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How do we choose the top bookmaker of the month?

Our bookmaker of the month ranking will surely attract the attention of punters. The bookmaker for the given month is chosen from our list of reliable betting websites. We select the top bookie of the month only after the brand meets the following criteria.

  • A brand with good reputation among players
  • Trustworthy site
  • Lack of multiple complaints
  • The availability of generous bonus offers
  • High odds and vast range of markets

Even though we choose one brand to be the bookmaker of the month, you can also take a look at the other betting websites we promote. Some of you might already have registrations on these sites, so naturally, you have to look for another place to have fun. In this case, you can lean towards our other criteria for the leading bookmakers.

It’s not necessary to choose the same brand as the top bookmaker of the month. In fact, it doesn’t have to be among the top bookmakers in the country. If one online operator shows a lot of new products and features, they can be chosen as the top bookmaker of the month. This is also the case if punters can grab many new bonuses.


How often does the bookmaker of the month change?

There is no rule about this because the chosen operator for a given month can be the same for several months in a row, or it can change every month. It all depends on its performance.

Is there more than one bookmaker of the month?

Our top bookmaker of the month ranking includes just one betting website that earned its right to be there based on specific criteria.

What does the top bookmaker do to win over the others?

We have specific requirements and criteria, based on which we determine the bookmaker of the month.

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