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Everyone knows Bet365 to be one of the most popular bookmakers in the online betting scene because of its wide variety of games and the betting markets that it has to offer. Bet365 is especially well-known in both the UK and the EU. In fact, the majority of Bet365’s customers come from these two regions.

As a sports bettor, one of the markets that have specially appealed to me is the basketball betting market of Bet365. While a lot of people prefer to bet on football and horse races, basketball would be my second favourite betting market next to football. I will share my experience with basketball betting on this platform.

Bet365’s Basketball Section – Navigation and Features

bet365 basketball betting

In general, Bet365 has a very user-friendly design. It makes use of its signature colours, which are green, white, dark, and yellow. The reason for this would be to make the overall platform easy on the eyes as compared to using those sharp and bright colours.

Now, when you click on the basketball market, you’ll immediately be brought to a table. On the table are two tabs: Coupon and Futures. Under the Coupon tab, the table lists down the championship games that you can bet on. Obviously, the NBA is at the top of my list. Others include the WNBA, the Brazil Liga Ouro, the Croatia A1 Liga and more. Under the selected championships, you’ll be able to find the game lines, main props, player props, team props, and more.

Besides, that would be the Futures tab wherein you can find Basketball futures bets. These include the usual NBA Futures, WNBA Futures, Australia NBL, and more. On the far right end of the table, you’ll then find another tab that says “In-Play”. When you click on this tab, you’ll be able to check the live games that you can bet on.

Finally, the far right side will contain your betting slip as well as some suggested games you can bet on. As you can see, everything is organized very well. You can easily navigate the basketball section and click on wherever you want to go to.

Basketball Bonus from Bet365

Those who are looking for a basketball bonus you can rejoice because Bet365 offers one! I love this bonus offer because it is an accumulator bet type of bonus wherein you can get rewards with each selection you make.

Another awesome thing about this bonus is that it is all paid in cold, hard cash. This means that there is no need to roll over the amount anymore. Whatever you receive, you can withdraw anytime you want.

Available Betting Options

Any better would look at the betting options available on a betting platform. Here are the excellent betting options I found and loved at Bet365.

Basketball Leagues

Compared to a lot of betting platforms, Bet365 has some of the widest choices for basketball leagues. I already mentioned some of the basketball leagues above, such as the NBA, WNBA, and many others.

Now, since the website is more catered toward EU customers and UK customers, you can expect there to be many EU leagues available for betting. You’ll have Italian, French, and German leagues to choose from. Other than that, you’ll also find some Asian leagues like Hong Kong and Philippines leagues and even South American leagues.


I think my experience is sufficient to examine the offered betting markets at bet365’s basketball section. There are a lot of options to choose from. My favourites are Game Lines, but also I bet on Winning margins, Point Spread and half-time betting options. There are also Player Props markets such as Player Points, Rebounds and Assists. I should admit that I needed to read the rules of basketball betting at bet365 to understand a few of the available options.

The good news is you will have a lot of options to choose from and bet without matter if you choose pre-match betting or live bets.

Basketball Odds

As per my experience with the odds, I’m pretty sure that the odds are slightly higher than most other platforms when it comes to basketball matches. One thing that you’ll notice is that it allows you to bet on the exact difference between the winner of the match. This in itself, can enable higher odds of even higher than 40.

Now, another thing that you may want to know would be the formats in which Bet365 provides odds. There are four formats for the basketball market; these are the American, Decimal, Fractional, and American/Fractional formats.

Live Betting on Basketball

basketball live betting options

When you go to the basketball market of the sports section, you’ll see a tab on the right that says ‘In-play’. When you click on that, you’ll immediately be lead to the In-play section of the platform.

When you’re brought to the live basketball section, you’ll be able to see the details of all the live basketball games that are available for in-play betting. You’ll see a list of leagues, the details on the players, overtime information, and results per half time.

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Bet365’s Basketball Live Stream

This is another really cool feature that is offered to the players of the in-play basketball market. To live stream basketball games, I check the right side of the basketball in-play section and see which games can be streamed.

To see a full list of the live streamed games, there is actually a Live Streaming tab that allows you to check out the available games to watch. I can also watch other gaming events aside from basketball events. Personally, this is an excellent way for us basketball fans to enjoy the whole betting experience fully. While I’m monitoring the game, I also track my bets at the same time. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Mobile Betting

If you’re a mobile punter, then you’ll also love betting on basketball games using your phone. Just to give you an idea, Bet365 has two dedicated apps and one mobile website version.

