Super Liga
FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV
- - 24 May 2024 19:30h
IMT Novi Beograd

FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV vs IMT Novi Beograd live

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FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV - IMT Novi Beograd


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Head to Head Stats

FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV 1 goals
IMT Novi Beograd 0 goals
Last 1 matches
1 wins
0 draws
0 wins
  • 24-11-23IMT Novi Beograd0 : 1FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV

FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV - IMT Novi Beograd Statistic

FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV
IMT Novi Beograd


FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRVM. Kruščić
IMT Novi BeogradN. Jandrić
Marin Dulić
M. Dulić 12
Mihajlo Bogićević
M. Bogićević 4
Dejan Kerkez
D. Kerkez 55
Nemanja Ćalasan
N. Ćalasan 15
David Dunđerski
D. Dunđerski 81
Miloš Tošeski
M. Tošeski 5
Aleksa Đurasović
A. Đurasović 6
Nemanja Krsmanović
N. Krsmanović 49
Andrej Todoroski
A. Todoroski 11
Collins Atule
C. Atule 37
Ilija Babić
I. Babić 21
Miloš Luković
M. Luković 11
Luka Luković
L. Luković 9
Nikola Terzić
N. Terzić 10
Veljko Kijevčanin
V. Kijevčanin 29
Irfan Zulfic
I. Zulfic 8
Nikola Krstić
N. Krstić 25
Nikola Glišić
N. Glišić 7
Zarija Lambulić
Z. Lambulić 35
Uroš Ćosić
U. Ćosić 5
Petar Ćirković
P. Ćirković 18
Miloš Gordić
M. Gordić 51

Teams Matches

Serbia Super Liga24/05/24FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRVIMT Novi Beograd
Serbia Super Liga18/05/24Radnik SurdulicaFK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV 00
Serbia Super Liga13/05/24Novi PazarFK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV 01
Serbia Super Liga07/05/24FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRVRadnicki NIS 31
Serbia Super Liga01/05/24FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRVŽelezničar Pančevo 11
Serbia Super Liga26/04/24FK VozdovacFK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV 00
Serbia Super Liga21/04/24FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRVJavor 10
Serbia Super Liga15/04/24FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRVJavor 10
Serbia Super Liga07/04/24Radnicki 1923FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV 31
Serbia Super Liga03/04/24FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRVRadnicki NIS 12
Serbia Super Liga30/03/24FK PartizanFK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV 10
Serbia Super Liga16/03/24FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRVTSC Backa Topola 24
Serbia Super Liga12/03/24CukarickiFK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV 22
Serbia Super Liga08/03/24FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRVNovi Pazar 01
Serbia Super Liga03/03/24FK VozdovacFK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV 02
Serbia Super Liga24/05/24FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRVIMT Novi Beograd
Serbia Super Liga18/05/24IMT Novi BeogradFK Vozdovac 21
Serbia Super Liga13/05/24Radnicki NISIMT Novi Beograd 00
Serbia Super Liga07/05/24IMT Novi BeogradNovi Pazar 01
Serbia Super Liga01/05/24IMT Novi BeogradRadnik Surdulica 52
Serbia Super Liga27/04/24JavorIMT Novi Beograd 11
Serbia Super Liga22/04/24IMT Novi BeogradŽelezničar Pančevo 00
Serbia Super Liga15/04/24Mladost LucaniIMT Novi Beograd 12
Serbia Super Liga08/04/24IMT Novi BeogradNapredak 11
Serbia Super Liga03/04/24FK Crvena ZvezdaIMT Novi Beograd 20
Serbia Super Liga29/03/24IMT Novi BeogradŽelezničar Pančevo 11
Serbia Super Liga16/03/24Radnik SurdulicaIMT Novi Beograd 01
Serbia Super Liga12/03/24IMT Novi BeogradVojvodina 13
Serbia Super Liga07/03/24IMT Novi BeogradJavor 21
Serbia Super Liga01/03/24Radnicki 1923IMT Novi Beograd 10

