT bets, you have to consider many things because these kinds of markets are more complicated than it seems. Fortunately, there are half-time and full-time betting strategy of all kinds you can choose from, some of which will minimize the risk and maximize your winnings.

As seen above, there are different kinds of HT/FT bets you can choose from. Although each is different, they have something in common – you need to predict at least 2 things in the same bet. This increases the risk, but as we’ve seen in some soccer betting guides, it also increases the potential reward.

There are many factors to consider when placing an HT/FT bet, so let’s go through some of the most important ones below.

Team (Players) Performance

Even if you read the best HT/FT predictions, you must check each team/player’s most recent performance. Although this process may take time, it will provide you with invaluable information. Once you know how each of the teams/players performed, you can decide whether it is worth choosing a specific betting market.

The good news is that learning more about the previous performance of someone is easier than before. All you need to do is check the previous scores.

Home vs Away Games Previous History

Everyone interested in betting on football knows that clubs usually play better at home compared to when they are on the “away” side. Consequently, one of the things you should check before punting on HT/FT is the latest results for home and away. A home team win may also come after a half-time away team lead, and the odds for these betting tips are pretty good.

Most football teams will always have better results at home, but there might be exceptions. Once you notice that a given club is performing well in its away football matches, you can use this to your advantage.

Weather Conditions

Although people rarely consider the weather conditions when betting, the best HT/FT football predictions will always include some information about it. This shouldn’t be surprising because the weather can greatly impact the end result.

Betting in a football match when it is too hot can result in fewer goals because the teams will be exhausted. The same applies to situations where you punt on a specific game that occurs when it’s raining or snowing.

Additional Football Betting Tips

Aside from the HT FT tips, you can find even more suggestions for some of the most popular betting markets. Here are just some of the online gambling options:


Which Sports Rather than Football Are Good For Halftime/Fulltime Bets?

All sports that have halftime are good for Halftime/Fulltime bets.

How do HT/FT predictions differ from regular match predictions?

The HT/FT predictions differ from regular soccer predictions because they include more information due to the bet’s specifics.

Can HT/FT predictions be used for in-game betting?

Yes, the HT/FT predictions can be used for in-game betting; however, not all of them will work there. Our experience shows that for Premier League or Champions League matches, there are in-play HT/FT bets.

How to Create a Half-time/Full-time bet?

To create a Half-time/Full-time bet, you have to go to select the appropriate market(s), add them to your betslip, and place a bet.

What is the accuracy rate of HT/FT predictions?

The accuracy rate of the HT/FT predictions is high, but this is only true when it comes down to soccer predictions written by the best tipsters. Hence, it is important to trust only some of you come across.

Does full time include extra time?

No, full-time does not include extra time. Yet, there might be exceptions because some online bookies will include it.