There is an Android app that you can download from the website in .apk format. The other dedicated app would be the one for iOS devices. This one can be found on the App Store. Simply search for Bet365 on the Apple store, and you’ll find it. After that, download it and install it into your device.

If you’re not a fan of downloading apps, then you’ll probably be more at home with the mobile website version. To access it, simply input the Bet365 link in your phone’s mobile browser and then navigate to the basketball section.

There isn’t that much difference between the mobile version and the apps aside from occasional slow loading times on the mobile version. Other than that, the two are pretty much the same. Personally, I prefer using the mobile website because I don’t like apps to take up too much space on my phone. But it’s up to you which method of mobile betting you want to use.

Pros and Cons of Bet365 Basketball Section

Bet365’s basketball section is far from being the perfect one. However, it does trump the basketball markets of many other bookmakers’ basketball sections. Just to break down the whole section objectively, here are some of its pros and cons that you’d be interested in:

  • Easy to navigate structure and design
  • Wide range of basketball leagues to bet on
  • Odds that are higher than the industry standard
  • Includes basketball market bonus
  • A lot of in-play betting basketball events
  • Often restricts or bans players who win too much

Payment Options

You can use pretty much the same payment options for both withdrawals and deposits. My choice of payment option would be via my debit card since this is the safest option (I only use it for online transactions and keep it at 0 balance if I don’t have online transactions).

If you don’t have a debit card though, there are other available options as well. These include payments via cheques, via bank transfer, and via eWallet. It’s up to you which one you’re going to use.

Contact Details

If you need to contact the support team, then there are several options you can choose from. There is a live chat option, email, fax, and hotline. You can see further details of these options when you visit the website.

I would often use the live chat option as compared to the other options since it’s the fastest. There is always someone available to take my query since it seems like the chat support team works round the clock.


Below, I enumerated some questions about Bet365’s Basketball section and answered them:

Can I make money line bets on Bet365’s basketball section?

Yes, you can! In fact, Bet365’s basketball section makes money line betting really exciting because of the high odds offered by the platform.

What is the average payout of the basketball market?

I did a little bit of computation and based on my findings, the average payout is close to a hundred per cent!

Does the Bet365 basketball section have some betting tips?

If you check the lowest part of the website, you’ll see a tab that says Sports Stats. Here, you can see the statistics of leagues and possible outcomes in the next games. There are also tips below the statistics. If you’re looking for more general tips though, a lot of websites on the internet provide them.

What are the main rules of the basketball bonus?

Basically, you just have to place a pre-game accumulator multi-bet on any of individual European leagues. The more selections you bet on, the higher your bonus amount will reach. You can double your money with this bonus depending on how many selections you make and how the outcomes are like.

Can I use the cash out feature in the basketball market?

Yes, you can! The cash out feature is available for all betting markets.

Can I do partial cash out if I’m undecided whether the game will turn during the second half?

Yes, Bet365 allows you to do partial cash out for all betting markets. This feature allows you to secure your profits and still save money for further betting if you think the game will continue in your favour.

Do I need a bonus code to avail of the Euro basketball bonus?

There is no need for a bonus code to avail of this offer. Simply go to the basketball section, click on the Euro basketball bonus button, opt-in, and fulfil all the qualifying terms and conditions. As long as you meet those, you can get your bonus right away.

Conclusion and Rating

For the basketball fans out there, I’d definitely say that Bet365 has a fantastic basketball market that you can try out. First of all, Bet365’s basketball market showcases some of the best leagues in the business. With its wide range of leagues and events, punters can have many choices at their disposal.

Aside from the number of games available, I can say that their odds are outstanding too. Their odds are incredibly competitive and are at a slight advantage compared to the odds of other bookmakers. That is most likely why their average payout rate is pretty high for the basketball section.

Finally, they’ve got an excellent live streaming feature. With this live streaming feature, you can watch your basketball games in HD. The streaming feature looks especially useful when you use your mobile phone to watch. I usually use my mobile phone to live stream games and bet on them at the same time since I’m on the road very often.

That said, Bet365 still has a great basketball section that you will definitely love if you’re a punter and a basketball fan. Because of that, I’d definitely give this section a total score of 10 over 10.

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