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Our Football Draw Tips highlight matches our in-house experts firmly believe will end up all-square, with nothing to separate the teams.

How to Accurately Predict Draws in Football?

If you want to be as accurate as possible with your draw predictions, you need to do your research. Ideally, at a minimum, you would look at the draw rate of the two teams involved over the current season, any major injuries or suspensions, plus the recent home and away form of each side.

A good starting point is to look at fixtures involving two relatively even teams, but where the slightly stronger team is playing away from home. Being the visiting side is often enough to cancel out a slight technical superiority, and this often results in a tied contest.

What is the Draw Betting Option?

With a draw bet, you are simply betting on there being a stalemate after 90 minutes (plus injury time). All bets are settled at this point, so it makes no difference if the match heads to 30 minutes of extra time or penalties. Any draw will do, too, whether that is a boring goalless affair or a thrilling 3-3 encounter.

However, there may be betting tips for today that feature other types of Draw markets. The Full Time Draw is the most popular option, but it is not the only one available. Let’s see some of the other possibilities:

  • First half Draw – this one is meant for the first 45 minutes of a football match;
  • Second half Draw – these kinds of football predictions count only for the second 45 minutes of the game;
  • First half/Second half Draw – with this draw prediction, you bet on that both halves will end in a draw;

How to Place Winning Bets on Draws?

Betting on a draw is always easy to find as it is available in the ‘match result’ betting market, which is often the default selection. Simply opt for ‘draw’ or ‘X’, as they both mean the same thing. As for how to add winning selections to your betslip, sadly, there is no way of guaranteeing success in this market (or any market for that matter). Due to it not being the easiest result to call, you have to accept you will get it wrong sometimes, but the potentially favourable payouts can more than compensate for this when your pick comes in. You can use the draw tips in free bets or bonus rollover requirements.

Read the Statistics

Over time you will become more efficient at doing your draw-based research as you can ignore less relevant information. Statistics are freely available on the internet, so you do not need to pay for information and thus be down on money even before you have placed your bets. One of our main statistics tips would be not to put too much weight on historical data as teams change a lot, even on a week-by-week basis, never mind from season to season. You should also always break down statistics by home/away, too, as these often paint two entirely different pictures of a team.

Watch the Odds Movements

Getting the best value from your football predictions often means tracking the market to check in which direction it is heading. If you notice the odds are drifting, you can afford to wait a while and see for how long they continue to drift. If they are shortening, though, you would either want to jump in quickly or leave it a little while and hope the price returns to what it was before.

Search for Value Bets

No matter how good punters are at football betting, they will never win every time. This is why it is important to regularly place good value bets so that your payout is strong when you do win. Some draw results offer good value across bookmakers, whereas for others, you should target the bookmaker(s) offering the best price.

Match Circumstances

In some cases, things happen in a match that have an effect on the final score. For example, there are cases where both teams want the full time result to be a draw because it suits them. Consequently, they will do their best to secure the draw.

There are also cases where the team you’ve bet on is affected by something else, such as an injury. Hence, it is advisable to watch the game in real time so you can keep track of different things to make the best Draw prediction.

Which is the Best Betting Site for Betting on Draws?

No betting site consistently offers the leading odds for a draw in football matches, so it is impossible to say a particular brand can be a top place for value. You may find you are better off betting with a site that rewards regular customers with deals like using Draws in free bets and odds boosts. Using these on your draws can get better value for money than many other sites.


What a Football Draw Accumulator is?

A draw accumulator simply involves three or more draw predictions that are all combined into one single bet. These tend to offer big returns as individual draws are rarely available at odds much shorter than 3.0.

Is There a Way to Spot a Valuable Draw Betting Market?

This is something that will come over time as you get a better feel for the actual likelihood of a draw occurring based on your research. Until then, though, you can simply stick with our Football Draw Tips as we pick out the valuable selections for you!

Alternative Football Betting Markets to Draws

People who read the latest betting tips will often choose the draw option because of the higher odds. However, predicting this option is easier said than done, which is why many other alternatives exist.

Once you check the stats, you can find markets that increase your chances of winning. For example, Double Chance lets you wager on one of the teams, but you would win even if the game ends in a draw.