MatchDallas Mavericks vs Boston Celtics
PredictionBoston Celtics +5,5

Whenever there is NBA action, our NBA Bet of the Day Tip provides you with our top betting recommendation.

What is the NBA Pick of the Day?

Here at Nostrabet, we have a wealth of experience in the betting industry, not only reviewing websites but providing tips too. Our tips cover a range of sports, including basketball, of which the NBA is by far the most popular league in the world. If you want to copy what we will be betting on, simply take a look at our NBA Bet of the Day, as this is our most-favoured selection for the upcoming day’s action.

How Do We Choose our NBA Bet of the Day?

Deciding on our NBA Bet of the Day involves browsing the upcoming fixtures and trying to identify where the best value lies. Our objective is not just to pick the bet with the best chance of success, as this would likely mean a bet with very low returns. Instead, we are seeking a bet that we believe has a greater chance of success than the odds imply. We do this by crunching various numbers and looking at any team news that is likely to have a significant impact on the NBA game or another competition.

What Markets are Included in our NBA Predictions for Today?

We generally stick to the most popular markets for our NBA predictions, so things such as Moneyline, total points, or points spread. Not only is it easier to research these, but it also means they are widely available to bet on. If we picked an obscure market, you might find it is not something offered by the bookmaker you use as coverage of American sports does vary significantly.

Other tipsters may stick with Moneyline bets, the ‘main’ market found in bet365 basketball betting options, but you cannot always find the best bets value here. This is why it is essential to branch out a little for certain fixtures.

Moneyline NBA Picks

Moneyline is a familiar term for US bettors, but to a European audience, it may make less sense. Put simply, it is just another name for the match result market. As NBA matches cannot end as a draw, it means you only have a choice between betting on one of the two teams to win. This market typically attracts the highest volume of bets among NBA bettors.

As mentioned, this is one of the most popular types of bets in the US, which means that you can find it in every online bookmaker. Due to its popularity, even the free NBA picks today include information about it.

Since you only have 2 options to choose from when you use the Moneyline option, you have to choose the favourite or the underdog. Considering that basketball is popular in the States, people who use bookies there will also use American odds. This means that the favourites in the Moneyline bets are represented with a “-“. As for the underdog, the team will have a “+”, followed by the odds. This indicates what you will win if you bet $100.

Over/Under Points NBA Picks

Another popular option is to bet on how many points will be scored during a match, the combined total of both teams. You may find that the ‘default’ threshold figure provided will be one that creates two evenly priced betting options. For example, you might have the Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers games with under 215.5 total points at 1.93 odds and over 215.5 at 1.93 odds. Most bookies will offer alternative over/under thresholds, though, meaning a range of longer and shorter odds become available.

Sometimes rather than a .5 figure, a whole number will be used so, for example, betting over/under 220 points. In the event that exactly 220 points are scored, you will just receive your stake back.

Since this is one of the markets that people often want to bet on, you can find it if you check the free NBA Expert picks today or any other day. Unsurprisingly, the odds for this market from our free NBA picks are usually more attractive than those for the Moneyline options.

NBA Picks Against the Spread

Spread betting is what many of you will recognise as handicap betting. In the spread betting markets, one team is allocated additional points, or they have points deducted from them. Miami Heat +9 means that nine points will be added to their actual score, whereas -9 means nine points will be taken away. This may end up producing a different winner of the match for the purposes of the bet.

The main spread betting market will add/subtract an amount that creates an ‘even’ contest, meaning the two teams can be backed at the same (or very similar) price. Alternative point spread options do exist, though, should you want a riskier or safer bet.

Speaking of risks, people interested in point spread betting should know that predicting the events is not easy. Those who want to place the best basketball bets today will often come across this option, but they should only use it if they have the needed experience. Fortunately, some tips will provide more details regarding this market and the potential options.

What are NBA Computer Picks

NBA computer picks are betting predictions generated by a computer instead of a tipster. People looking for the best NBA bet today often come across such predictions, and some of them take advantage of the information.

Even though some users don’t feel comfortable trusting computers for their free NBA bets, there is no arguing that these predictions have their advantages. AI and other tools go through tons of data and have more expertise than any real tipster. Consequently, many people believe that they provide far more accurate predictions than those who do this for a living.

Should I Choose NBA Computer Picks Over NBA Expert Picks?

Yes and No. You should choose NBA computer picks over NBA expert picks, but only after thorough research. The best today free NBA picks provided by a computer will be based on tons of data regarding each team. The computer will go through all previous results and give you a prediction based on what happened. However, combining computer NBA picks with expert tips for your predictions is best.

Although this is great, it is also worth mentioning that you need to check some of the top NBA betting tips written by humans. Sure, most people won’t be able to cover the same data as the computer, but they can check other things. For example, there are many aspects that take place before the match that may have an effect on the final score.

Where to Place NBA Daily Bets?

We usually include a couple of bookmakers beneath our tip so punters can place a bet quickly at good odds. If you are planning on being a regular NBA gambler, though, we strongly recommend looking through our guide that focuses on the best websites for basketball betting. All of the options listed on this page are sure to satisfy any NBA enthusiast.

More NBA Expert Betting Tips

Many people looking for today’s free NBA picks do not have that much experience in online sports betting. Consequently, they often make rookie mistakes, some of which can cost them a lot of money. Besides checking the basketball betting guide, here are a couple of useful tips from our NBA experts you should go through:

  • Check if the NBA team’s star players will play
    Almost every NBA team has at least one-star player that makes a difference when playing. Needless to say, you should check whether this person will take part in the NBA game before betting on the team.
  • Read the news regarding the two teams
    If you decide to wager on a specific NBA match, it is advisable to check the recent news regarding both teams. Although some tipsters include info like this, others won’t, so you need to know whether something happened.
  • Never bet more than you can afford
    Regardless if you’re a basketball expert or someone who punts for fun, do not bet more money than you have. Responsible betting is important, so always keep that in mind.
  • Take a look at NBA Consensus picks
    With NBA consensus picks, you see the public betting trends where punters choose their favourite odds and markets. You can follow the trend and place your NBA predictions as they do or decide to go against the public choice.

Additional Picks of the Day


How Successful is our NBA Pick of the Day?

Thanks to our depth of basketball knowledge and willingness to do our research, our free NBA Picks of the Day tends to perform strongly. We do not get them all right, of course; no tipster on the planet can, but we believe ours are among the best freely available NBA tips you will find on the web.

Can We Win with Betting on the NBA Daily Tips?

Backing our NBA Daily Tips with your own money is certainly not a bad betting strategy, as you are benefitting from our expert advice. While you do stand a genuine chance of turning a profit, gaining money is not something we can guarantee. Due to this, we always stress that online sports betting should primarily be for enjoyment, and you should never gamble above your means.

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