Pro League
Al Wehda Club
Finished1 : 2
27th May 2024
Al-Hilal Saudi FC

Al Wehda Club - Al-Hilal Saudi FC match stats


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While most of the top leagues in Europe have now come to an end, there are plenty of others across the globe that are still going strong. That’s especially true in Saudi Arabia, where some of the biggest stars are performing in what is still seen as a pretty controversial decision. With that being said, there are plenty of great games to get excited about, including Al Wehda vs Al-Hilal.

Al Wehda Form Guide

Al-Wehda Club, commonly known as Al-Wehda, is a professional football club based in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. In recent years, Al-Wehda has worked to establish itself as a consistent competitor in the Saudi Pro League. The club aims to improve its standings in the league and perform well in domestic cup competitions.

Al-Wehda are currently down in 13th and while they can’t stoop any lower than that, they can certainly push their way further up the table. A victory could take them as high as 11th, although it must be said that they’ve only won one of their last five games in the league.

Al-Hilal Form Guide

Al-Hilal Saudi Football Club, commonly known as Al-Hilal, is a professional football club based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In recent years, Al-Hilal has continued to be a dominant force in the Saudi Pro League and has consistently performed well in domestic and international competitions. The club aims to maintain its high standards and compete for titles every season.

For Al-Hilal, this game is all about cementing perfection. They have already won the league by a comfortable distance with 30 wins, three draws and no losses. If they can get through this clash without a defeat, they will known as the invincibles for eternity.

Match Prediction

On the final day of the season, you can throw the rule book swiftly out of the window. There’s so much on the line and with the stakes being that high, and with these sides being confident going forward, we can’t see an outcome other than over 2.5 goals scored and a whole lot of entertainment for neutrals.

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          Head to Head Stats

          Al Wehda Club 1 goals
          Al-Hilal Saudi FC 4 goals
          Last 2 matches
          0 wins
          0 draws
          2 wins
          • 27-05-24Al Wehda Club1 : 2Al-Hilal Saudi FC
          • 15-12-23Al-Hilal Saudi FC2 : 0Al Wehda Club

          Al Wehda Club - Al-Hilal Saudi FC Statistic

          Al Wehda Club
          Al-Hilal Saudi FC


          Al Wehda ClubG. Donis
          Al-Hilal Saudi FCJorge Jesus
          Abdulquddus Atiah
          A. Atiah 13
          Saeed Al Muwallad
          S. Al 2
          Ali Makki
          A. Makki 22
          Jawad El Yamiq
          J. El 5
          Islam Ahmed Hawsawi
          I. Ahmed 27
          Waleed Bakshween
          W. Bakshween 4
          Fayçal Fajr
          F. Fajr 76
          Nawaf Al-Azizi
          N. Al-Azizi 16
          Ala'a Al-Hejji
          A. Al-Hejji 88
          Abdulaziz Noor
          A. Noor 24
          Yahya Naji
          Y. Naji 80
          Saleh Al-Shehri
          S. Al-Shehri 11
          Mohammed Al-Qahtani
          M. Al-Qahtani 56
          Salman Al-Faraj
          S. Al-Faraj 7
          Abdullah Al-Hamdan
          A. Al-Hamdan 14
          Salem Al-Dawsari
          S. Al-Dawsari 29
          Mohamed Kanno
          M. Kanno 28
          Mohammed Al-Burayk
          M. Al-Burayk 2
          Kalidou Koulibaly
          K. Koulibaly 3
          Hassan Al Tambakti
          H. Al 87
          Renan Lodi
          R. Lodi 6
          Mohammed Al-Owais
          M. Al-Owais 21

          Teams Matches

           TBD03:00Al Wehda ClubAl-Faisaly FC
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT21:00Al Wehda ClubAl-Hilal Saudi FC 12 L
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT21:00Al AkhdoudAl Wehda Club 11 D
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT21:00Al Wehda ClubAl-Raed 01 L
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT21:00Al Khaleej SaihatAl Wehda Club 12 W
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT21:00Al-NassrAl Wehda Club 60 L
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT21:00Al Wehda ClubAl-Hazm 02 L
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT21:00Al-EttifaqAl Wehda Club 01 W
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT22:00Al Wehda ClubAl-Ahli Jeddah 11 D
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT22:00Al-FayhaAl Wehda Club 12 W
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT21:00Al Wehda ClubAl-Fateh 23 L
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT21:00AbhaAl Wehda Club 10 L
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT16:00DhamkAl Wehda Club 10 L
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT16:00Al Wehda ClubAl Taawon 33 D
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT19:00Al-Ittihad FCAl Wehda Club 21 L
           TBD03:00Al BukayriyahAl-Hilal Saudi FC
          Saudi-Arabia Super Cup19:15Al-Hilal Saudi FCAl-Ahli Jeddah
           PEN21:00Al-Hilal Saudi FCAl-Nassr 54 W
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT21:00Al Wehda ClubAl-Hilal Saudi FC 12 W
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT21:00Al-Hilal Saudi FCAl Taee 31 W
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT21:00Al-NassrAl-Hilal Saudi FC 11 D
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT18:00Al-Hilal Saudi FCAl-Hazm 41 W
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT21:00Al-Ahli JeddahAl-Hilal Saudi FC 12 W
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT18:00Al TaawonAl-Hilal Saudi FC 03 W
           FT21:00Al-Ittihad FCAl-Hilal Saudi FC 12 W
          Saudi-Arabia Pro LeagueFT18:00Al-Hilal Saudi FCAl-Fateh 31 W
          World AFC Champions LeagueFT21:00Al-Hilal Saudi FCAl Ain 21 W
          World AFC Champions LeagueFT19:00Al AinAl-Hilal Saudi FC 42 L
          Saudi-Arabia Super CupFT20:30Al-Ittihad FCAl-Hilal Saudi FC 14 W
          Saudi-Arabia Super CupFT22:30Al-Hilal Saudi FCAl-Nassr 21 W

