NM Cupen
Finished2 : 2
8th May 2024

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Nadq Gancheva
+3 Coins
1.26Over 1.5 Goals10

    Head to Head Stats

    Valerenga 9 goals
    Ham-Kam 6 goals
    Last 5 matches
    2 wins
    2 draws
    1 wins
    • 08-05-24PENValerenga2 : 2Ham-Kam
    • 26-11-23Ham-Kam0 : 2Valerenga
    • 16-05-23Valerenga3 : 0Ham-Kam
    • 14-08-22Ham-Kam1 : 1Valerenga
    • 18-03-22Valerenga1 : 3Ham-Kam


    ValerengaG. Bakke
    Ham-KamJ. Michelsen
    Jacob Storevik
    J. Storevik 1
    Vegar Eggen Hedenstad
    V. Eggen 6
    Nathan Idumba Fasika
    N. Idumba 4
    Martin Kreuzriegler
    M. Kreuzriegler 23
    Simen Juklerød
    S. Juklerød 18
    Henrik Bjørdal
    H. Bjørdal 8
    Ambina Fidèle Brice
    A. Fidèle 5
    Elias Kristoffersen Hagen
    E. Kristoffersen 15
    Petter Strand
    P. Strand 24
    Mees Rijks
    M. Rijks 9
    Filip Thorvaldsen
    F. Thorvaldsen 26
    Henrik Udahl
    H. Udahl 9
    Niklas Odegard
    N. Odegard 17
    Gard Simenstad
    G. Simenstad 18
    Kristian Onsrud
    K. Onsrud 7
    Tore Andre Soras
    T. Andre 11
    Viðar Ari Jónsson
    V. Ari 21
    Luc Mares
    L. Mares 14
    John Olav Norheim
    J. Olav 6
    Brynjar Ingi Bjarnason
    B. Ingi 26
    Vegard Kongsro
    V. Kongsro 2
    Marcus Sandberg
    M. Sandberg 12

    Teams Matches

    Norway NM CupenMatch Postponed03:00ValerengaFredrikstad
    Norway NM CupenPEN19:00ValerengaHam-Kam 43 W
    Norway NM CupenAET17:00ValerengaTromso 10 W
    Norway NM CupenFT18:00OppsalValerenga 04 W
    Norway NM CupenFT18:00Union Carl BernerValerenga 03 W
    World Friendlies ClubsFT17:30AIK stockholmValerenga 40 L
    World Friendlies ClubsFT15:00ValerengaTromso 31 W
    World Friendlies ClubsFT17:00ValerengaSarpsborg 08 FF 53 W
    World Friendlies ClubsFT17:00BrannValerenga 03 W
    World Friendlies ClubsFT17:00ValerengaRosenborg 41 W
    World Friendlies ClubsFT14:00ValerengaFredrikstad 13 L
    World Friendlies ClubsFT14:00StromsgodsetValerenga 21 L
    World Friendlies ClubsFT16:00RaufossValerenga 12 W
    Norway EliteserienPEN18:00ValerengaKristiansund BK 45 L
    Norway EliteserienFT20:00Kristiansund BKValerenga 02 W
    Norway Eliteserien18:00Ham-KamViking
    Norway Eliteserien18:00Ham-KamFredrikstad
    Norway EliteserienFT18:00ODD BallklubbHam-Kam 12 W
    Norway EliteserienFT18:00Ham-KamTromso 00 D
    Norway EliteserienFT20:00SandefjordHam-Kam 12 W
    World Friendlies ClubsFT14:00Ham-KamKFUM Oslo 32 W
    Norway EliteserienFT19:00Ham-KamBrann 12 L
    Norway EliteserienFT18:00VikingHam-Kam 30 L
    Norway EliteserienFT18:00Ham-KamBodo/Glimt 10 W
    Norway EliteserienFT19:00Sarpsborg 08 FFHam-Kam 17 W
    Norway EliteserienFT18:00Ham-KamHaugesund 22 D
    Norway NM CupenPEN19:00ValerengaHam-Kam 43 L
    Norway EliteserienFT18:00Kristiansund BKHam-Kam 11 D
    Norway NM CupenFT15:30EgersundHam-Kam 13 W
    Norway EliteserienFT18:00LillestromHam-Kam 11 D

    Match Preview

    Valerenga will play against Ham-Kam as part of NM Cupen season 2024/2025. Valerenga vs Ham-Kam match kick-off is scheduled for 08 May 2024 at 07:00. The match will be played at Intility Arena in Oslo. Find more details about the match below, including stats, H2Hs, match facts, and standings. The data will help you decide on your Valerenga vs Ham-Kam prediction.

    Data Analysis

    Using the latest data provided for both teams and based on our database with statistical information, we can provide some details about the chances of Valerenga and Ham-Kam in this game.

    The last 10 Valerenga matches across all competitions saw the team winning 7 of the matches, 2 of the results ended in a draw,and they lost 2.

    Ham-Kam stats (across the last 10 matches) point to wins 5, draws 3 and losses 2. A rundown of the number of goals in the last 10 matches shows that Valerenga scored an average of 2.6 goals per game. The stats obtained from the results of Ham-Kam show that the team achieves an average of 2.0 goals per match.

    Valerenga vs Ham-Kam Head-to-head

    The Head To Head (Valerenga vs. Ham-Kam) details the 5 previous meetings for the last 2 years. The data shows the end score in the last matches - Valerenga won 2, while Ham-Kam won 1 of the games. The number of ties is 2. The last time they met was on 08 May 2024, when the match's final score was 2:2.

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    Alternatively, you can check the TV schedule of your local providers and see which games are live on TV. If you don't have the option to watch the Valerenga vs Ham-Kam game live, you can always choose some of the recommended bookmakers and follow the live graphics (i.e. Match Tracker) and stats within the match.