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Bet with confidence on American ice hockey by following Nostrabet’s NHL Bet of the Day.

What is the NHL Pick of the Day?

During the NHL season, you will find that we regularly update our NHL Bet of the Day page with a fresh tip relating to a game being played in the near future. Out of all possible bets considered, the Bet of the Day represents the selection we feel is the absolute best of the bunch based on the current odds available at the time.

How Do We Select Our NHL Bet of the Day?

Whenever there are some upcoming NHL fixtures, our team of ice hockey enthusiasts will sit down and take a look at the available odds of the main markets. Their job is to identify where the value lies, seeing which betting options appear to be the most undervalued. Whichever option stands out the most for this, for not only being a likely outcome but one available at a great price, this becomes our NHL Bet of the Day.

What Betting Markets do We Use in Our NHL Pick of the Day?

Our recommended NHL tip will typically be found within the main markets listed below. This is partly because these markets are the ones you can find at almost all bookmakers, so availability is not an issue. It is also due to the fact bookmakers tend to operate with a smaller house edge on the most popular markets, meaning higher value bets are available.

We use a wide range of betting markets in our NHL picks of the day, depending on the best options for the given situation. Our experts know they have to provide readers with the best alternatives, so they skim through many bookies. In the end, the top NHL picks for today include a list of the best markets.

For example, you can expect to find some of the NHL betting markets are the so-called Game Lines. Every operator includes different options, but the most common ones are Total, Money Line, and Handicap/Spread Betting. Our tipsters will also often include things such as 3-Way, 1st Period, and so on.

When deciding which markets to suggest, we check the NHL odds and whether they are more complicated than usual. Betting on NHL is always risky, but some markets are more complex than others.

Moneyline NHL Picks

Moneyline betting is nice and straightforward as it simply involves betting on who you think will win the match. The main moneyline market will give you two betting options, Team A or Team B, as NHL games cannot end as a tie. Should the scores be level after full-time, a period of overtime will follow to determine a winner in the NHL game. You will find that many bookmakers also have a three-way moneyline market though (also known as 60-minute three-way odds), which opens up the possibility of betting on the draw. Here the winner of any overtime period is irrelevant, as all bets are settled before this point.

Oven / Under NHL Picks

For matches that look like they could go either way, often betting on total goals is an attractive alternative to Moneyline. Within this market, the goals both teams score are added together to produce a match total in an NHL game. Your job is to guess whether or not this total will be over/under a set number. As standard, the specified amount will be selected, so it produces two similarly priced options, typically 6 or 6.5 goals. Some bookies will also provide other goal thresholds, however, allowing for riskier/safer bets.

Against the Spread NHL Picks

Spread betting, also known as handicap betting, primarily seeks to level the playing field by adding/subtracting goals from a team’s actual score. This will create two relatively even betting options as the match favourite is handed the points deduction, and the outsider will be awarded some extra goals. If the favourite has a -1.5 reduction, this means they must win the NHL game by at least two goals for it to be a winning bet. For the team that has the +1.5 addition, any result better than a defeat by a one-goal margin is enough.

Consensus NHL Picks

Once you check the free NHL picks for today, you may notice that some of them are influenced by the so-called “Consensus picks”. The latter means that we’ve checked several other top-tier websites focusing on sports and all of them think that a given team would win.

Although everyone can be wrong, the fact that multiple people/companies believe that something will happen is a good sign. Needless to say, many people use this tactic when deciding on what to bet on.

For example, if many sources consider Dallas Stars to be the favourite against Boston Bruins, Stars will likely win.

NHL Player Prop Bets

If you check some of the free NHL picks today, you will find a lot of interesting options. Most free NHL picks focus on markets that are related to the given match’s outcome. However, many options are not tied to it and are known as “prop bets”.

You can come across different prop bets, such as those related to a specific team or player. Unsurprisingly, prop betting is prevalent for sports, such as ice hockey, because they provide a lot of opportunities.

There are loads of options for NHL prop bets, such as the one where you bet on who will score a goal. There are also options where you can wager on certain statistics about a specific player, such as Most Points Scored. It all depends on the free NHL prediction you’re reading and the bookie you like.

NHL Team Prop Bets

As mentioned, prop betting in NHL can be divided into 2 big groups, depending on whether you want to wager on a team or a player. Some of the free NHL predictions for today will include both, but others will only focus on the team prop bets.

Since these options are centred around a given NHL team’s performance or specific events, you can expect a lot of options. For example, some NHL predictions suggest options like which team will score first. You can also find numerous variations of Over/Under.

Unsurprisingly, placing NHL team prop bets requires you to know much about the league and teams. So, besides reading the NHL betting picks, always conduct your own research to learn as much as possible.

What are Ice Hockey Computer Picks

If you are looking for NHL predictions for Today, you will come across different tips. Most of them will be written by professionals who do this for a living. However, you may come across NHL predictions generated by a computer.

With AI becoming better daily, computer-generated NHL betting predictions will become more popular in the future. Due to the endless amount of data it can go through, the computer analyzes all previous results and stats to give you its prediction.

Should I Choose NHL Computer Picks Over NHL Expert Picks?

No, you should not choose NHL computer picks over NHL expert picks, at least not all the time. Whether you’re looking for hockey tips today or tomorrow, you will see both types of free NHL predictions have pros and cons.

As mentioned, the computer NHL free picks can analyze the data better and provide results based on it. However, NHL computer picks don’t consider injuries, controversies, or other things outside the pitch. As we all know, they can severely affect a given team or player, especially in sports like ice hockey.

To make the most while betting on NHL, you should compare both tips and see which ones you like. Some will overlap, but there will be some differences, especially for more specific markets.

Where to Bet on NHL Games?

NHL betting is widely available these days, so you will find it at virtually any bookmaker. This does not mean coverage is equal, though, with some brands providing lots more markets, statistics and in-play features for an NHL game than the rest. With NHL being the biggest ice hockey league, by some margin, it is a good idea to check out our top bookmakers for ice hockey betting guide.

More Hockey Betting Tips

Placing hockey bets today has always been challenging because the number of iGaming operators that offer this sport grows daily. However, inexperienced punters make mistakes, which is why a hockey betting guide goes through everything. Before you go through it, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Check if the bookie has any bonuses for hockey – Ice hockey and the NHL are popular betting options for many people. Hence, online bookmakers often provide people with special bonuses.
  • Always try to learn more about the two teams before betting – Even if you check the NHL picks for today and read different NHL predictions, try to learn more about the two teams.
  • Use some of the features to help you – The best online bookmakers in the world have at least a couple of sports betting features. Although some may not help you with ice hockey, others will come in handy.

Additional Picks of the Day


Is Nostrabet’s NHL Bet of the Day Tips Free?

Absolutely, our NHL Bet of the Day, much like the rest of our sporting tips, is absolutely free to both members and non-members. We believe in being as helpful to punters as possible, which is why, in addition to our NHL free picks, we are committed to writing honest reviews and guides and highlighting the best bonuses.

How to Win with NHL ACCA tips?

The trick with accumulator bets is to stick at it, using very low stakes if needs be. Your chances of winning any given accumulator are not especially high, but if you keep making shrewd selections with the same stake, you could well end up beating the bookie after a while. Just remember not to get disheartened if you lose a few in a row, and do not start betting much larger amounts to chasing losses!