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Online betting websites are more than just a venue for football wagers. Sports events covered by most bookmakers include, but are not limited to basketball, hockey, volleyball, and tennis. Punters are free to put their money on specials, such as politics. Perhaps you’ve already tried to play without having any knowledge when it comes down to game strategies and different sports bets, and you’ve come to the conclusion you lose more than you win. The solution: join our betting academy to hone your gambling skills to the max!

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More About Our Betting Academy
More About Our Betting AcademyTOP

Why Did We Create This Guide and What is Our Goal?

The purpose of our guide is to turn things around for most inexperienced players among you. We wish to teach you how to use different betting options to your advantage so that you can win more than you lose.

Stand out from the other rookie punters who depend on luck alone and rarely win. Take control of your wagers by making accurate predictions.

Our academy strives to give you an insight into the online sports betting industry. We have mainly focused on some betting strategies that are tried and tested over time.

What are You Going to Find in Our Betting Guide?

Our sports betting and casino guide includes different subsections about strategies, tactics, and our Wiki guide to online wagers. We have the main gambling topics covered in our betting guide. Thus, you may be sure that no matter your experience, you will find content to suit your needs.

The articles in our guide are absolutely free for you to use. We are sure that everyone new to sports betting will gain a lot of knowledge. In contrast, those of you who have more experience will learn new things which they can use to level up their betting game.

By reading our guideline, you will learn what an Asian Handicap or Cash Out is. Our guide will introduce you to the maths behind odds, various helpful features, plus an overview of the best payment options available.

There are particular topics in our guide aimed at the most popular sport in the world – football. Still, our writers have not overlooked topics about other sports, such as darts, basketball, volleyball, horse racing, and many more. By reading them, you will become familiar with the betting opportunities for any popular or niche game.

You will learn not only how to bet on football, but also on tennis, horse racing, and other popular sports. It’s very important to diversify your tactics because it can help you compensate for some of the losses that you’ve suffered on one sport, at least to a certain degree. So, our advice is not to limit yourself to just one sport.

Our guide will also help you in choosing a bookmaker to join. Learn the different types of bets, how they are determined, and what should your goal be.

Finally, get familiar with all the internationally recognised banking gateways bookies support. Be prepared for your first money transaction. Learn more about the processing times and fees in advance.

Which Kind of Players is This Guide Intended For?

Our guide is intended for all kinds of bettors. Inexperienced players often make different mistakes, such as wagering a big on high odds. The outcome in the majority of cases: they end up losing. And the reason: they are at a loss to understand basic betting terms and what the odds mean. Rookies don’t know why the odds they see are low or high and what determines their dynamic change. In most cases, they see terms like Asian or European handicap, but they don’t know what these things mean and what they are used for. What’s more, they don’t have a betting strategy, which is why, in most cases, they suffer flops in their betting.

Any of these sound familiar? Then this guide is for you. After you read it, you might also want to get familiar with our betting strategies that millions of people already tested, and they’ve proven to be very successful over the years.

How to Choose Successful Betting Strategies?

Once a punter has the knowledge needed to understand how the markets, the odds, and the options inside the betting websites work, their main goal will be to find a way to win. Of course, no bet can guarantee you 100% success. Still, by using Nostrabet’s strategies, players will get the chance to try different tactics that they can use to achieve that success. Our strategy section consists of topics that we’ve tested ourselves. As a result, we deliver you with first-hand information.

Each strategy that you can find on our website includes tried and tested examples of how to use it in real life. To sum up, we’ve included different ways of becoming better at football, and other sports wagers. Apart from that, we also have topics that cover different winning strategies for specific markets.

10 Advice for Successful Bets

The act of placing a bet on a sportsbook does not guarantee success. In fact, many factors need to come together for most punters to be successful. This includes reading a betting guide for beginners and a more experienced sports betting guide relevant to their knowledge. Moreover, it is essential to read a betting guide today as it will have related information on upcoming sports events.

However, while this is sound advice, other contributing factors help punters have a successful betting career. The most basic of which starts with finding the right sportsbook, while the more advance includes knowing the basics of betting, betting the best value and knowing when to bet. As such, whether new to sports betting or a seasoned veteran, consider the points we have alerted to below. Each provides insight into proven strategies that punters can use in their sports betting careers.