Super Liga standings

Super Liga: Regular Season
1 FK Crvena Zvezda30252355
2 FK Partizan30224431
3 TSC Backa Topola30179428
4 Vojvodina3014887
5 Radnicki 192330162120
6 Cukaricki30139811
7 Mladost Lucani3011712-10
8 Napredak3011613-8
9 Novi Pazar3010614-5
10 FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV3010416-15
11 Radnicki NIS309615-7
12 IMT Novi Beograd309516-13
13 Javor309417-17
14 FK Vozdovac307914-10
15 Železničar Pančevo307518-25
16 Radnik Surdulica303819-22
1 FK Crvena Zvezda15132041
2 FK Partizan15121237
4 Vojvodina1594231
5 Radnicki 192315101431
6 Cukaricki1585229
3 TSC Backa Topola1584328
7 Mladost Lucani1574425
9 Novi Pazar1573524
13 Javor1572623
14 FK Vozdovac1565423
11 Radnicki NIS1563621
8 Napredak1553718
10 FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV1560918
15 Železničar Pančevo1552817
12 IMT Novi Beograd1544716
16 Radnik Surdulica1514107
1 FK Crvena Zvezda15120336
2 FK Partizan15103233
3 TSC Backa Topola1595132
8 Napredak1563621
4 Vojvodina1554619
5 Radnicki 19231561819
6 Cukaricki1554619
10 FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV1544716
12 IMT Novi Beograd1551916
7 Mladost Lucani1543815
9 Novi Pazar1533912
11 Radnicki NIS1533912
16 Radnik Surdulica1524910
15 Železničar Pančevo1523109
13 Javor1522118
14 FK Vozdovac1514107
Super Liga: Relegation Round
1 FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV3613716-11
2 Novi Pazar3613617-4
3 Radnicki NIS3611817-7
4 IMT Novi Beograd3611817-10
5 Javor3611619-17
6 Železničar Pančevo3610818-18
7 FK Vozdovac3681117-13
8 Radnik Surdulica363924-34
1 FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV32107
3 Radnicki NIS42117
4 IMT Novi Beograd42117
6 Železničar Pančevo32107
2 Novi Pazar31023
5 Javor20202
7 FK Vozdovac20111
8 Radnik Surdulica30121
2 Novi Pazar32016
5 Javor42026
1 FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV31205
6 Železničar Pančevo31205
7 FK Vozdovac41124
4 IMT Novi Beograd20202
3 Radnicki NIS20111
8 Radnik Surdulica30030

Match Preview

FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV will play against IMT Novi Beograd as part of Super Liga season 2023/2024. FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV vs IMT Novi Beograd match kick-off is scheduled for 24 May 2024 at 07:30. The match will be played at Gradski Stadion in Subotica. Find more details about the match below, including stats, H2Hs, match facts, and standings. The data will help you decide on your FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV vs IMT Novi Beograd prediction.

Data Analysis

Using the latest data provided for both teams and based on our database with statistical information, we can provide some details about the chances of FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV and IMT Novi Beograd in this game.

Judging by the odds from the leading betting sites, FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV has a 23% chance to win this match. The probability for IMT Novi Beograd to win the game is 51%. Finally, there is a 35% probability that the match ends in a draw.

The last 10 FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV matches across all competitions saw the team winning 4 of the matches, 3 of the results ended in a draw,and they lost 3.

IMT Novi Beograd stats (across the last 10 matches) point to wins 3, draws 5 and losses 2. A rundown of the number of goals in the last 10 matches shows that FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV scored an average of 0.9 goals per game. The stats obtained from the results of IMT Novi Beograd show that the team achieves an average of 1.2 goals per match.

Considering the average number of goals data, you may be interested to know that the common betting odds for Over 2.5 Goals are 2.32 (43% probability) and for Under 2.5 - 1.57 (64% chance).

FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV vs IMT Novi Beograd Head-to-head

The Head To Head (FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV vs. IMT Novi Beograd) details the 1 previous meetings for the last 1 years. The data shows the end score in the last matches - FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV won 1, while IMT Novi Beograd won 0 of the games. The number of ties is 0. The last time they met was on 24 November 2023, when the match's final score was 0:1for FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV.

Match Facts

  • FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV is in 1st place in the Serbia - Super Liga local competition.
  • IMT Novi Beograd is positioned 4th in the Super Liga (Serbia) current table.
  • Number of goals scored from FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV this season - 35 in 36 matches in the Serbia - Super Liga.
  • Number of goals scored from IMT Novi Beograd this season - 42 in 36 games in the Super Liga.
  • Goals conceded by FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV this season (Super Liga) - 46 in 36 games.
  • Goals conceded by IMT Novi Beograd this season (Super Liga) - 52 in 36 games.
  • 13 of 36 matches this season for FK Spartak Zdrepceva KRV in the Super Liga ended with both teams to score.
  • 17 of 36 games this season for IMT Novi Beograd in the Super Liga were completed with both teams to score.

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