Many assume that online betting is easy and simply have to sign up and start betting. This may be true up to a point, but there are many specifics that bettors should know, especially regarding the betting tools. Hence, this article will reveal all of the information about the most popular alternatives.

What will you find on this Page?
What will you find on this Page?TOP

What are Betting Tools?

Betting tools are features that help online bettors while wagering. They come in different forms, and usually, you will not find most of them on online betting sites.

Once you learn more information about the best sports betting tools, you will see that they are helpful in all sorts of scenarios. Those things make betting much easier and should help you improve your results.

Betting tools are one of the best strategic resources a punter can use when punting in sports. The role of a betting tool is to simplify the process for bettors when they want to calculate the returns for any given bet. Essentially, a bet calculator will calculate the amount you risk and the potential return based on the amount you risk.

While most bettors will stick to basic betting tools and calculators, an educated punter will combine a bet calculator with other betting tools, such as margin calculators.

What Kind of Betting Tools Exist?

There are different kinds of betting tools you can choose from. Some are available for every sport, but some options only work for specific things. It all comes down to your needs.

Aside from the popular sports betting analytics tools, there are also various options related to the odds. For example, some tools will help you convert the odds from Decimal to Fractional or vice-versa. You can also come across numerous betting calculators where you can enter the odds and the amount you want to use to check your potential winnings.

By using betting tools like Asian handicap, Surebet, Margin and Martingale calculators, the risk of making a mistake is removed from the equation. It is why we at Nostrabet have created various betting tools so that you never have to worry about miscalculations.

How to Calculate Betting Odds?

To calculate betting odds, you have to do the following:

  • Add a betting market(s) to your betslip.
  • Choose the amount you want to bet and multiply it with the odds.

The process mentioned above can be slightly different, depending on your odds format. Having said that, these steps won’t help you calculate any of the system bets. The latter has a lot of specifics, which is one of the reasons why some people want to use a combo bet calculator.

Odds Converter

Similar to many things in life, most punters have a preferred odds format, which is why an odds converter is essential. For the most part, preferred odds formats are geo-locational based, such as those in the UK preferring fractional odds, while punters from European countries prefer decimal odds.

Unfortunately, this can be problematic when punting online as bookies may not offer odds in a familiar format. Considering online odds are offered in various formats like American, Indonesian decimal, Malay, Hong Kong and fractional, it is easy to see how an odds convertor can pay dividends. In a nutshell, it allows you to convert odds from one format to another, which is why our Odds Convertor is a convenient tool to bookmark.

Betting Calculator

Everyone interested in online betting wants to win. The Betting Calculator is one of the most impressive football betting tools. Aside from using it for football, people can also take advantage of this option if they wager on other sports.

As its name suggests, the betting calculator allows punters to enter the odds they want to bet on and the amount they want to use. After completing these steps, the Betting Calculator will show them their potential winnings. Of course, they will get the amount only if they successfully predict the event.

Free bet Calculator

The Free Bet Calculator is an excellent tool because it allows us to see our potential winnings after using one of the active free bet offers. Many of you may think that this tool is not that useful because they can do the math themselves. However, this is usually not the case because some free bets have specific rules.

For example, some free bets do not include the amount you’ve wagered within your winnings. Unless you’ve read the promo’s Terms and Conditions, you won’t know this, so using the Free Bet converter is always a plus.

System Bets Calculator

The System Bet Calculator will come in handy when you decide to play a system bet and want to know more about it. This odds calculator works similarly to the regular one. However, it takes into account the specifics related to a system bet.

Speaking of the devil, you can see a wide range of system bets. Some of them are more complicated than others, so make sure to learn more information about them.

Margin Calculator

A bookmaker’s margin is the amount a bookie will charge you when you place a bet. As placing a bet comes with a cost, educated bettors will ensure they know the margin and how to calculate that amount. However, this is not always easy as bookies increase their profits by inflating the implied probability of an outcome, and this decreases the odds.