1. Find the right sportsbook
Our online betting academy analysis has shown finding the right sportsbook is paramount to long-term success as a sports punter. While this include carefully considering the qualities you want in a sportsbook, it also includes careful consideration of your particular betting preferences. By applying these considerations, you will be able to access the qualities you want. More importantly, select a sportsbook that fits your unique needs.
2. Think about bonus offers
With an abundance of sportsbooks competing for your attention, it is essential to recognize and evaluate each sportsbook’s bonus offers. As each offer will be slightly different, the most important factors we explain in our sports betting academy are getting the best possible value. In many cases, the bonus offers are what separate one sportsbook from another. Therefore, evaluate each, review their terms and conditions, and comparing them to your personal betting preferences.
3. Learn the basics of betting
If new to sports betting, learning the basics of betting is the first step in money management. While betting is simple in its most basic form, reading football tips and understanding the different types of bets available with bookmakers is sound advice. This will prepare you in advance for making your first bet, and moreso, your bets will be calculated. Furthermore, they will be logical decisions based on the type of bets you should be making.
4. Search bets that bring value
Similar to learning the basics of betting, searching and understanding which bets bring the most value makes a difference. This requires a deeper understanding of each bet type and how it relates to each sports type. By reading the articles in Nostrabet’s sports betting academy, you will gain insightful information that will help in this pursuit. Moreover, you will be able to apply that knowledge to help improve your overall betting performance.
5. Start with betting on singles
The first step to a successful betting career is not rushing and trying to place multiple bets at the same time. Think of it like driving a car; you do not just jump in, turn the key and head down the highway. Therefore, starting with singles will let you gain valuable experience that you can use to evaluate your betting history before moving on to ACCA or Parlay.
6. Learn how to place your bets at the right time
Understanding when the right time to bet comes with experience. However, many of the pitfalls punters make can be avoided by understanding when to place a bet. This relates to the odds and how they change as the sporting event is about to start. As most sportsbooks offer in-play betting, having a better understanding of this will pay dividends over time.
7. Be patient
Patience is key to any sports punters long-term success, as it is when making any decision in life. The reality is, if you rush to place a bet, you may miss key strategical information that should be factored into your decision. Therefore, make sure to give yourself time to evaluate the statistical information available to you. After processing it, you can then patiently select your bets and submit them at the appropriate time without feeling rushed.
8. Manage your betting limits
Applying betting limits is a crucial side to effective money management in sports betting. Those punters who fail to effectively manage their bankrolls will often wager more in hopes of recovering losses. As licensed bookmakers provide responsible gaming options, consider setting daily, weekly and or monthly deposit limits. This will limit the amount you can wager and, therefore, will prevent you from risking more than is affordable.
9. Don’t get emotional when betting
One of the worst mistakes you can make when betting is allowing your emotions to dictate your betting strategies. This is a common mistake that often can result in your experiencing increased losses due. When feeling emotionally charged over a sporting event, take time to hit the pause button, take a deep breath and let your emotions subside. By doing so, you will be better able to make articulate decisions based on knowledge and current match conditions.
10. Use your knowledge about any sport or team
Like anything else in life, knowledge is key, and the more you have, the better you are poised to capitalise on that knowledge. Using your pre-existing knowledge about a particular sport or team gives you an advantage. When combined with our betting guide tips, this can be used to increase your potential profitability.
Bonus advice – Don’t forget that everything is for fun
Any punter who is successful in sports betting understands the need to continually amass knowledge about individual players and teams. While you may have in-depth knowledge about a particular sports event, reading betting guide prediction articles provide a different perspective. By combining the two, you are reducing the odds for failure and increasing the odds of success.

What the Future Hold For Our Betting Guide?

We won’t stop with the development of this guide. Instead, we will continue to come up with more useful articles for you. Our main aim: to give you as much information as possible so that you can make the right betting decisions for you.

We will be happy if you reach out and send us any ideas and suggestions about how to improve our content. Get in touch by email at We are looking forward to hearing from you!