Monthly Rewards:
  • 1st place300
  • 2nd place250
  • 3rd place150
  • 4th place75
  • 5th place50
  • 6 - 10th place35
1X = 1 BGN.
One NOSTRACOIN is equivalent to 1 BGN
NOSTRACOIN is not a currency!

Nostrabet Tipsters League

Welcome to our free prediction game, where you can compete for different prizes. Now is the time to join the action and put your football knowledge to the test. The Nostrabet Tipsters League will give you the chance to earn a share of the 1000 Nostracoins prize every month.

Now is the time to start playing and collecting points that will help you in the general ranking. Once the season comes to an end, there will be rewards worth 6200 Nostracoins*.


Our season will end on 1 June 2024, which is when some of you will win Nostrabet’s special prizes. The top 5 players will be determined based on the total points accumulated in each month. These people will receive the following prizes:

  • 1st place 2000
  • 2nd place 1500
  • 3rd place 1100
  • 4th place 900
  • 5th place 700

Season 2023/2024 Ranking


How does the Nostrabet Tipsters League work?

1. Enter the competition
2. Make a prediction
3. Win a prize every month

Nostrabet’s Tipsters League is a gathering hub for all football fans. Here, you can show off your skills in predicting football events. The ten most successful participants will receive a total of 1000 NOSTRACOINS every month.

By participating in the game every month, you accumulate points for the leaderboard, which is where 5 lucky people will win. The best 5 tipsters in the Nostrabet Tipsters League season will have access to a prize pool of 6200 Nostracoins, 2000 of which are reserved for the winner.

To enter the competition, you must create an account with Nostrabet or use one of your social network accounts. Once ready, you will have the opportunity to place your predictions on the site and earn points for the Tipster League.

If you go to the page with all the matches, you will find the most interesting football clashes. This is also where you will have the chance to put your prediction and even state why you chose to make the specific prediction. Speaking of the devil, each prediction will require you to use virtual credits, or as we call them, points.

All users will start with a certain number of points for the month, and their number will depend on when they join. 

The date of the month when you joinedNumber of points
From 1st to 7th100 points
From 8th to 14th75 points
From 15th to 21st50 points
From the 22nd until the end of the month25 points

The better results you get, the higher your place on the leaderboard. People who are more successful will be closer to the prizes we have prepared.

The ranking is based on your overall performance in the game and the number of points accumulated within the specific month.

Terms and Conditions

1. Basic Tipster League Rules
1.1 All users can participate in the game, granted they have an account in the system.
1.2 Participating in the Tipsters League is completely free.
1.3 Each league round lasts for one calendar month unless there is a specific period mentioned by the organizer.
1.4 You will start the month with a specific number of points, depending on when you join.
1.5 Joining the Nostrabet Tipsters League between the 1st and 7th of each month will give you 100 points. Joining between the 8th and 14th of the specific month will result in 75 points. People who start playing between the 15th and the 21st of the given month will receive 50 points, and joining from the 22nd until the end of the month will result in 25 points.
1.6 After the end of a particular round, you will receive new points for the new month, and those you have accumulated so far will be reserved for the general ranking.
1.7 You are entitled to receive additional points every month as long as you invite a friend. You can do that by sending an email invitation, and the person has to open it to join the game. Nostrabet will reward you with 25 points for every friend you bring over to the Tipster League, but you can invite a maximum of 5 people each month.
1.8 To join the Nostrabet Tipsters League, you need to make at least one prediction on one of the available matches found on our site. However, you need to make a minimum of 5 predictions for the given month if you want your ranking to be valid.
1.9 You can only place a prediction on a specific football match once and can choose up to two markets. Each one is counted as a separate bet.
1.10 You can not change or edit a bet that has already been placed.
1.11 The points earned in a given month will be applied to all matches beginning within that month unless specified otherwise. For example, if you make a prediction for an event at the end of the month and that event begins in the subsequent month, the points will be attributed to the new month.
1.11.1 Nostrabet is not responsible for any errors in the results provided by the site’s football results provider. Nostrabet will honour any request for the wrong result and wrongly settled predictions based on these results only if these requests are made until 23:59 on the last day of the month.
1.12 In the event that Nostrabet announces a game that is only related to the predictions for a specific league, the points you accumulate will be calculated only from the predictions made for the specified league.
1.13 By entering the game, you agree to its terms and conditions and give your consent to use your data to rank the best tipsters on the site.

2. Wagering Rules
2.1 Bets in the Nostrabet Tipsters League are entirely virtual and are not tied to real winnings. The goal is to accumulate the maximum number of points and be in the monthly leaderboard.
2.2 Each participant can predict up to 500 matches a given month in the Nostrabet Tipsters League.
2.2.1 There is no limit to the number of predictions you can make in a single day unless you exceed the monthly limit.
2.3 You can make only one prediction per event, and you can’t edit it.
2.4 You can choose up to 2 markets when predicting a specific football match.
2.5 The bets in the Nostrabet Tipster League are made with points, which will indicate your placement on the leaderboard.
2.6 The minimum bet is 1 point, whereas the maximum is 300 points.
2.7 All predictions are in the single bet type.
2.8 Points are earned by multiplying the wager by the chosen odds for the particular football market.

Example: A bet of 10 points on an event at odds of 2.50 means that if you predict the bet, the turn is 10 x 2.50 or 25 points.
2.9 In the event of a false prediction, the staked value of the points is deducted from your total balance.
2.10 Nostrabet reserves the right to deem a bet invalid if a user places it on the market with odds that are clearly incorrect.

