Saudi Arabia Football League Predictions: Saudi Pro League tips

Pro League standings

1 Al-Hilal Saudi FC33303077
2 Al-Nassr33254456
3 Al-Ahli Jeddah33188731
4 Al Taawon331511715
5 Al-Ittihad FC331661111
6 Al-Ettifaq331212910
7 Al-Fateh33129123
8 Al-Fayha33111111-7
9 Al Shabab33118142
10 Dhamk33101013-1
11 Al Khaleej Saihat3391014-10
12 Al-Raed339915-8
13 Al Wehda Club3310617-14
14 Al Riyadh3371115-25
15 Abha339519-48
16 Al Taee338718-28
17 Al Akhdoud338619-21
18 Al-Hazm3331218-43
1 Al-Hilal Saudi FC17161049
2 Al-Nassr16113236
3 Al-Ahli Jeddah16104234
15 Abha1793530
5 Al-Ittihad FC1792629
4 Al Taawon1683527
6 Al-Ettifaq1767425
9 Al Shabab1673624
10 Dhamk1665523
7 Al-Fateh1765623
13 Al Wehda Club1664622
16 Al Taee1664622
8 Al-Fayha1747619
12 Al-Raed1754819
14 Al Riyadh1747619
17 Al Akhdoud17611019
11 Al Khaleej Saihat1636715
18 Al-Hazm1625911
1 Al-Hilal Saudi FC16142044
2 Al-Nassr17141243
4 Al Taawon1778229
3 Al-Ahli Jeddah1784528
5 Al-Ittihad FC1674525
8 Al-Fayha1674525
6 Al-Ettifaq1665523
11 Al Khaleej Saihat1764722
7 Al-Fateh1664622
12 Al-Raed1645717
10 Dhamk1745817
9 Al Shabab1745817
13 Al Wehda Club17421114
14 Al Riyadh1634913
17 Al Akhdoud1625911
18 Al-Hazm1717910
16 Al Taee1723129
15 Abha1602142

Al-Ahli Jeddah - 10Al-Fayha

Pro League, 27 May 21:00
Harry KettlePRO Tipster
-10 Coins
1.53Over 2.5 Goals10

    Al Wehda Club - 12Al-Hilal Saudi FC

    Pro League, 27 May 21:00
    Harry KettlePRO Tipster
    +4 Coins
    1.40Over 2.5 Goals10

      Al-Nassr - 42Al-Ittihad FC

      Pro League, 27 May 21:00
      Harry KettlePRO Tipster
      +4 Coins
      1.37Over 2.5 Goals10

        Al-Hazm - 21Abha

        Pro League, 27 May 21:00
        Harry KettlePRO Tipster
        +5 Coins
        1.53Over 2.5 Goals10

          Al Taawon - 10Al-Ettifaq

          Pro League, 27 May 21:00
          Harry KettlePRO Tipster
          -10 Coins
          1.75Over 2.5 Goals10

            Al Shabab - 10Al Wehda Club

            Pro League, 30.12.2023 20:00
            Harry KettlePRO Tipster
            -10 Coins
            1.79Over 2.5 Goals10

              Al Taawon - 14Al-Nassr

              Pro League, 30.12.2023 20:00
              Harry KettlePRO Tipster
              +5 Coins
              1.46Al-Nassr to win10

                Al-Fateh - 00Al Akhdoud

                Pro League, 30.12.2023 17:00
                Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                +11 Coins
                2.12Under 2.5 Goals10

                  Al Taee - 03Al-Ittihad FC

                  Pro League, 7 February 20:00
                  Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                  -10 Coins
                    • 50% Al Taee
                    • 50% Draw
                    • 0% Al-Ittihad FC

                    Al-Ahli Jeddah - 10Al Khaleej Saihat

                    Pro League, 29.12.2023 20:00
                    Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                    -10 Coins
                    1.59Over 2.5 Goals10
                      • 100% Al-Ahli Jeddah
                      • 0% Draw
                      • 0% Al Khaleej Saihat

