About Kristiyan

Hello, friends of Nostrabet.com. My name is Kristiyan Kyulyunkov, and I am part of the team behind this wonderful project. I am in charge of a variety of tasks for our site, predominantly writing and editing content. This time around, though, my job is not to assess a specific betting operator, but to tell you something more about myself. I’ll present the information in the way I usually do when working on reviews. Let’s start, then.

More About Me and My Hobbies

I was born in October 1993 and ever since my early childhood days I have loved sports. In those formative years, my preferences for football, in particular, became apparent. Although I played other sports as well, it was this great game, loved all over the world, that triggered my lifelong passion for the world of sports. Not a sunny day went by without me taking the opportunity to kick some ball with friends. Playing football was only part of the charm I found in the game. My other passion was watching professionals play it for real. I still remember running home after school lest I missed the opening of the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan. France and Cameroon’s teams faced each other in the first meeting, and I certainly had no intention of missing the match. It is this passion that has helped me develop professionally in the sports field, and ultimately end up where I am right now.

My other favorite activities include workout sessions at the gym, jogging, and hiking. I like to go to the movies, read books and spend time with my family as well. Although I am a loyal fan of several top football teams, I don’t mind watching matches which involve other clubs because I love the game in general. Since we are on the topic of hobbies, I can not help mentioning creative writing, because that’s something I take the most pleasure in doing.

My Educational Background

I always tried to be a diligent student who paid attention in class. Later, I realized that what I did was worthwhile as it broadened my horizons and enriched my general knowledge. Listening is far more important than speaking. Being a good listener means you might learn something while being a good talker means you share your skills and expertise without getting anything in return. My interest in computers was the reason why I enrolled at Vocational School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics in the city of Plovdiv. Although I finished school with a diploma in Computer Science, I had a change of heart and decided to go in another direction. I studied towards a Bachelor’s Degree at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics par of the Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”, where I majored in Business IT.

I am grateful for the years I dedicated to learning because they allowed me to enrich my knowledge that I still use till this day. However, I soon realize that my true calling in life was to be a writer. The Content Creation Module was by far my favorite subject. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I started working for Nostrabet that I had the chance to take the next step and turn my passion into a career.

My Work Experience

During summer breaks I used to work on construction sites, and despite being young, I soon realized that this is not the job for me. I needed to find something that would appeal to me and would allow me to take pleasure in my responsibilities. After completing my second year at the university, I applied for a job at a sports site. It was my dream job at that time as I had always wanted to earn money out of my hobby. I spent almost three years keeping track of live scores. During that time, I acquired a lot of knowledge about the world of sports and more importantly, I had my very first encounter with the online betting industry. I managed to get an insight into the workings of various bookmakers and then came the opportunity to work for Nostrabet.

At first, I started as a freelancer working on different projects for more than a year. After that, however, I was offered a permanent position in July 2017. All of a sudden I could finally make the most out of my lifelong passion for sports and my inborn talent for writing by focusing all of my energy on projects I find inspiring and worth my time.

My Work Duties

My position as a content writer for Nostrabet is mainly related to the creation of the content for the site. I am the author of many of the reviews you will find on our portal. Also, I’ve developed a lot of sports betting guides and strategies that will help our readers when placing bets. Another major part of my duties has to do with writing football predictions on the site that you can follow daily in the section dedicated to them. I’m also responsible for the English content on the website as well as the other language versions for which we have reviews. This means I have to verify the facts presented in the texts before uploading them on our pages so that the content can be accessible to all of you, our visitors.

Nothing great can be achieved without constant development and drive. Apart from focusing on honing my professional skills, I also aim at making Nostrabet the best portal on the market. It is my firm belief that devotion and collaboration can bring about success and I know that the whole team behind Nostrabet.com shares this common goal. I wish you pleasant moments on our site filled with positive emotions.

Instead of goodbye, let me share with you one of my favorite inspirational quotes:

“Just remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

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