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Computer games are no longer only for entertainment because they’ve become an entirely new niche in the sports world. They are now known as electronic sports (or eSports). Their popularity gave rise to a new breed of online bookmakers that are entirely based on eSports events or offer options to bet on eSports in their sportsbooks.

In an effort to put an end to shoddy bookies, the Nostrabet team came up with a list that will blow your mind. After studying it for a bit, you’ll know exactly what a good eSports betting site looks like. Additionally, we’ll be providing all the tools you need to make every bet a worthwhile one. From tips, market explanations, and FAQs, the full arsenal is at your disposal.

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Recommended eSports Betting Websites

In front of you, you have a comprehensive ranking of all the top bookies for eSports betting. Don’t worry, we didn’t just pick them because they have a cute colour scheme or just because they claim their bonuses are the biggest on the market. They’re all licensed bookmakers with great reputations. You won’t have to worry about who’s handling your money and personal information.

We’ve vetted these verified online bookmakers on just about every facet and feature imaginable. Thus, you can rest assured that you’ll be choosing from some of the best eSports betting sites. Take a look around, see their offers, and choose wisely! After that, you’re just a few steps from taking your first punt. Good luck!

#1 Parimatch

Esports fans recognize Parimatch because it is among the bookies that sponsor the best teams in the world. Needless to say, the iGaming operator is home to loads of markets and incredible eSports odds. Furthermore, you can punt on live events

parimatch esports betting markets
  • Parimatch eSports Pros
  • Numerous eSports titles
  • Competitive odds for eSports
  • In play betting is an option
  • There are several features
  • Parimatch eSports Cons
  • Sometimes, users need an alternative link for this platform

Visit Parimatch

#2 Betway

The stand-alone eSports section helps Betway establish itself as the leading gambling website for eSports. The bookmaker is home to the most popular computer games, exclusive proposals, and the best eSports odds.

betway esports bets
  • Betway eSports Pros
  • Among the highest number of eSports
  • Exception eSports odds for every computer game
  • Exclusive eSports betting promotions
  • Many live betting and pre-match eSports markets
  • Betway eSports Cons
  • Potential issues when trying to access Betway from some countries

Visit Betway


GGbet is the household name for betting on eSports. Many people consider it the most advanced esports betting platform where you can punt on Dota 2, CS: GO, LoL, and much more. You can expect to find hundreds of betting markets at as well as eSports-related promos.

ggbet esports bets
  • eSports Pros
  • Esports betting bonuses
  • The bookie offers one of the largest numbers of markets for online eSports
  • Advanced iGaming features that help eSports bettors
  • You can find every popular eSport title
  • eSports Cons
  • You may not have the option to access the bookie in some countries


#4 is one of the big names in eSports betting, especially in some countries. The dedicated section for computer games will give you the option to avail yourself of popular titles. Of course, in play betting and live streaming are available at for new and existing punters.

cyberbet esports bets
  • eSports Pros
  • There are live streaming and live betting features
  • Plenty of eSports markets
  • Different odds formats for eSports bettors
  • eSports Cons
  • Not that many markets compared to other eSports bookies


#5 22bet

22bet is one of the eSports betting sites with a separate section on this list, making it a good option. Choosing the iGaming operator 22Bet will allow you to bet on every popular game and even watch some of the events live.

22bet esports bets
  • 22bet eSports Pros
  • The online eSports section offers numerous titles
  • Punters can watch live eSports events while punting
  • Plenty of betting markets for the popular eSports matches
  • 22bet eSports Cons
  • No eSports-specific promos

Visit 22Bet

#6 1xBet

Once you check 1xBet’s eSports section, you can instantly tell this operator is special. Expect to find a live stream, an ever-growing list of markets, and all sorts of 1xBet top-rated eSports titles. Furthermore, eSports enthusiasts can also use the bookie’s betting features.

