J. League Div.1
Sagan Tosu
- - 22 Jun 2024 13:00h
Kyoto Sanga

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Sagan Tosu - Kyoto Sanga
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Head to Head Stats

Sagan Tosu 3 goals
Kyoto Sanga 3 goals
Last 2 matches
1 wins
0 draws
1 wins
  • 30-09-23Sagan Tosu3 : 2Kyoto Sanga
  • 01-10-22Sagan Tosu0 : 1Kyoto Sanga

Sagan Tosu - Kyoto Sanga Statistic

Sagan Tosu
Kyoto Sanga


Sagan TosuK. Kawai
Kyoto SangaCho Kwi-Jae
Park Il-Kyu
P. Il-Kyu 71
Wataru Harada
W. Harada 42
Seiji Kimura
S. Kimura 3
Tae-hyeon Kim
T. Kim 20
Yusuke Maruhashi
Y. Maruhashi 28
So Kawahara
S. Kawahara 5
Kohei Tezuka
K. Tezuka 7
Cayman Togashi
C. Togashi 22
Taichi Kikuchi
T. Kikuchi 23
Ayumu Yokoyama
A. Yokoyama 13
Marcelo Ryan
M. Ryan 99
Taichi Hara
T. Hara 14
Yuta Toyokawa
Y. Toyokawa 23
Sota Kawasaki
S. Kawasaki 7
Taiki Hirato
T. Hirato 39
Temma Matsuda
T. Matsuda 18
Daiki Kaneko
D. Kaneko 19
Shinnosuke Fukuda
S. Fukuda 2
Yuta Miyamoto
Y. Miyamoto 24
Yoshinori Suzuki
Y. Suzuki 50
Kyo Sato
K. Sato 44
Sung-Yun Gu
S. Gu 94

Teams Matches

Japan J. League Div.113:00Sagan TosuKyoto Sanga
Japan J. League Div.1FT09:30Avispa FukuokaSagan Tosu 20
Japan J. League Div.1FT13:00Sagan TosuFC Tokyo 01
Japan J-League CupPEN13:00Sagan TosuFC Tokyo 45
Japan J. League Div.1FT13:00Sagan TosuNagoya Grampus 02
Japan J. League Div.1FT13:00Sagan TosuKawasaki Frontale 52
Japan J. League Div.1FT08:00Jubilo IwataSagan Tosu 03
Japan J. League Div.1FT10:00Shonan BellmareSagan Tosu 21
Japan J. League Div.1FT09:00Sagan TosuTokyo Verdy 02
Japan J. League Div.1FT09:00Kashiwa ReysolSagan Tosu 11
Japan J-League CupFT13:00Roasso KumamotoSagan Tosu 01
Japan J. League Div.1FT08:00Sagan TosuKashima 42
Japan J. League Div.1FT09:00Gamba OsakaSagan Tosu 21
Japan J. League Div.1FT09:00UrawaSagan Tosu 30
Japan J. League Div.1FT13:00Sagan TosuVissel Kobe 00
Japan J. League Div.113:00Sagan TosuKyoto Sanga
Japan J. League Div.1FT13:00Kyoto SangaConsadole Sapporo 20
Japan J. League Div.1FT13:00Kyoto SangaCerezo Osaka 11
World Friendlies Clubs04:00Kyoto SangaBiwako Shiga
Japan J. League Div.1FT09:00Nagoya GrampusKyoto Sanga 11
Japan J. League Div.1FT08:00Kyoto SangaSanfrecce Hiroshima 05
Japan J. League Div.1FT13:30UrawaKyoto Sanga 30
Japan J. League Div.1FT08:00Kyoto SangaAvispa Fukuoka 23
Japan J. League Div.1FT08:00Kyoto SangaMachida Zelvia 03
Japan J. League Div.1FT09:00FC TokyoKyoto Sanga 21
Japan J. League Div.1FT08:00Vissel KobeKyoto Sanga 01
Japan J-League CupAET13:00Azul Claro NumazuKyoto Sanga 32
Japan J. League Div.1FT08:00Kyoto SangaAlbirex Niigata 01
Japan J. League Div.1FT09:00KashimaKyoto Sanga 10
Japan J. League Div.1FT08:00Kyoto SangaJubilo Iwata 03

