About Us

Who Are We?

In short, we are a group of enthusiasts who love football and sports betting. Over the years, we have gained considerable experience regarding bookmaker sites (we have tried almost everything they have to offer). We have decided to show all bettors (or those who want to start betting) what to pay attention to while they are looking for a bookmaker or a current promotion. Our professional knowledge and experience are not limited only to this area, however.

Nostrabet.com aims to show the best bookmakers for UK players and also to introduce all beginners to the world of betting. Our primary mission is to publish football predictions that are backed by facts and the latest news. At Nostrabet.com, you can find detailed information about payment methods, contact lists and ratings for each brand.

We are a team that closely follows all leading European leagues. That’s the reason we write predictions for England, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Our passion for football had begun when we were children, and this sublimates in the creation and development of this site. We can not guarantee the accuracy of our predictions, but we always try to be objective while our tips are always supported with sufficient arguments.

Atanas Tanev
Project Manager

The website, Nostrabet, first saw the light of day in 2016. The idea for the site came from Atanas who is the founder. He is also the person behind the initial development of the content featured on our pages. Of course, over time the site’s interface and design underwent significant changes for the better. Moreover, Atanas is also the manager of WEBSA Ltd., which operates several websites dealing with betting affiliate. His current responsibilities are related to the creation and management of content, the development of ideas and concepts for the improvement of our sites, as well as monitoring the work performance of the rest of the team.

He graduated from Plovdiv University in 2011 with a degree in Informatics and Information Technologies but continues to attend additional courses in the field of online marketing. His interest in online marketing began in 2007, with his main focus being web development, SEO optimization, and affiliate marketing. Atanas claims he is one of the few lucky people who love their profession and put their heart into it. His interests outside of work are in areas such as sports, business, marketing, entrepreneurship and more. Find out more details about Atanas and learn how his professional journey began.

Ivan Georgiev

Ivan is a 31-year-old Engineering Design graduate who lives in Varna. We are proud that he is the web designer responsible for the excellent layout of Nostrabet. Since he started designing sites long before he discovered the female beauty, it is no big surprise that he entered the gambling arena seven years ago. Ivan joined our team at the end of 2018 taking on the role of a chief developer of the web site and correspondence system. We are more than glad that he is onboard and helps us continuously improve and reach new heights. A definite asset for our company, Nostrabet wouldn’t be the same without him.

At first, he helped us as a freelancer, but soon we decided to offer him a permanent position with the company. We often call him the Master because of his in-depth knowledge and excellent IT skills. Overlooking a small recurring issue with "The Big Bug," which remains an enigma to this day, we appreciate his input and are pleased to have him as an integral part of Nostrabet’s team.

Ivan may come across as anti-social, but the truth is his self-sufficiency is typical for programmers. Similarly to his colleagues, he listens to house music and rap while trying hard to ignore the existence of other people. On top of that, our chat room is flooded with cool house pieces. Find out more details about Ivan and learn how his professional journey began.

Kristiyan Kyulyunkov
Content Master

Kristiyan Kyulyunkov, a.k.a. Kris became part of the Nostrabet family in July 2017. He was one of the first members of the team as he actually began taking on tasks for us as a freelancer a year earlier. It didn’t take him long to start working for us on a full-time basis. Kris’ responsibilities include creating professional content for our website, namely writing different types of reviews, bookie analyses, guides and betting strategies. It is his great passion for football that made him the author of all forecasts on our site. Kris gets real pleasure out of analyzing and reviewing football matches, and his remarkable talent for writing allows him to share his findings with our visitors in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand way. His daily tasks also include checking and editing content in both Bulgarian and in the other languages supported on our site.

Kris completed his education in Plovdiv. He has a High School Diploma in Computer Technology and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business IT. Kris is, however, mostly passionate about sports and content creation, so it is not by accident that he is part of our team of specialists. Before joining Nostrabet, he had worked for one of the leading sites for tracking live scores of sports events. This helped him gain even more professional knowledge and experience in the industry. In his spare time, Kris loves going on walks with friends, reading books, playing sports and watching football matches, of course. Find out more details about Kristiyan and learn how his professional journey began.

Maria Kostadinova
Content Master

Her name is Maria, and she is 24 years old girl who lives in Plovdiv. The affiliate and online betting niche markets meant nothing to her until the summer of 2017. This changed when she became part of the Nostrabet’s team. While still completing her postgraduate studies at Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski", she took on the job as a content writer for our website. Even though she majored in Software Technologies and Design and Business Informatics with English, her interests are not limited to these spheres alone.