1xbet esports bets
  • 1xbet eSports Pros
  • An excellent eSports betting section
  • Plenty of features to use while punting
  • Many eSports markets for each game
  • Esport promotions for different customers
  • 1xbet eSports Cons
  • Sometimes, you need a mirror link to access the bookie

Visit 1xBet

#7 Unibet

Unibet is among the few bookmakers where you can read an in-depth betting guide for different eSports. Despite the lack of an eSports section, Unibet offers punters with many games and markets, as well as a dedicated live stream.

unibet esports bets
  • Unibet eSports Pros
  • Loads of betting markets for each eSport
  • Live Streaming for eSports
  • You can wager on the most popular computer games
  • Unibet eSports Cons
  • You won’t find a separate eSports category

Visit Unibet

What are eSports Betting Sites?

eSports bookmakers operate betting websites that are dedicated entirely or partly to electronic sports. They may offer betting options for eSports tournaments and events only or combine them with other sports betting markets and casino games.

Apart from the eSports bookmakers, there are also standard betting websites that also have a wide array of electronic sports in their portfolio. This makes them perfect for punters who enjoy wagering on esports and on other sports events. However, the eSports-based bookmakers can still offer a better user experience because they’re focused on just one type of product.

E-sports Betting Explained

esports live tournament

eSports betting is an activity that involves placing wagers on competitive video game matches. Contrary to popular belief, eSports definitely is a real sport. The players must show dedication, hard work, and determination to be in the position to ascend the pinnacle of their respective gaming scenes. Also, almost all major eSports tournaments are heavily regulated and covered, so you won’t be betting on a bunch of neckbeards having a LAN party in a basement. It’s a proper business!

So, if you want to dip your feet in the water and see what all the fuss is about, read our beginner’s guide to eSports betting. It contains a breakdown of several popular games, including tournaments and other useful bits.

And do you want to know the best part about LoL, CS:GO and DOTA 2 bookmakers? You can actually become a better bettor by playing the games! With just an internet connection and an average computer, you can step into the pros’ shoes and see what it’s like.

How are eSports Bookies Different from the Standard Betting websites?

eSports betting sites who focus entirely on eSports have all kinds of events from this industry on their platforms. Some standard online bookmakers have options only for the big tournaments in the world of eSports, whereas that’s definitely not the case with eSports betting sites that specialize in this niche.

In addition to the large number of events that you can find in these bookies, their platforms also offer features like live streams. They use popular platforms, such as Twitch, where you can find live streams from a given event or tournament. Many eSports betting websites have integrated betting platforms through which you can watch a certain event in real-time and place bets.

While a standard online bookmaker has a list that has multiple different sports that you can bet on, the situation is different when it comes down to eSports betting sites. Their platforms consist of a large number of electronic games that build the electronic sports industry. There, you have to choose a specific game and then pick an event in order to see the available odds and betting options.

There are several primary computer games that are at the heart of electronic sports. Undoubtedly, the most famous eSports worth betting on are:

  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Fortnite
  • Overwatch

Of course, if you browse the electronic sports betting websites, you can come across betting options for FIFA, PES, World of Tanks, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and more.

What eSports Betting Markets Are Available?

Even though eSports might seem different from traditional, physical sports, the objective is pretty much the same. One team/player wins, while the other loses. This also means that you’ll encounter many of the most common aspects of sports betting, such as points, scores, and everything along those lines.


This is as straightforward as it gets. When two teams are facing off, you get to pick which one will emerge victoriously. Draws aren’t possible in eSports, so you don’t have to worry about a close match busting your slip.

First blood

If you’ve ever bet on football or any other sport for that matter, you’re probably familiar with the ‘first’ prop bet. Since many video games revolve around killing your opponent’s character, you can take a risk and get a chance to capitalize on these juicy odds. The best way to approach first blood eSports bets is to pinpoint which players are aggressive. This can be applied to all games and is also reliant on strategy. If a player plays the top laner role in League, then it’s highly likely he’ll be the one exposed to attacks early on. This means he has a higher chance to score a kill. Also, playing styles matter.