J. League Div.1 standings

1 Machida Zelvia18122415
2 Kashima18113411
3 Gamba Osaka1810446
4 Vissel Kobe18103513
5 Sanfrecce Hiroshima1778216
6 Cerezo Osaka187745
7 Avispa Fukuoka187742
8 FC Tokyo187652
9 Nagoya Grampus188371
10 Urawa187473
11 Tokyo Verdy18594-3
12 Kashiwa Reysol18576-7
13 Yokohama F. Marinos165561
14 Kawasaki Frontale18558-1
15 Albirex Niigata18558-4
16 Jubilo Iwata18549-4
17 Shonan Bellmare18369-9
18 Sagan Tosu174211-9
19 Kyoto Sanga183510-16
20 Consadole Sapporo182511-22
2 Kashima963021
3 Gamba Osaka861119
5 Sanfrecce Hiroshima952217
10 Urawa952217
1 Machida Zelvia951316
6 Cerezo Osaka944116
7 Avispa Fukuoka1035214
14 Kawasaki Frontale942314
4 Vissel Kobe941413
8 FC Tokyo1034313
11 Tokyo Verdy926112
12 Kashiwa Reysol933312
9 Nagoya Grampus1033412
16 Jubilo Iwata831410
18 Sagan Tosu931510
13 Yokohama F. Marinos72329
15 Albirex Niigata92349
17 Shonan Bellmare82248
20 Consadole Sapporo92258
19 Kyoto Sanga91174
1 Machida Zelvia971122
4 Vissel Kobe962120
3 Gamba Osaka1043315
2 Kashima950415
9 Nagoya Grampus850315
8 FC Tokyo842214
7 Avispa Fukuoka842214
11 Tokyo Verdy933312
6 Cerezo Osaka933312
5 Sanfrecce Hiroshima826012
13 Yokohama F. Marinos932411
15 Albirex Niigata932411
12 Kashiwa Reysol924310
19 Kyoto Sanga924310
16 Jubilo Iwata102359
10 Urawa92258
17 Shonan Bellmare101457
14 Kawasaki Frontale91356
18 Sagan Tosu81164
20 Consadole Sapporo90363

Match Preview

Sagan Tosu will play against Kyoto Sanga as part of J. League Div.1 season 2024/2025. Sagan Tosu vs Kyoto Sanga match kick-off is scheduled for 22 June 2024 at 01:00. The match will be played at Ekimae Real Estate Stadium in Tosu. Find more details about the match below, including stats, H2Hs, match facts, and standings. The data will help you decide on your Sagan Tosu vs Kyoto Sanga prediction.

Data Analysis

Using the latest data provided for both teams and based on our database with statistical information, we can provide some details about the chances of Sagan Tosu and Kyoto Sanga in this game.

The last 10 Sagan Tosu matches across all competitions saw the team winning 3 of the matches, 2 of the results ended in a draw,and they lost 5.

Kyoto Sanga stats (across the last 10 matches) point to wins 2, draws 3 and losses 6. A rundown of the number of goals in the last 10 matches shows that Sagan Tosu scored an average of 1.2 goals per game. The stats obtained from the results of Kyoto Sanga show that the team achieves an average of 1.0 goals per match.

Sagan Tosu vs Kyoto Sanga Head-to-head

The Head To Head (Sagan Tosu vs. Kyoto Sanga) details the 2 previous meetings for the last 2 years. The data shows the end score in the last matches - Sagan Tosu won 1, while Kyoto Sanga won 1 of the games. The number of ties is 0. The last time they met was on 30 September 2023, when the match's final score was 3:2for Sagan Tosu.

Match Facts

  • Sagan Tosu is in 18th place in the Japan - J. League Div.1 local competition.
  • Kyoto Sanga is positioned 19th in the J. League Div.1 (Japan) current table.
  • Number of goals scored from Sagan Tosu this season - 21 in 17 matches in the Japan - J. League Div.1.
  • Number of goals scored from Kyoto Sanga this season - 15 in 18 games in the J. League Div.1.
  • Goals conceded by Sagan Tosu this season (J. League Div.1) - 30 in 17 games.
  • Goals conceded by Kyoto Sanga this season (J. League Div.1) - 31 in 18 games.
  • 16 of 17 matches this season for Sagan Tosu in the J. League Div.1 ended with both teams to score.
  • 12 of 18 games this season for Kyoto Sanga in the J. League Div.1 were completed with both teams to score.

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