Serie A
Atletico Goianiense
- - 18 Jul 2024 01:00h
Vasco DA Gama

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Atletico Goianiense - Vasco DA Gama
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Head to Head Stats

Atletico Goianiense 5 goals
Vasco DA Gama 9 goals
Last 10 matches
2 wins
2 draws
6 wins
  • 08-01-21Atletico Goianiense0 : 0Vasco DA Gama
  • 11-09-20Vasco DA Gama1 : 2Atletico Goianiense
  • 19-10-17Atletico Goianiense0 : 1Vasco DA Gama
  • 25-06-17Vasco DA Gama1 : 0Atletico Goianiense
  • 06-10-12Atletico Goianiense0 : 1Vasco DA Gama
  • 16-07-12Vasco DA Gama1 : 0Atletico Goianiense
  • 23-09-11Vasco DA Gama1 : 1Atletico Goianiense
  • 27-06-11Atletico Goianiense0 : 1Vasco DA Gama
  • 17-10-10Atletico Goianiense2 : 0Vasco DA Gama
  • 25-07-10Vasco DA Gama2 : 0Atletico Goianiense

Atletico Goianiense - Vasco DA Gama Statistic

Atletico Goianiense
Vasco DA Gama


Atletico GoianienseVágner Mancini
Vasco DA GamaRafael Paiva
Ronaldo 1
Bruno Tubarão
B. Tubarão 2
Adriano Martins
A. Martins 3
Alix Vinicius
A. Vinicius 4
Marcão 5
Guilherme Romão
G. Romão 6
Shaylon 10
Rhaldney 11
Lucas Kal
L. Kal 7
Gabriel Baralhas
G. Baralhas 8
Yony González
Y. González 9
Pablo Vegetti
P. Vegetti 99
Adson 28
Bruno Praxedes
B. Praxedes 21
David 7
Hugo Moura
H. Moura 25
Mateus Carvalho
M. Carvalho 85
Paulo Henrique
P. Henrique 96
Maicon 4
Léo 3
Lucas Piton
L. Piton 6
Léo Jardim
L. Jardim 1

Teams Matches

Brazil Serie A00:30Fortaleza ECAtletico Goianiense
Brazil Serie A01:00Atletico GoianienseVasco DA Gama
Brazil Serie AFT01:30PalmeirasAtletico Goianiense 31 L
Brazil Serie AFT00:30Atletico GoianienseAtletico Paranaense 12 L
Brazil Serie AFT03:30RB BragantinoAtletico Goianiense 31 L
Brazil Serie AFT17:00Atletico-MGAtletico Goianiense 11 D
Brazil Serie AFT02:00Atletico GoianienseGremio 11 D
Brazil Serie AFT00:30CuiabaAtletico Goianiense 00 D
Brazil Serie AFT01:00Atletico GoianienseCriciuma 12 L
Brazil Serie AFT03:00FluminenseAtletico Goianiense 12 W
Brazil Serie AFT01:00Atletico GoianienseCorinthians 22 D
Brazil Serie AFT01:00JuventudeAtletico Goianiense 10 L
Brazil Serie AFT22:00VitoriaAtletico Goianiense 02 W
Brazil Copa Do BrasilFT01:00Atletico GoianienseBrusque 42 W
Brazil Serie AFT22:00Atletico GoianienseCruzeiro 01 L
Brazil Serie AMatch Postponed03:00Vasco DA GamaCuiaba
Brazil Serie A22:00Atletico-MGVasco DA Gama
Brazil Serie A01:00Atletico GoianienseVasco DA Gama
Brazil Serie AFT01:00Vasco DA GamaCorinthians 20 W
Brazil Serie AFT00:00InternacionalVasco DA Gama 12 W
Brazil Serie AFT02:00Vasco DA GamaFortaleza EC 20 W
Brazil Serie AFT00:30Vasco DA GamaBotafogo 11 D
Brazil Serie AFT03:30BahiaVasco DA Gama 21 L
Brazil Serie AFT03:30Vasco DA GamaSao Paulo 41 W
Brazil Serie AFT02:00JuventudeVasco DA Gama 20 L
Brazil Serie AFT00:30Vasco DA GamaCruzeiro 00 D
Brazil Serie AFT03:30PalmeirasVasco DA Gama 20 L
Brazil Serie AFT22:00Vasco DA GamaFlamengo 16 L
Brazil Copa Do BrasilPEN03:30Vasco DA GamaFortaleza EC 54 W
Brazil Serie AFT00:30Vasco DA GamaVitoria 21 W

