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Where can we bet securely and which are the leading bookmakers in Sweden?

If you are searching for an online bookmaker which accepts players from Sweden, we recommend taking a look on our table below. There you will find some of the best betting sites for Sweden customers.

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Betting in Sweden is legal in most forms, both online and offline. As the country is a relatively affluent one, the pastime has been enjoyed by several people who can afford to gamble and continue to do so. Although the laws surrounding gambling have been relatively stable, there have been some recent shifts to formally legalize online gambling and to allow licenses to international companies, opening up the market for even more opportunities.

Interesting Facts about Gambling in Sweden

  • 66% of Swedes had gambled at least once in the past year
  • Despite this relatively high rate of gambling activity, betting in Sweden has dropped 10% in the past few years
  • Offline gambling is currently more popular than online gambling, although that could change in the future
  • The total annual revenue of the gambling industry was SEK 17.2 billion
  • Horse racing, bingo and lotteries are the three most popular forms of gambling
  • Online gambling became legal in 2002

Gambling Legislation and Laws

Two main laws comprise gambling legislation in Sweden. The first is the 1994 Lotteries Act, which gave authority to the Gaming Board of Sweden (GBS) to regulate the gambling market and give out licenses to companies that met the requirements. This law meant that lotteries and other gambling activities like bingo, card games and roulette could only be operated by government-approved organizations or charities. This specific law was amended in 2002 to legalize online gambling and allowed the state-run organization Svenska Spel to be the sole online operator.

The second piece of legislation was the 1999 Casinos Act. This was specific to casino-style gambling and just regulated that sector a little more by establishing minimum age limits and parameters surrounding the safety of the consumer.

Top Online Bookmakers in Sweden

There are a number of different highly-reputable online betting sites that offer their services to the Swedish government. Due to the vast number, it can feel overwhelming for new punters to know what sites to gravitate towards. In an attempt to make things slightly more comfortable, here are some of the best sites that are well established in the Swedish market:

This site was created in 2006 and boasted over 2 million global clients. The size of the site means that they can offer their punters a diverse range of sports markets to bet on, and this includes several Swedish options. Although Betway provide relatively average odds, the site always has a number of different promotions running, and customers get good value for money if they choose to partake in as many of these as they can.


Bet365 is another global site that has been around for years and has slowly built up a dedicated user base, that only continues to grow. The main draw of this site is how easy it is to use, and how fast everything loads – even odds appear to change in real-time, which is a welcome change to the lag that can be found on other sites. Again this is an international site, and they are focused on ensuring that customers everywhere are satisfied, with a range of local and international sporting events to bet on.

1xBet is a Russian site, and although they have not been around as long as some of the other online bookmakers (the company was established in 2011), they have quickly proven themselves to be a favourite among a significant number of the gambling population. Their extensive site offers comprehensive sports and casino betting, and the site has been translated into a number of languages, including Swedish, making it accessible for a wide variety of punters.

Competition between Operators

Sweden has maintained a gambling monopoly since 1934, in an attempt to regulate the market and reduce any negative or illegal activities. However, this has come under pressure over time, and at the beginning of 2019, the government and the GBS agreed to begin giving licenses to international bookmakers. When it comes to the online gambling market, there are now over 60 different operators that are licensed to provide their services to Swedish punters. Despite this, the two government companies that held the monopoly – Svenska Spel and ATG (who provided sports betting and horse race betting respectively) still hold over half of the market. So although there is no longer a legal monopoly, these two brands still have the majority of the power within the market.

Bonuses from Swedish Bookmakers

Bonuses and promotions are a significant aspect of almost all betting sites that operate in Sweden, and punters can receive massive benefits if they choose to opt into these. Almost all betting sites offer some kind of welcome bonus to new customers who register an account. These are often split into welcome sports bonuses and welcome casino bonuses, and punters have the choice of picking the one that correlates to the style of gambling they prefer. Although these welcome bonuses can appear incredibly generous, they often have very high wagering requirements, that can make it difficult actually to withdraw any winnings. Punters should look closely at the terms and conditions of these, to ensure they are getting the best deal.

Sites will also offer existing punters bonuses and promotions, in a bid to get them to continue to play. These are often more varied than the welcome bonus and can include improved odds on specific matches, free spins on slots, even unrelated bonuses such as the chance to win free holidays or free cars.

Betting Features and Options in the Swedish Bookmakers

Because the competition in Sweden is relatively new but full of vendors, they all need the latest features to help them stand out and increase their customer base. Here are some of the features and options offered by a lot of bookmakers, that are designed to make the online betting experience even greater:

This service allows Swedish punters to see local sporting events at the top of sporting lists, even though they might not be the most popular globally. Betting sites use these geolocation services to work out what country punters are in and tailor their home feed to include these local as well as popular games, making them more accessible and quicker to find.

