Division Profesional - Apertura
Finished1 : 3
26th May 2024
Cerro Porteno


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Head to Head Stats

Tacuary 1 goals
Cerro Porteno 3 goals
Last 1 matches
0 wins
0 draws
1 wins
  • 26-05-24Tacuary1 : 3Cerro Porteno

Tacuary - Cerro Porteno Statistic

Cerro Porteno


TacuaryI. Almeida
Cerro PortenoManel Jiménez
Carlos Servín
C. Servín 12
Luis Cabral
L. Cabral 18
Luis Martínez
L. Martínez 38
Igor 4
Rodney Pedrozo
R. Pedrozo 14
Derlis Rodríguez
D. Rodríguez 17
Ronal Dominguez
R. Dominguez 8
Jorge Gonzalez
J. Gonzalez 27
Ezequiel Aranda
E. Aranda 20
Edson Carius
E. Carius 34
Óscar Ruiz
Ó. Ruiz 11
Diego Churin
D. Churin 19
Wílder Viera
W. Viera 20
Juan Iturbe
J. Iturbe 11
Rafael Carrascal
R. Carrascal 6
Piris da Motta
P. da 26
Cecilio Domínguez
C. Domínguez 10
Alan Benítez
A. Benítez 2
Christian Javier Báez
C. Javier 24
Eduardo Brock
E. Brock 4
Santiago Arzamendia
S. Arzamendia 21
Jean 13

Teams Matches

Paraguay Division Profesional - ClausuraTBD19/07/24TacuaryLibertad Asuncion
Paraguay Division Profesional - AperturaTBD02/06/24Sportivo AmelianoTacuary
Paraguay Division Profesional - AperturaTBD31/05/24TacuaryNacional Asuncion
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura26/05/24TacuaryCerro Porteno 13
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura22/05/24SOL DE AmericaTacuary 63
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura19/05/24TacuaryLibertad Asuncion 00
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura11/05/242 de MayoTacuary 31
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura05/05/24TacuarySportivo Trinidense 00
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura28/04/24Sportivo LuquenoTacuary 12
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura22/04/24TacuaryClub Guarani 44
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura14/04/24OlimpiaTacuary 21
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura06/04/24TacuaryGeneral Caballero 11
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura28/03/24TacuarySportivo Ameliano 11
World CONMEBOL Sudamericana29/06/23RB BragantinoTacuary 71
World CONMEBOL Sudamericana09/06/23Oriente PetroleroTacuary 13
Paraguay Division Profesional - ClausuraTBD19/07/24Cerro PortenoSportivo Ameliano
Paraguay Division Profesional - AperturaTBD02/06/24Nacional AsuncionCerro Porteno
Paraguay Division Profesional - AperturaMatch Postponed31/05/24Cerro PortenoSportivo Luqueno
World CONMEBOL Libertadores30/05/24Cerro PortenoColo Colo
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura26/05/24TacuaryCerro Porteno 13
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura23/05/24Cerro PortenoClub Guarani 20
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura19/05/24SOL DE AmericaCerro Porteno 03
World CONMEBOL Libertadores17/05/24FluminenseCerro Porteno 21
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura12/05/24Cerro PortenoOlimpia 11
World CONMEBOL Libertadores09/05/24Alianza LimaCerro Porteno 11
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura04/05/24Libertad AsuncionCerro Porteno 13
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura29/04/24Cerro PortenoGeneral Caballero 40
World CONMEBOL Libertadores26/04/24Cerro PortenoFluminense 00
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura20/04/242 de MayoCerro Porteno 02
Paraguay Division Profesional - Apertura15/04/24Cerro PortenoSportivo Ameliano 30

Division Profesional - Apertura standings

1 Cerro Porteno20126223
2 Libertad Asuncion20126222
3 Olimpia209839
4 Sportivo Luqueno209565
5 2 de Mayo199375
6 Club Guarani206774
7 Sportivo Ameliano20659-13
8 Tacuary20488-10
9 SOL DE America205510-15
10 Nacional Asuncion205411-12
11 Sportivo Trinidense205312-7
12 General Caballero192107-11
2 Libertad Asuncion1072123
5 2 de Mayo1062220
1 Cerro Porteno1053218
3 Olimpia1044216
9 SOL DE America1042414
6 Club Guarani1034313
4 Sportivo Luqueno1033412
7 Sportivo Ameliano1040612
10 Nacional Asuncion1033412
12 General Caballero92349
8 Tacuary100737
11 Sportivo Trinidense101275
1 Cerro Porteno1073024
4 Sportivo Luqueno1062220
2 Libertad Asuncion1054119
3 Olimpia1054119
8 Tacuary1041513
11 Sportivo Trinidense1041513
6 Club Guarani1033412
7 Sportivo Ameliano1025311
5 2 de Mayo931510
10 Nacional Asuncion102177
12 General Caballero100737
9 SOL DE America101366

Match Preview

Tacuary will play against Cerro Porteno as part of Division Profesional - Apertura season 2024/2025. Tacuary vs Cerro Porteno match kick-off is scheduled for 26 May 2024 at 12:00. The match will be played at Estadio Antonio Aranda in Ciudad del Este. Find more details about the match below, including stats, H2Hs, match facts, and standings. The data will help you decide on your Tacuary vs Cerro Porteno prediction.

Data Analysis

Using the latest data provided for both teams and based on our database with statistical information, we can provide some details about the chances of Tacuary and Cerro Porteno in this game.

The last 10 Tacuary matches across all competitions saw the team winning 1 of the matches, 5 of the results ended in a draw,and they lost 4.

Cerro Porteno stats (across the last 10 matches) point to wins 6, draws 3 and losses 1. A rundown of the number of goals in the last 10 matches shows that Tacuary scored an average of 1.4 goals per game. The stats obtained from the results of Cerro Porteno show that the team achieves an average of 2.0 goals per match.

Tacuary vs Cerro Porteno Head-to-head

The Head To Head (Tacuary vs. Cerro Porteno) details the 1 previous meetings for the last 0 years. The data shows the end score in the last matches - Tacuary won 0, while Cerro Porteno won 1 of the games. The number of ties is 0. The last time they met was on 26 May 2024, when the match's final score was 1:3for Cerro Porteno.

Match Facts

  • Tacuary is in 8th place in the Paraguay - Division Profesional - Apertura local competition.
  • Cerro Porteno is positioned 1st in the Division Profesional - Apertura (Paraguay) current table.
  • Number of goals scored from Tacuary this season - 23 in 20 matches in the Paraguay - Division Profesional - Apertura.
  • Number of goals scored from Cerro Porteno this season - 38 in 20 games in the Division Profesional - Apertura.
  • Goals conceded by Tacuary this season (Division Profesional - Apertura) - 33 in 20 games.
  • Goals conceded by Cerro Porteno this season (Division Profesional - Apertura) - 15 in 20 games.
  • 8 of 20 matches this season for Tacuary in the Division Profesional - Apertura ended with both teams to score.
  • 4 of 20 games this season for Cerro Porteno in the Division Profesional - Apertura were completed with both teams to score.

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