          Pro League standings

          MWDLGDLast 5P
          1 Al-Hilal Saudi FC34313078
          2 Al-Nassr34264458
          3 Al-Ahli Jeddah34198732
          4 Al Taawon341611716
          5 Al-Ittihad FC34166129
          6 Al-Ettifaq341212109
          7 Al-Fateh34129132
          8 Al Shabab34128143
          9 Al-Fayha34111112-8
          10 Dhamk34101113-1
          11 Al Khaleej Saihat3491015-11
          12 Al-Raed3491015-8
          13 Al Wehda Club3410618-15
          14 Al Riyadh3481115-24
          15 Al Akhdoud349619-19
          16 Abha349520-49
          17 Al Taee348719-30
          18 Al-Hazm3441218-42
          1 Al-Hilal Saudi FC17161049
          2 Al-Nassr17123239
          3 Al-Ahli Jeddah17114237
          4 Al Taawon1793530
          16 Abha1793530
          5 Al-Ittihad FC1792629
          8 Al Shabab1783627
          6 Al-Ettifaq1767425
          10 Dhamk1766524
          7 Al-Fateh1765623
          13 Al Wehda Club1764722
          17 Al Taee1764722
          9 Al-Fayha1747619
          12 Al-Raed1754819
          14 Al Riyadh1747619
          15 Al Akhdoud17611019
          11 Al Khaleej Saihat1736815
          18 Al-Hazm1735914
          1 Al-Hilal Saudi FC17152047
          2 Al-Nassr17141243
          4 Al Taawon1778229
          3 Al-Ahli Jeddah1784528
          5 Al-Ittihad FC1774625
          9 Al-Fayha1774625
          6 Al-Ettifaq1765623
          11 Al Khaleej Saihat1764722
          7 Al-Fateh1764722
          12 Al-Raed1746718
          10 Dhamk1745817
          8 Al Shabab1745817
          14 Al Riyadh1744916
          13 Al Wehda Club17421114
          15 Al Akhdoud1735914
          18 Al-Hazm1717910
          17 Al Taee1723129
          16 Abha1702152

          Match Preview

          Al Wehda Club will play against Al-Hilal Saudi FC as part of Pro League season 2023/2024. Al Wehda Club vs Al-Hilal Saudi FC match kick-off is scheduled for 27 May 2024 at 09:00. The match will be played at King Abdulaziz Sports City Stadium in Mecca. Find more details about the match below, including stats, H2Hs, match facts, and standings. The data will help you decide on your Al Wehda Club vs Al-Hilal Saudi FC prediction.

          Data Analysis

          Using the latest data provided for both teams and based on our database with statistical information, we can provide some details about the chances of Al Wehda Club and Al-Hilal Saudi FC in this game.

          The last 10 Al Wehda Club matches across all competitions saw the team winning 3 of the matches, 2 of the results ended in a draw,and they lost 5.

          Al-Hilal Saudi FC stats (across the last 10 matches) point to wins 8, draws 2 and losses 0. A rundown of the number of goals in the last 10 matches shows that Al Wehda Club scored an average of 1.0 goals per game. The stats obtained from the results of Al-Hilal Saudi FC show that the team achieves an average of 2.3 goals per match.

          Al Wehda Club vs Al-Hilal Saudi FC Head-to-head

          The Head To Head (Al Wehda Club vs. Al-Hilal Saudi FC) details the 2 previous meetings for the last 1 years. The data shows the end score in the last matches - Al Wehda Club won 0, while Al-Hilal Saudi FC won 2 of the games. The number of ties is 0. The last time they met was on 27 May 2024, when the match's final score was 1:2for Al-Hilal Saudi FC.

          Match Facts

          • Al Wehda Club is in 13th place in the Saudi-Arabia - Pro League local competition.
          • Al-Hilal Saudi FC is positioned 1st in the Pro League (Saudi-Arabia) current table.
          • Number of goals scored from Al Wehda Club this season - 45 in 34 matches in the Saudi-Arabia - Pro League.
          • Number of goals scored from Al-Hilal Saudi FC this season - 101 in 34 games in the Pro League.
          • Goals conceded by Al Wehda Club this season (Pro League) - 60 in 34 games.
          • Goals conceded by Al-Hilal Saudi FC this season (Pro League) - 23 in 34 games.
          • 17 of 34 matches this season for Al Wehda Club in the Pro League ended with both teams to score.
          • 15 of 34 games this season for Al-Hilal Saudi FC in the Pro League were completed with both teams to score.

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