Map winner

On most occasions, matches are played in the form of multiple/rounds and maps. Whether it’s CS:GO or DOTA 2, different maps allow different players to showcase their special abilities. On the other hand, some maps can exacerbate existing weaknesses. Analyze the map and correlate it to the team’s strategy. Even though they might be underdogs, a suitable map can net them a win in a particular round.

Handicap markets

What happens when one team is overwhelmingly strong? Do you just give up and focus on another match? Of course not. That’s why handicap bets exist. When one team is heavily favoured, oddsmakers give them a handicap. For example, if Natus Vincere is facing off against forZe, they can be given a 5-round handicap. This means that forZe has a head start and can win you a bet if they lose by 5 rounds or less (or win). Additionally, NaVi has to win by 5 rounds or more if you bet on them.

Total rounds – Over/Under

Are you uncertain about who to bet on when teams are evenly matched? You can easily disregard the victory portion of the match and focus on the rounds instead. The bookie sets an arbitrary number of rounds with a .5 decimal. This is so that the end result, in terms of the round count, is either higher or lower than the number. Strategy plays a big part in this, as some teams are known to drag it out.

Correct final result

This is by far the most difficult market to get right but can yield excellent odds. Unlike the other bets we mentioned, the CFR requires you to guess the exact result in the end. For instance, in CS: GO, you can bet that one team, it doesn’t matter which one, will win 16-7. A lot of things can go wrong, so don’t rely on this market too much. It’s more of a supplementary solution and most Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting sites offer this one.


Also known as ‘futures,’ these bets let you focus on a whole competition instead of a single match. So, you can go out on a limb and predict that a team will take home the crown before the tournament even begins. Some bookies post lines for outright bets months before the starting date.

Advantages and Disadvantages of eSports Betting

  • Pros of eSports betting
  • You can watch the events with a live streaming
  • There are various sports in the eSports market
  • You can bet on various markets
  • You can find exclusive esports bonus offers
  • Cons of betting on eSports
  • Some games might feel complicated

Safe eSports betting sites can give you access to several advantages. First and foremost, you can always watch live-action, as every serious bookie links an official Twitch stream. That way, you can not only follow the stats, but you actually get to be a part of the action. Another big plus is that eSports is not a single sport. There are tons of games, so you can easily avoid ones that you don’t like.

As for the disadvantages, certain games might feel a bit complicated at first. LoL, DOTA 2 and HoS are the usual suspects, mainly because beginners have a hard time learning about all the champions, spells, and whatnot. However, you just have to be patient, and this will be crystal clear.

Can We Bet on Other Sports Inside the eSports Bookmakers?

There are online betting websites that are based on the idea of betting on electronic sports, but apart from that, they also have a standard sports section. There, customers can find familiar sports, but it’s possible that there are not that many events in comparison to other online operators. Nevertheless, if you’re trying to place bets only on popular sports events, you will be able to find them, as long as the eSports operator offers them.

What Should We Look for When Choosing an eSports bookmaker?

If you want to bet on eSports but you’re unsure which website to choose, we suggest you be on the lookout for:

  • Proven brand – it’s important that the esports betting site you’ve chosen is reputable among players, so it’s a good idea to look for real players’ reviews online.
  • Bonuses & promotions – top eSports betting sites tend to have good bonus conditions for their new customers, so check what welcome bonuses and promos does the bookmaker offer.
  • Odds – before you sign up, you can take a look at the esports betting odds for the same events in the different operators and compare them. If you do this for several electronic sports and events, you will have a good idea of where you can find better odds.
  • Betting options – most eSports bookmakers have standard betting options, but who knows, you might end up finding a bookmaker that has more of them.
  • Available games – this is a significant part of every bookmaker that offers events from the electronic sports world. This means that the operator covers many tournaments which will allow you to have multiple betting options.
  • Convenient payments – look for internationally recognised deposit and withdrawal options.
  • Professional support – the level of support of the specific brands is essential. Make sure there are several points of contact.

