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There is no such thing as a dead cert in betting, but our football Banker of the Day tip is likely to be one of the closest things to it.

What is the Banker of the Day Prediction?

At Nostrabet, our Banker of the Day prediction is simply a betting selection in which we have a high level of confidence. It is never a high-risk, high-reward selection; instead, it is a relatively low-odds football prediction with a great chance of success. We provide punters with a new banker pick daily, so do not worry if you miss out on backing our current top selection.

How Do We Select Our Banker of the Day?

Our highly adept tipsters here at Nostrabet examine the latest statistics, trends and team news from today’s football matches to identify one outcome as our Banker of the Day tip that looks to be as close to a sure thing as it can be. A lot of deliberation takes place before posting to the website as we are determined to get our Banker of the Day success rate as high as possible. The tip does, however, also need to be a bet that is still worthwhile placing, which is why we avoid placing something super safe but extremely unrewarding, like over 0.5 goals at odds of just 1.03.

How often does Banker Bet of the Day win?

The Banker bet of the day often wins, but it depends on many factors, such as the tipster you trust. Our experts have proven themselves over the years, so they know everything regarding the sports they focus on. Consequently, their options for a banker bet will always be more accurate than those of others.

The best thing about these kinds of bets is that you don’t need to pay anything to access them. We provide this information for free, so it is up to you to decide whether to trust us and use it to your advantage. As mentioned above, the banker tips of the day is nothing more than a regular bet that we think is “safer”.

The idea behind using a banker of the day for football or any other sport is to increase your chances of winning. Although this comes at a cost because the odds won’t be that impressive, you should be able to predict the bet successfully.

What is a Banker Bet?

Used generally, a banker bet is simply one that you can ‘bank on’, meaning you can be confident about it. They are viewed as ‘safe’ bets, and banker predictions should be right more times than not, providing the tipster recommending them is any good!

A banker bet is also a term you can find on a betslip when placing a multiple bet. For a banker tips of the day, you will make one (or more) of your selections ‘a banker’. When doing so, you can still win money even if some of your selections do not win, as long as the banker(s) does. The general strategy is that you make the result(s) you are most sure about as your banker(s), so these form a much larger part of your bet than they would be in a standard acca.

Now that you know more about this type of football prediction, it’s time to show you an example. Although you can place a banker bet on all things, the football banker of the day will be the go-to option for most punters. So, let’s say you want to wager $5 on La Liga and have the following options:

  • Real Madric vs Elche CF (@ 1.20)
  • Girona FC vs Getafe FC (@ 2.10)
  • Rayo Vallecano vs Barcelona (@ 1.70)
  • CA Osasuna vs Sevilla FC (@ 1.9)

So, how to create a banker bet using these fixtures?

  1. To create a banker bet, you should first choose the safest option and add it to your betslip. The other fixtures can be risky, depending on what you want.
  2. Once you have added everything, you must check your betslip and convert it into a banker bet. However, this is only possible if the bookie you’re using offers it.
  3. After enabling this option, the online bookmaker will probably ask you to choose which event to be your banker. Assuming you’ve wagered on the examples above, it is wise to select Real Madrid as your banker because the Los Blancos are the heavy favourite. Don’t forget that your banker should not lose because you will lose the entire slip.
  4. After you’ve chosen the banker tips of the day and the other options in your betslip, it is time to place your bet.
  5. Finally, you have to wait and see whether you will predict your football banker of the day. If that happens, you will win, even if you do not predict each of the other selections.

What is the Difference between a Banker Bet and a Standard Bet?

For a single bet, the only difference is that a banker bet will likely be a ‘safer’ selection but one available at shorter odds. A standard bet might be a little riskier, but you will be compensated by getting a higher price for it. There is no fundamental difference between the two, though.

If you select a ‘banker’ bet on your betslip when placing a multiple bet, there ends up being more of a difference. Adding one or more bankers will mean they feature in every combination of such a bet. A standard combination bet would only see them appear as often as any other combination, which means winning less if the banker succeeds but still potentially getting some money if it fails.

Football Leagues Coverage for the Banker of The Day

You will find some differences if you check today’s football banker of the day and the one from a few days ago. Besides the teams, we also cover different leagues because we know that soccer fans want various options.

Speaking of football competitions, you can expect to find every popular league. The most option you will come across is the English Premier League because it is the world’s most popular competition.

Aside from the EPL, our experts also pay close attention to La Liga. The competition hasn’t been the same since Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi left. Still, there are always fun matches to bet on. Moreover, Barcelona and Real Madrid are almost always the heavy favourites, meaning their games are ideal for a banker of the day.

You can also expect banker tips of the day from Serie A, Ligue 1, and more leagues.

How to Bet on Football Tips

To bet on football tips, you must keep track of many things. Whether you want to try the banker of the day or learn more about something, you must choose tipsters you can trust. Although this is easier said than done, Nostrabet’s experts and their many years of experience will always help you when needed.

Once you read the latest tips, you should also look at the soccer betting guide that covers everything you must know. Remember that we are committed to responsible gambling, but this is something that you should also keep in mind while punting. Although we can provide you with different ways of helping you stay in control and keep gambling fun while using the banker bet of the day, you should do everything you can not to find yourself in a situation where you need them.

Where to Place Bets on the Banker of the Day?

Our Banker of the Day tip will come from a fixture that you can find at almost any bookmaker, so placing the bet will not be an issue. Try not to settle for odds lower than the ones we have listed, though, as getting sufficient value on banker bets is important. In addition to the betting sites under the tip, there are lots more we can recommend if you check out our detailed and unbiased reviews. By scrolling through these, we are confident you will find a bookmaker that is just right for your needs providing an option for banker bet of the day football prediction.

Aside from the options mentioned above, you can check these bookmakers for football betting before placing your sure banker for today. All the names you’re about to check have been around for a long time and offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

Additional Bets of the Day

Aside from today’s football match prediction banker, we can provide information about other sports. Make sure to check them before you start betting.


How to Use Sure Bets Bankers Strategies?

Following our Banker of the Day tips is one strategy we can certainly recommend, especially if you are more of a beginner gambler. We are as sure about our predictions as we can be, but we always remember there is never quite a ‘sure bet’ in the world of betting. You can be very confident about a pick, but you must always remember that there is a chance you might get the outcome wrong. This is why you should never put more money into any strategy than you can afford to lose.

How to Pick the Banker of the Day?

We have explained how we pick our Banker Tips of the Day, but if you want to choose your own instead, you are more than welcome. To do this, though, you will need to do your research, as relying on hunches for bankers is unlikely to be a sound long-term strategy.