Live Betting
Live betting allows users to continue to bet on an event even after it has started. Traditional betting usually has to be done before the game has begun, and odds are calculated based off of the statistics of previous events. With live betting, punters can bet based on what is happening in the event, and with odds that change in real-time.

Live Streaming
Live streaming is a service that allows customers to watch sporting events in real-time through the betting site. This is beneficial for sporting events that are not televised in the area, and cannot otherwise be seen in real-time. Most betting sites require that people have a positive balance or place a bet on the sporting event in order to be able to access the live stream, but this is generally not a large bet.

Live Casinos
This service allows online casino users to play against other people, in real-time. Live casinos are designed to mimic real, offline casinos as much as possible, and bring back the social aspect of gambling that can often get lost when gambling online alone.

Bet Builders
Although these have different names depending on the site, they all have the same function. Bettors can combine many different bets together to receive better odds, compared to if they had placed all of the bets separately. Most sites will allow punters some freedom to choose what bets go into the bet builder and how many, so punters can create a combination they think will win.

Available Payment Methods

Bank cards are the most accepted form of payment in Swedish bookmakers, and punters can use them to deposit and withdraw money instantaneously and for free. Bank transfers are one of the oldest and most reliable forms of payment. However, these often do incur fees and can take a couple of working days to clear. Many gambling sites also accept Trustly, which is a Swedish company. Punters can also use e-wallets like Neteller, and prepaid cards like PaySafe Card, which generally are also free and do not involve any fees.

The currency used in Sweden is the Swedish krona (SEK). While all of the local betting sites and some of the international ones will accept this for betting, there are a number of them that will not allow betting using SEK. Swedes will have to convert their currency before they can place bets. Aside from the fact that this is inconvenient, many online bookmakers charge high conversion fees. Swedish punters should check that the site they are interested accepts SEK, and if not, that the currency conversion fees are not too expensive.

Mobile Betting in Sweden

Mobile betting is becoming increasingly popular, now that smartphones and tablets are everywhere. Almost all betting sites offer free to download apps for Apple and Android devices, making them accessible to everyone. Websites may also separate their casino betting from their sports betting into two separate apps so that the app is targeted to exactly what the user wants. These apps have all of the functions and options of the main desktop site, but now it is even easier to bet wherever you want, whenever you want.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are legal in Sweden and have a strong following in the country. Users can browse a number of different sites that offer card games, roulette, slots, and live casino games. Punters can access online casinos from either betting websites, or from corresponding mobile apps that provide all of the services from the main site.

Leading Sports for Betting in Sweden

Sports betting is one of the leading forms of betting in Sweden, and punters enjoy a range of different types. Most sites offer a number of different sports markets to punters, and here are the most popular:

  • Football
    Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport globally, and one of the most popular to bet on. The Swedish national football team competes against other European countries in continental tournaments, but punters can also bet on other teams from around the world. Due to the popularity of the sport, there is always a large, diverse market for punters to browse, with local and international betting opportunities.
  • Ice Hockey
    Sweden has the perfect weather for winter sports, especially in the north of the country. This has given ice hockey a strong following, and the country does not do too badly on an international level. Local betting sites offer coverage of the sport, as well as several larger international sites as well.
  • Handball
    Handball is another sport that is popular mostly within Europe, including Sweden. Known as handbollsligan within the country, there are a number of regional games that can be bet on, as well as national ones.
  • Tennis
    Sweden has produced some high-quality tennis players over the years, and the sport remains a favourite for many punters to bet on. While there are options for betting on matches within the country, betting increases around massive international tournaments such as the French and U.S. Opens, as well as Wimbledon.

The Profile of a Swedish Bettor

Betting in Sweden has been around for a long time, and there are clear characteristics of a Swedish bettor. Bettors are more likely to live in urban developments as opposed to rurally – historically this was probably due to the fact that there were more brick and mortar betting establishments in urban areas, but with the advent of online betting, physical location no longer matters. Although bettors are more likely to be men, out of all of the gamblers that are considered to have a gambling problem/addiction, 64% were women.


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Our Verdict

Sweden has relatively lenient laws when it comes to gambling and gambling online, to the benefit of punters. Bettors have the opportunity to enjoy all types of gambling and can use sites that are licensed, meaning the user is legally protected in any instances of things like fraud.

Ever since the EU demanded that Sweden offer licenses to international betting sites, the online market has opened up and offered more diversity to punters. This can only be seen as beneficial, because prior to that, customers were legally limited to the two state-operated betting sites, limiting their options. As it currently stands, customers are generally well looked after by the betting market – most (but not all) sites offer their services in Swedish, and punters can rely on market competition to give them high odds, diverse betting opportunities and overall great service.

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