E-sports Betting Tips and Things to Consider

esports gaming gear

Have you already determined what’s the best eSports betting site for you? Great! But hold your horses for a bit. There are still some other things you have to consider. After months of testing and hundreds of betting slips, we determined that these tips can make or break your bets. Apply them, and you should see some form of success.

Understand the game on which you bet

Just because you understand the markets, that doesn’t mean everything will go your way. Watch some gameplay, check out a few guides, or even download the game yourself. Do everything in your power to understand the game as much as possible.

Know the teams and players on which you bet

Regardless of which teams you’re betting on, there are always publicly available stats and records. Analyze each team member’s performance, as well as how cohesive the team is altogether. This should give you an idea of what to expect.

Study team's strategies

Every team has its own bread and butter. While some strategies work flawlessly in some situations, they can spell disaster in others. It’s all about matchups and how versatile the team is.

Avoid betting on big favourites in Best of One matches

If it’s one match we’re talking about, anything can happen. Therefore, you should take the risk and place a small wager on the underdog. While they objectively have less of a chance to win, all it takes is one mistake by the opponent, and they’re off to the races.

Be careful with teams and players who aren’t well-known

Simply put – if there aren’t any stats to back up your potential bets, disregard it. Focus on well-known teams, and you should get all the info you need.

Check the news for roster changes

Players switch teams all the time. Follow the top eSports news outlets and journalists to stay on top of the action. A single departure can turn a top team into a bottom-feeder and vice versa.

Watch live-streamed events and learn

Streaming platforms are your best friend. You can prepare all you want for free. Use the opportunity and watch an hour or two of footage daily.

Live Betting on eSports – Is It a Good Choice?

Of course. In play betting is a great way to learn the result of your bet quickly. Follow the match from the start and pounce on any odds that suddenly get a lot higher. If you can sniff out an upset or a turnaround, it can turn out to be a massive boost to your bankroll with minimal effort. Still, you should always study the teams and players before you focus on in-play markets at online eSports betting sites. Better safe than sorry.

Is It Worth It to Bet on Esports?

Despite its virtual nature, eSports betting is still gambling at the end of the day. Whether or not the endeavour is worth it is up to you. If you play it smart, study a lot of data and footage, you will have an advantage over bettors who don’t prepare. Still, gambling is unpredictable and involves a bit of luck. Don’t expect to win all the time, and don’t get frustrated if you don’t. Move onto the next one and forget it.


Which is the best bookmaker to bet on eSports?

It depends on your preferences. Think about which games you want to bet on, and check our list to see which esports betting sites has the best markets and odds for that game.

Can I watch live eSports matches while I’m betting?

Yes, many of the electronic sports betting websites offer live streams for most of the events that you can bet on.

Is eSports betting legal?

Yes, betting on eSports is completely legalized across the online gambling industry.

Why do online sportsbooks offer bets on electronic sports?

The reason behind this is because eSports have become a big business and is now considered as a separate sport, so it’s perfectly normal for eSports betting sites to be interested in it. What’s more, there are more and more online betting websites that sponsor specific eSports teams.

Can I place live bets on electronic sports?

Yes, e-sports platforms have the option to make real-time bets, and it includes odds and markets that change dynamically as the match unfolds.

Is eSports betting hard?

Not at all. Learning esports betting sites takes a bit of time, but you can start patching things up after just a few hours. Just be patient, and all will be well.

How can I prepare for playing at eSports betting sites?

Familiarize yourself with the rules of different games, watch streams, read guides, and find good sources with up-to-date statistics.

Do top eSports betting sites offer bonuses?

Yes, most of them even have eSports-specific promotions. Check our list for more information.

Can I make cryptocurrency deposits at eSports bookmakers?

It depends on the site. However, more and more eSports betting sites are noticing the impact of crypto and are adding BTC, ETH, and DOGE to their roster of payment methods.

Which game should I start with first at eSports betting sites?

Our advice would be to start with any game that you have experience with. If you aren’t’ a gamer, CS: GO might be the easiest to understand.