Serie A standings

1 Botafogo16103313
2 Palmeiras16103313
3 Flamengo1694311
4 Bahia179356
5 Cruzeiro169255
6 Sao Paulo168357
7 Fortaleza EC157531
8 Atletico Paranaense167454
9 RB Bragantino166461
10 Atletico-MG15564-2
11 Vasco DA Gama16628-7
12 Internacional135441
13 Juventude14545-1
14 Criciuma14455-1
15 Cuiaba16457-3
16 Vitoria16439-7
17 Corinthians16268-10
18 Gremio14329-9
19 Atletico Goianiense16259-10
20 Fluminense161510-12
4 Bahia870121
5 Cruzeiro770021
2 Palmeiras961219
7 Fortaleza EC853018
11 Vasco DA Gama952217
13 Juventude752017
9 RB Bragantino751116
1 Botafogo751116
6 Sao Paulo851216
3 Flamengo851216
8 Atletico Paranaense842214
10 Atletico-MG824210
14 Criciuma824210
16 Vitoria931510
17 Corinthians724110
18 Gremio831410
12 Internacional62228
20 Fluminense81437
15 Cuiaba81346
19 Atletico Goianiense70252
1 Botafogo952217
3 Flamengo843115
2 Palmeiras742114
6 Sao Paulo832311
8 Atletico Paranaense832311
10 Atletico-MG732211
12 Internacional732211
15 Cuiaba832311
4 Bahia92349
19 Atletico Goianiense92349
5 Cruzeiro92258
7 Fortaleza EC72238
14 Criciuma62137
9 RB Bragantino91356
16 Vitoria71245
11 Vasco DA Gama71063
17 Corinthians90272
13 Juventude70252
18 Gremio60151
20 Fluminense80171

Match Preview

Atletico Goianiense will play against Vasco DA Gama as part of Serie A season 2024/2025. Atletico Goianiense vs Vasco DA Gama match kick-off is scheduled for 18 July 2024 at 01:00. The match will be played at Estádio Antônio Accioly in Goiânia, Goiás. Find more details about the match below, including stats, H2Hs, match facts, and standings. The data will help you decide on your Atletico Goianiense vs Vasco DA Gama prediction.

Data Analysis

Using the latest data provided for both teams and based on our database with statistical information, we can provide some details about the chances of Atletico Goianiense and Vasco DA Gama in this game.

Judging by the odds from the leading betting sites, Atletico Goianiense has a 44% chance to win this match. The probability for Vasco DA Gama to win the game is 31%. Finally, there is a 30% probability that the match ends in a draw.

The last 10 Atletico Goianiense matches across all competitions saw the team winning 1 of the matches, 4 of the results ended in a draw,and they lost 5.

Vasco DA Gama stats (across the last 10 matches) point to wins 4, draws 2 and losses 4. A rundown of the number of goals in the last 10 matches shows that Atletico Goianiense scored an average of 1.0 goals per game. The stats obtained from the results of Vasco DA Gama show that the team achieves an average of 1.3 goals per match.

Considering the average number of goals data, you may be interested to know that the common betting odds for Over 2.5 Goals are 2.13 (47% probability) and for Under 2.5 - 1.72 (58% chance).

Atletico Goianiense vs Vasco DA Gama Head-to-head

The Head To Head (Atletico Goianiense vs. Vasco DA Gama) details the 10 previous meetings for the last 14 years. The data shows the end score in the last matches - Atletico Goianiense won 2, while Vasco DA Gama won 6 of the games. The number of ties is 2. The last time they met was on 08 January 2021, when the match's final score was 0:0.

Match Facts

  • Atletico Goianiense is in 19th place in the Brazil - Serie A local competition.
  • Vasco DA Gama is positioned 11th in the Serie A (Brazil) current table.
  • Number of goals scored from Atletico Goianiense this season - 14 in 16 matches in the Brazil - Serie A.
  • Number of goals scored from Vasco DA Gama this season - 19 in 16 games in the Serie A.
  • Goals conceded by Atletico Goianiense this season (Serie A) - 24 in 16 games.
  • Goals conceded by Vasco DA Gama this season (Serie A) - 26 in 16 games.
  • 10 of 16 matches this season for Atletico Goianiense in the Serie A ended with both teams to score.
  • 17 of 16 games this season for Vasco DA Gama in the Serie A were completed with both teams to score.

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