Primera División - Apertura
Rampla Juniors
Finished0 : 1
14th Apr 2024
Racing Montevideo
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Head to Head Stats

Rampla Juniors 0 goals
Racing Montevideo 1 goals
Last 1 matches
0 wins
0 draws
1 wins
  • 14-04-24Rampla Juniors0 : 1Racing Montevideo

Rampla Juniors - Racing Montevideo Statistic

Rampla Juniors
Racing Montevideo


Rampla JuniorsJ. Castillo
Racing MontevideoE. Espinel
Adriano Freitas
A. Freitas 1
Federico Barrandeguy
F. Barrandeguy 17
Lautaro Centurion
L. Centurion 3
Sebastian Gorga
S. Gorga 24
German Gabriel
G. Gabriel 8
Isaac Mendez
I. Mendez 5
Lucas Tamareo
L. Tamareo 20
Nicolás Dibble
N. Dibble 22
Facundo Ospitaleche
F. Ospitaleche 6
Gonzalo Barreto
G. Barreto 7
Maximiliano Añasco
M. Añasco 23
Tomas Veron Lupi
T. Veron 27
Dylan Nandín
D. Nandín 9
Jose Varela
J. Varela 7
Erik De Los Santos
E. De 14
Jonathan Urretaviscaya
J. Urretaviscaya 20
Guillermo Cotugno
G. Cotugno 4
Hugo Magallanes
H. Magallanes 2
Lucas Monzón
L. Monzón 5
Martín Ferreira
M. Ferreira 17
Lucas Rodríguez
L. Rodríguez 21
Renzo Bacchia
R. Bacchia 1

Teams Matches

Uruguay Primera División - AperturaMatch Postponed03:00CerroRampla Juniors
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaMatch Postponed23:00Cerro LargoRampla Juniors
Uruguay Primera División - Apertura18:30Rampla JuniorsLiverpool Montevideo
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT21:30Club NacionalRampla Juniors 11 D
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT18:30Rampla JuniorsMiramar 12 L
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT21:00DanubioRampla Juniors 20 L
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT21:00Rampla JuniorsBoston River 11 D
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT23:30WanderersRampla Juniors 21 L
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT21:00Liverpool MontevideoRampla Juniors 12 W
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT21:00CA River PlateRampla Juniors 02 W
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT18:30Rampla JuniorsBoston River 01 L
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT18:30DanubioRampla Juniors 11 D
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT18:30Rampla JuniorsDeportivo Maldonado 11 D
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT21:00Rampla JuniorsDefensor Sporting 21 W
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT00:00Club NacionalRampla Juniors 62 L
World CONMEBOL Sudamericana01:00Racing MontevideoHuachipato
Uruguay Primera División - Apertura18:30Racing MontevideoWanderers
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaMatch Postponed03:00CA River PlateRacing Montevideo
World CONMEBOL Sudamericana01:00HuachipatoRacing Montevideo
Uruguay Primera División - Apertura01:00Deportivo MaldonadoRacing Montevideo
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT18:30ProgresoRacing Montevideo 32 L
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT21:00Racing MontevideoDefensor Sporting 01 L
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT00:00PenarolRacing Montevideo 11 D
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT21:00Racing MontevideoFenix 21 W
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT16:00CA River PlateRacing Montevideo 33 D
World CONMEBOL SudamericanaFT01:00CorinthiansRacing Montevideo 30 L
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT21:00Racing MontevideoBoston River 12 L
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT18:30DanubioRacing Montevideo 01 W
World CONMEBOL SudamericanaFT01:00Racing MontevideoNacional Asuncion 21 W
Uruguay Primera División - AperturaFT21:00Racing MontevideoDeportivo Maldonado 01 L

Primera División - Apertura standings

1 Penarol15132024
2 Club Nacional15104115
3 Defensor Sporting1584314
4 Boston River158344
5 Progreso157350
6 Cerro Largo156360
7 Racing Montevideo155460
8 Liverpool Montevideo15465-2
9 Wanderers15537-5
10 Cerro15456-6
11 Deportivo Maldonado15438-5
12 Rampla Juniors15438-12
13 CA River Plate15357-5
14 Danubio15357-6
15 Fenix15348-6
16 Miramar15258-10
1 Penarol761019
2 Club Nacional861119
3 Defensor Sporting852117
5 Progreso750215
10 Cerro833212
13 CA River Plate832311
8 Liverpool Montevideo1024410
9 Wanderers731310
4 Boston River72329
12 Rampla Juniors72238
6 Cerro Largo52127
7 Racing Montevideo81346
11 Deportivo Maldonado82066
16 Miramar81346
14 Danubio60424
15 Fenix81164
1 Penarol871022
4 Boston River860218
2 Club Nacional743015
6 Cerro Largo1042414
7 Racing Montevideo741213
3 Defensor Sporting732211
14 Danubio931510
5 Progreso82339
11 Deportivo Maldonado72329
15 Fenix72329
8 Liverpool Montevideo52218
9 Wanderers82248
12 Rampla Juniors82157
10 Cerro71245
16 Miramar71245
13 CA River Plate70343

Match Preview

Rampla Juniors will play against Racing Montevideo as part of Primera División - Apertura season 2024/2025. Rampla Juniors vs Racing Montevideo match kick-off is scheduled for 14 April 2024 at 04:00. The match will be played at Estadio Olímpico in Montevideo. Find more details about the match below, including stats, H2Hs, match facts, and standings. The data will help you decide on your Rampla Juniors vs Racing Montevideo prediction.

Data Analysis

Using the latest data provided for both teams and based on our database with statistical information, we can provide some details about the chances of Rampla Juniors and Racing Montevideo in this game.

The last 10 Rampla Juniors matches across all competitions saw the team winning 2 of the matches, 4 of the results ended in a draw,and they lost 4.

Racing Montevideo stats (across the last 10 matches) point to wins 3, draws 2 and losses 5. A rundown of the number of goals in the last 10 matches shows that Rampla Juniors scored an average of 1.0 goals per game. The stats obtained from the results of Racing Montevideo show that the team achieves an average of 1.2 goals per match.

Rampla Juniors vs Racing Montevideo Head-to-head

The Head To Head (Rampla Juniors vs. Racing Montevideo) details the 1 previous meetings for the last 0 years. The data shows the end score in the last matches - Rampla Juniors won 0, while Racing Montevideo won 1 of the games. The number of ties is 0. The last time they met was on 14 April 2024, when the match's final score was 0:1for Racing Montevideo.

Match Facts

  • Rampla Juniors is in 12th place in the Uruguay - Primera División - Apertura local competition.
  • Racing Montevideo is positioned 3rd in the Primera División - Clausura (Uruguay) current table.
  • Number of goals scored from Rampla Juniors this season - 15 in 15 matches in the Uruguay - Primera División - Apertura.
  • Number of goals scored from Racing Montevideo this season - 16 in 15 games in the Primera División - Clausura.
  • Goals conceded by Rampla Juniors this season (Primera División - Apertura) - 27 in 15 games.
  • Goals conceded by Racing Montevideo this season (Primera División - Clausura) - 13 in 15 games.
  • 11 of 15 matches this season for Rampla Juniors in the Primera División - Apertura ended with both teams to score.
  • 12 of 15 games this season for Racing Montevideo in the Primera División - Clausura were completed with both teams to score.

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