                      Al-Fayha - 02Al-Hilal Saudi FC

                      Pro League, 29.12.2023 17:00
                      Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                      +2 Coins
                      1.20Al-Hilal Saudi FC to win10
                        • 20% Al-Fayha
                        • 0% Draw
                        • 80% Al-Hilal Saudi FC

                        Al-Raed - 43Abha

                        Pro League, 29.12.2023 17:00
                        Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                        -10 Coins
                          • 50% Al-Raed
                          • 50% Draw
                          • 0% Abha

                          Al-Ettifaq - 11Al-Hazm

                          Pro League, 28.12.2023 17:00
                          Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                          +34 Coins
                            • 60% Al-Ettifaq
                            • 20% Draw
                            • 20% Al-Hazm

                            Al Riyadh - 10Dhamk

                            Pro League, 28.12.2023 17:00
                            Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                            -10 Coins
                            1.81Dhamk to win10
                              • 17% Al Riyadh
                              • 0% Draw
                              • 83% Dhamk

                              Al-Ittihad FC - 13Al-Raed

                              Pro League, 23.12.2023 20:00
                              Harry KettlePRO Tipster
                              -10 Coins
                              2.46Under 2.5 Goals10

                                Saudi Arabia is a very interesting country for many reasons, and one of them is sports. The country's decision to invest heavily in football made the local league one of the most interesting. Clubs like Al Nassr, Al Hilal, Al Ahli, and others made some of the most impressive transfers in the sport's history and brought many of the best players. Needless to say, this made the league a lot more interesting.

                                The fact that the league is much more popular means that there are a lot of Saudi Arabia Football League predictions to choose from. A lot of people decided to bet on it, and if you're among them, this article will reveal what to keep in mind before you place a bet.

                                Understanding the Saudi Pro League

                                Before looking at some of the Saudi Arabia pro league predictions, you need to know more about the competition. The first thing is that it consists of 18 teams, less than other popular leagues, such as the EPL. The fact that there are fewer teams means that there are fewer games to watch.

                                Once the season ends, the champion receives a slot in the AFC Champions League. Interestingly, the team finishing second will advance to the AFC Champions League Qualifiers. The club that occupies the last spot, the second-last team, and the third-last team is relegated to Saudi Arabia's second league.

                                Regarding the teams to be aware of when watching the matches, there are many big names here. Al Nassr is probably the first one that comes to mind because of Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer. Al Nassr also strengthened its team with names like Marcelo Brozovic, Seko Fofana, Sadio Mane, and more.

                                Al Ittihad is also one of the squads that gets more attention, but people who read tips about the best odds in this league. The club acquired the likes of Karim Benzema, N'Golo Kante, Jota, and more.

                                Al Ahli is also an exciting club for sports bettors because the Saudi Arabian team added players like Roberto Firmino to its roster. The same applies to Riyad Mahrez and Edouard Mendy.

                                Last but not least, we have Al Hilal, the team that recently made the second-biggest transfer to the Saudi league. After intense negotiations, the club acquired Neymar from PSG for the jaw-dropping amount of 90M EUR. In addition to Neymar, Al Hilal added Kalidou Koulibaly, Ruben Neves, and Sergej Mlinkovic-Savic.

                                Key Factors Influencing Football Predictions

                                One thing people need to consider before they start looking for Saudi Professional League tips is that those things are based on many factors. For example, many tipsters specialising in football betting strategies will pay close attention to each team's form. Regardless if you have free bets or other kinds of rewards, you need to check each of the team's previous secrets.

                                Aside from the clubs themselves, people into betting tips should also check the individual performance of each player. This can be very helpful if you are interested in things like any anytime goalscorer market or another individual betting option.

