Premier League
Finished0 : 3
25th May 2024


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Head to Head Stats

Obolon'-Brovar 2 goals
Oleksandria 5 goals
Last 2 matches
0 wins
1 draws
1 wins
  • 25-05-24Obolon'-Brovar0 : 3Oleksandria
  • 17-04-24Oleksandria2 : 2Obolon'-Brovar


Obolon'-BrovarV. Ivashchenko
OleksandriaR. Rotan
Artem Kychak
A. Kychak 13
Maksim Griso
M. Griso 11
Danylo Karas
D. Karas 2
Valery Dubko
V. Dubko 37
Oleksandr Chernov
O. Chernov 14
Serhiy Sukhanov
S. Sukhanov 55
Ruslan Chernenko
R. Chernenko 17
Taras Moroz
T. Moroz 4
Igor Medynsky
I. Medynsky 9
Igor Krasnopir
I. Krasnopir 95
Rostyslav Taranukha
R. Taranukha 8
Kyrylo Kovalets
K. Kovalets 6
Juan Alvina
J. Alvina 33
Ivan Kalyuzhnyi
I. Kalyuzhnyi 25
Artem Kulakovskyi
A. Kulakovskyi 14
Vladyslav Kalitvintsev
V. Kalitvintsev 9
Mykola Mykhailenko
M. Mykhailenko 91
Danil Skorko
D. Skorko 22
Miguel Campos
M. Campos 26
Sergii Loginov
S. Loginov 18
Yurii Kopyna
Y. Kopyna 18
Georgiy Yermakov
G. Yermakov 44

Teams Matches

Ukraine Premier League25/05/24Obolon'-BrovarOleksandria 03
Ukraine Premier League19/05/24Vorskla PoltavaObolon'-Brovar 31
Ukraine Premier League11/05/24Obolon'-BrovarRukh Vynnyky 00
Ukraine Premier League04/05/24Obolon'-BrovarLNZ Cherkasy 10
Ukraine Premier League28/04/24Zorya LuhanskObolon'-Brovar 00
Ukraine Premier League22/04/24Metalist 1925 KharkivObolon'-Brovar 11
Ukraine Premier League17/04/24OleksandriaObolon'-Brovar 22
Ukraine Premier League13/04/24Obolon'-BrovarMinai 11
Ukraine Premier League06/04/24Veres RivneObolon'-Brovar 30
Ukraine Premier League30/03/24Obolon'-BrovarShakhtar Donetsk 03
Ukraine Premier League16/03/24Obolon'-BrovarPolessya 10
Ukraine Premier League09/03/24HirnykObolon'-Brovar 10
Ukraine Premier League03/03/24Obolon'-BrovarDnipro-1 01
Ukraine Premier League26/02/24Obolon'-BrovarChornomorets 11
World Friendlies Clubs10/02/24Obolon'-BrovarHB Koge 11
Ukraine Premier League25/05/24Obolon'-BrovarOleksandria 03
Ukraine Premier League19/05/24Veres RivneOleksandria 22
Ukraine Premier League12/05/24OleksandriaDnipro-1 10
Ukraine Premier League04/05/24OleksandriaRukh Vynnyky 22
Ukraine Premier League28/04/24Kolos KovalivkaOleksandria 00
Ukraine Premier League21/04/24OleksandriaLNZ Cherkasy 12
Ukraine Premier League17/04/24OleksandriaObolon'-Brovar 22
Ukraine Premier League13/04/24OleksandriaDynamo Kyiv 01
Ukraine Premier League07/04/24ChornomoretsOleksandria 32
Ukraine Premier League31/03/24MinaiOleksandria 22
Ukraine Premier League15/03/24OleksandriaVorskla Poltava 10
Ukraine Premier League09/03/24PolessyaOleksandria 12
Ukraine Premier League03/03/24OleksandriaZorya Luhansk 00
Ukraine Premier League26/02/24OleksandriaShakhtar Donetsk 00
World Friendlies Clubs16/02/24OleksandriaKaisar

Match Preview

Obolon'-Brovar will play against Oleksandria as part of Premier League season 2023/2024. Obolon'-Brovar vs Oleksandria match kick-off is scheduled for 25 May 2024 at 03:30. The match will be played at Obolon Arena in Kiev. Find more details about the match below, including stats, H2Hs, match facts, and standings. The data will help you decide on your Obolon'-Brovar vs Oleksandria prediction.

Data Analysis

Using the latest data provided for both teams and based on our database with statistical information, we can provide some details about the chances of Obolon'-Brovar and Oleksandria in this game.

The last 10 Obolon'-Brovar matches across all competitions saw the team winning 1 of the matches, 5 of the results ended in a draw,and they lost 4.

Oleksandria stats (across the last 10 matches) point to wins 2, draws 5 and losses 3. A rundown of the number of goals in the last 10 matches shows that Obolon'-Brovar scored an average of 0.6 goals per game. The stats obtained from the results of Oleksandria show that the team achieves an average of 1.5 goals per match.

Obolon'-Brovar vs Oleksandria Head-to-head

The Head To Head (Obolon'-Brovar vs. Oleksandria) details the 2 previous meetings for the last 0 years. The data shows the end score in the last matches - Obolon'-Brovar won 0, while Oleksandria won 1 of the games. The number of ties is 1. The last time they met was on 25 May 2024, when the match's final score was 0:3for Oleksandria.

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