Mimi strives to produce high-quality content by checking the credibility of the information in our reviews. On top of that, she always aims to add outstanding images that complement the text and add to its value. These are just some of her responsibilities as an integral part of our team. In July 2018, Maria attended the IGB Affiliate Conference in Amsterdam and in February 2019 she accompanied our team to the London Affiliate Conference. It was those trips that allowed her to meet some of the biggest names in the industry in person which motivated her to put more effort into her work and enrich her knowledge.

Maria finds pleasure in many things and enjoys various pursuits in her free time. She is fond of writing, listening to music and going to the cinema. Working with images has always appealed to her. She even used to process videos as a hobby. Maria is into activities that require creativity and diligence. It is her firm belief that no details should be overlooked as they are what constitute the big picture. If you want to learn more about Maria, check out the page with her personal information.

Katerina Gadzheva
Content Master

In 2019, Katerina Gadzheva joined Nostrabet’s team as a content writer. Although she had been teaching English in Bulgaria and abroad for more than eight years, she can also boast having a long experience writing and editing English texts. The fact that she has spent some years working abroad in a culturally diverse setting helps her not only improve her skills as a writer but also hone her communication skills thus allowing her to talk with ease with people from all over the world. Also, Katerina has an MA in English Linguistics and a BA in English Philology. Combine this with her passion for writing and her love of sports, and it is now more than clear why she turned to the iGaming industry.

In addition to writing about poker, she has played this card game on many occasions. Katerina is also fond of watching sports such as volleyball, football, snooker, and tennis, and she prefers playing table tennis with friends after work to drinking beer at the local bar. During working hours, though, she spends her time researching our trusted online bookmakers and casinos to provide you with quality content that meets your highest expectations. Her duties include getting in touch with customer support representatives, looking up all betting options, available bonuses and offers currently promoted by our partners and, of course, writing and reviewing texts for Nostrabet. If you want to learn more about Katerina, check out the page with her personal information.

Elica Martinova
Content Master

Elica has been part of the Nostrabet team since the beginning of 2019 while she had previously worked for us in her capacity as an external author. She is one of the people who are responsible for the high-quality content on our website. Her tasks include but are not limited to writing and uploading different reviews on our pages; checking the terms and conditions of the betting sites we partner with and keeping the information up to date. What sets her apart is her constant thirst for knowledge and her propensity to double check everything. That is why she tends to ask a lot of questions, which is more than welcomed by her colleagues.

Ellie’s hometown is Varna where she attended German High School. Later on, she majored in Cultural Studies and Journalism at Sofia University "St. KlimentOhridski ". Before joining Betenemy, she worked as a journalist in the field of politics, as well as a freelance author for various websites. The reason why she chose Betenemy was her conviction that by agreeing to work with us she would be joining the coolest team ever.

In addition to liking sports, Ellie is always open to opportunities that will allow her to gain new knowledge, which make her the perfect fit for Nostrabet. On top of that, she loves what she does and works towards her objectives with renewed zeal every day as does every single member of our great team. She is among the earliest risers and her days begin at dawn with jogging or walking her two dogs. Ellie prefers spending her free time in nature and feels best in the company of her family and friends. If you want to learn more about Elica, check out the page with her personal information.

Doug Holmes
Content Master

Doug Holmes, who previously worked as one of our freelancers, joined the team full time at Nostrabet in October 2018. Tasked with creating specialized, high-quality content for the English market, his responsibilities include gathering factual information related to the sportsbooks he writes detailed reviews on and is responsible for editing and proofreading English content to ensure all information meets our high-quality standards.

Based in Canada, Doug began his writing after economic circumstances had an impact on his previous career in the field of industrial lasers. Since discovering his passion for writing, Doug has worked for a large number of websites before agreeing to work with us full time. In his spare time, he enjoys the pursuit of information through reading, travelling to sunny destinations and on occasion, trying his luck at the poker table while in Vegas.

While at times Doug may seem distant, it is his dedicated focus towards perfection and love of old-time rock’n’roll that keeps him busy. It is that dedication that caused us to hire Doug, and we couldn’t be happier. Find out more about Doug and the path he has travelled that led him to where he is today.