3. Prize Pool
3.1 The prize pool for the game is 1000 Nostracoins for each month. There are separate prizes for the general ranking worth a total of 6200 Nostracoins.
3.1.1 One Nostracoin is equal to 1 BGN.
3.1.2 Nostracoin is not a fiat currency nor a cryptocurrency that you can claim or use elsewhere.
3.2 The monthly prize fund is divided among the top 10 participants in the game as follows:

1st Place – 300 Nostracoins (~300 BGN)
2nd Place – 250 Nostracoins (~250 BGN)
3rd Place – 150 Nostracoins (~150 BGN)
4th Place – 75 Nostracoins (~75 BGN)
5th Place – 50 Nostracoins (~50 BGN)
6th-10th Place – 35 Nostracoins (~35 BGN)

3.3 The monthly ranking is based on the predictions made and the points accumulated within one calendar month (or a different period of time specified by the organizer).
3.4 You can follow the temporary and final ranking on Nostrabet’s website.
3.5 These are the prizes for the general ranking:

1st Place – 2000 Nostracoins
2nd Place – 1500 Nostracoins
3rd Place – 1100 Nostracoins
4th Place – 900 Nostracoins
5th Place – 700 Nostracoins

3.6 A user must place at least 5 predictions within the given month to be a part of the ranking.
3.7 All cash prizes are in the form of Nostracoins, which are converted into cash amounts (outside the game organizer) that will be sent to the winning participants between the 1st and the 10th of the month following the month in which they were in the top 10.
3.8 Prizes are sent via PayPal, Revolut, Skrill, Wise, Crypto or and are facilitated by financial transfer partners rather than directly by the organizers.
3.9 In order to receive your prize, you must provide Nostrabet with the required information needed to get the amount.
3.10 You need to provide unique data and information, where we can forward the reward.
3.11 It is not allowed to have more than 1 Nostrabet account. If users do not follow this rule, the organizers reserve the right to disqualify the person and their profiles.
3.12 A given person can only win one prize each month.

4. Unfair Practices and Abuse
4.1 Nostrabet reserves the right to disqualify a participant if a user(s):
⚠ Completely duplicates the predictions of other tipsters
⚠ Copy predictions and analyses from other websites
⚠ Have more than 1 account
⚠ More than one player takes part in the Nostrabet Tipster League using the same IP address and device
4.2 In case of violating the rules, the user’s account may receive a complete restriction for the Nostrabet Tipsters League and may not be able to join the game in the future.
4.3 The organizer reserves the right to limit or exclude the user(s) without giving any explanation in case of suspected fraud, use of more than one account, or any other manipulation attempts.
4.4 If you wish to send a request to Nostrabet’s team regarding the removal of a restriction, you can send an email to

5. User profile information
5.1 Each of Nostrabet’s users and people who take part in the Tipsters League will have a profile where people can track different information and statistics about the predictions.
5.2 Each player’s profile has a follow button, and when someone chooses to follow a particular player, they can follow the player’s predictions.
5.3 The points indicate the users’ balance regarding their predictions. The balance can be shown either monthly or as a cumulative total.
5.4 The average bet indicates the average amount of virtual bets made within the game.
5.5. The total number of predictions reveals how many predictions the given person has made.
5.6 The Yield Value shows the bet’s average success rate. This is the ROI, which is calculated using this formula:

Yield% = {(Win Amount – Bet Amount) / Bet Amount} х 100%

5.7 The won predictions percentage shows what portion of the predictions were successful.
5.8 The lost predictions percentage shows what portion of the predictions were unsuccessful.

6. Limitations
6.1 The Nostrabet Tipster League’s Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice. It is your responsibility to keep track of everything new.
6.2 Nostrabet will resolve any disputes and irregularities in the Tipsters League.

*Nostracoin is not a fiat or a cryptocurrency that you can use to make any payments. NOSTRACOINS shows the monthly and final prizes in the Nostrabet Tipsters League.


Who can take part in the Nostrabet Tipsters League?

Every user who makes at least 5 predictions per month will be included in the Nostrabet Tipsters League.

How to join the Nostrabet Tipsters League?

To join the Nostrabet Tipsters League, you have to make predictions on the events found on the site.


Nostacoins are the main “unit” in which in-game rewards are given. One Nostracoin is equal to 1 BGN.

What is the reward for joining the league?

The prize pool is 1000 NOSTRACOINS, distributed among the top 10 in the monthly ranking. Each new calendar month is when the new game starts, which also means players can earn a piece of the prize pool. When the season is over, the top 5 participants who performed best will receive special rewards.

Why do players receive a different number of points depending on when they start playing?

This is done so that the Nostrabet Tipsters League is as fair as possible. Players who start by the 7th of the month will receive the maximum number of points. Others who join later will start with fewer points.

How many predictions can I make per day?

There is no limit to the number of predictions you can make per day. However, there is a monthly cap of 500 predictions. Remember that you can only make one prediction per football match.

How do I get my prize if I win something?

All prizes are paid out via PayPal, Revolut, Skrill, Wise, Crypto or by the 10th of the month, following the month where you’ve won.

How many points can I get if I invite a friend to the game?

You can invite up to 5 new players each month. Each of them will reward you with 25 points, assuming they join the game following your invitation. The maximum number of points you can receive per month from invitations is 125.

What is the maximum bet for a prediction within the Prediction Game?

The maximum number of points you can place on a single prediction is 300 points.

If you have any questions, check our Facebook page or contact us via email at