                                Whether you want to wager on Al Khaleej, Al Tai, Al Fateh, or any other big clubs, you also need to check injuries, suspensions, and weather conditions. The latter is not that important in other parts of the world, but considering the high temperatures in Saudi Arabia, this can make a difference.

                                Lastly, we need to share some information about the fact that some teams from the Saudi League use different tactics and have a specific playstyle. This makes predicting the matches even more complicated because you need to analyze a lot of data.

                                Recommended Bookmakers for Saudi Arabia League Betting

                                Once you're done exploring different Saudi Arabia Football League predictions, it's time to find the best online bookmaker. Considering the many new fans of teams like Al Ettifaq, Al Hazm, and Al Raed, it's no surprise a lot of bookmakers started paying more attention. However, those looking for the best bookmakers for football can take a look at the options below.

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                                Common Types of Predictions for Saudi Pro League

                                Once you start looking for professional league predictions, you will come across many different things, depending on where you go. With that said, we can divide them into two groups:

                                • Team-based
                                • Individual

                                The first group of predictions is a lot more popular because they focus on betting markets based on the teams themselves. For example, you can find a 1x2 prediction for Al Okhdood club or a different team, depending on what you want to bet on. This prediction will share details about how likely one of the two teams will win or the match will be a draw.

                                Aside from 1x2, you can also find predictions for the total goals scored, handicaps, over/under, and many other things. Some tipsters will try to focus on markets that have bonuses. However, others will only provide details about the more popular options.

                                In terms of the individual predictions, you can find all kinds of things. If you choose clubs like Al Riyadh or something else, you can bet on the total goals scored by a particular player, the number of cards, and other things.

                                Once you choose a bookie and register, you can look at both predictions and create your own bet. Many combine team and individual markets to get higher odds, so check what's available before selecting a given alternative.

                                Saudi title predictions: Who will win the 2023-24 Saudi Pro League?

                                Many people who read the Saudi Arabia Football League predictions will decide to place an outright bet on the winner. If we take a look at the 2022/2023 season and the most recent transfers, we can see that most bookies predict Al Ittihad to be the big favourite (2.62), followed by Al Hilal (3.75) and Al Nassr (5).

                                Bettors interested in the underdogs, such as Al Ettifaq, will see that they're not among the top 5. The same applies to Al Wehda and several other names.

                                Saudi Pro League top scorer prediction 2023-2024: Which player will score the most goals?

                                Whether you're a fan of the Ittihad Jeddah or a different football club in the country, wagering on the top goalscorer is one of the most interesting things you can do. Considering the recent results and transfers, there are a few names that stand out:

                                • Karim Benzema - 2.5
                                • Cristiano Ronaldo - 3.25
                                • Neymar - 3.75

                                Of course, you can also find good odds for players like Firmino, Sadio Mane, and more. However, most people will prefer to wager on the three big names mentioned above.


                                Where can I watch the Saudi Pro League broadcast?

                                You can watch the broadcast for the Saudi Pro League on one of the many official broadcasting channels.

                                How many match rounds are conducted in the Saudi Pro League during a season?

                                Each season in the Saudi Pro League has 34 rounds.

                                Who are the notable players from the English Premier League that have been transferred to the Saudi Pro League this transfer window?

                                Several notable players have decided to change their previous home for the Saudi Pro League, such as N'Golo Kante. We can also add Ruben Neves, Kalidou Koulibaly, Roberto Firmino, Edouard Mendy, Riyadh Mahrez, Fabinho, Jordan Henderson, Aleksandar Mitrovic, etc.

                                What is the prize money for the Saudi Pro League winner?

                                The winner of this league will take 1.2M GBP.

                                Are there online communities for discussing Saudi Pro League predictions?

                                Yes, there are different online communities where you can discuss the date and everything else about the betting tips.

                                Which team holds the record for the most titles in the Saudi Pro League?

                                Al Hilal holds the record for the most titles because it has won the event a total of 18 times.