Depending on the bookmaker, the implied probability and odds will vary. That is why our Margin Calculator is a valuable betting tool. It is the easiest way to quickly calculate the probability and margin for two-way and three-way bets and compare the results against other bookies.

Martingale Calculator

The Martingale betting strategy is well-known throughout the sports betting community and one many punters use frequently. Essentially, a Martingale calculator will calculate the amount of your next bet based on your balance and the initial bet you are trying to recover. Generally, Martingale calculators are more useful when punting with inconsistent odds as they let you choose your bets based on the odds and the stake you need to place to make up for your losses.

As this can be a little tricky to calculate, our Martingale Calculator comes in handy as it will calculate the bet value you need to make and determine the chance of losing your next bet. Basically, it does the work for you.

Odds Comparison

Unlike the other betting tools, this one is different. The Odds Comparison feature lets you check the specific odds for a given sports event that is available on several platforms. Doing this will allow you to choose the best option on the market.

You may be surprised, but some bookies offer better odds than others, especially for specific sports.

Arbitrage Calculator (Surebet)

In case you didn’t know, arbitrage betting allows punters to guarantee themselves a profit, regardless of the outcome. Used primary used for 2-way and 3-way bets, such as the 1×2 market or over/under markets, punters must calculate a surebet by the odds and the amount staked to calculate the potential return. To achieve that, online bettors have to wager on every possible outcome. Sadly, this will only work on certain betting exchanges, and you usually need to use at least two bookies.

However, this is easier said than done, as market inefficiency and different odds quoted by bookies greatly impact the arbitrage. Resultantly, a Surebet Calculator for Arbitrage Betting will let you check if the odds are creating a surebet opportunity. By entering the odds into our Surebet Calculator, you can rapidly calculate the correct amount to bet for each outcome (win, draw, loss), and guarantee yourself a profit, regardless of the final outcome of an event.

Keep in mind that many online bookies do not allow their users to use arbitrage betting. Doing this may result in different restrictions.

Dropping Odds

Whether looking for the best NBA betting odds or deciding to bet on another sport, you will notice that the odds for some markets often go down before the start of a given event. To take full advantage of this, people developed an interesting Dropping Odds betting tool.

If you use this alternative, it will show you the changes to the odds. Thanks to this information, you can decide whether using this market is worth it. The odds are not as high as before means it is more likely to predict your bet. Yet, this doesn’t guarantee you will win.

Sure Bets

Everyone interested in online betting wants to win as much as possible. If you are among them, things like the Sure Bets tools will show you specific markets with low odds. Although they may not seem that attractive, the lower odds mean that it should be easier to predict the given market.

The name “sure bets” is attractive, but it is essential to know that there are no such things. Online betting is always risky, even if you use this tool, so there is always a chance to lose your bet.

Value Bets

Many online punters only focus on a couple of sports because they believe these options provide better odds. However, thanks to things like baseball betting tools, you can find a lot of Value bets. Those things usually offer excellent odds for the specific situation and are better than the same options on other betting platforms.

The bad news is that not every sports event has a place in the value bet betting tool. Therefore, you may have to conduct your own research before choosing what to bet on.

Asian Handicap Table

Another of our betting tools, the Asian Handicap table, is a fantastic resource that explains the different lines and lists bet outcomes based on the handicap and result of any given match. A big part of why an Asian handicap table is essential is due to the different handicaps and how they relate to the possible results and bet outcome.

Essentially, there are negative and positive handicaps, and while the bet outcomes for the two are similar, they are different. For example, a -0.75 handicap has a potential win, win a half, lose and lose bet outcome, while a +0.75 has a potential win, win, lose half, lose bet outcome. Therefore, referring to our Asian handicap table will help you strategise your bets based on the handicap and bet outcome.

Asian Handicap Calculator

While an Asian Handicap table is helpful, an Asian handicap calculator provides you with the option to calculate the payout and profit possibilities based on your bets. When using an Asian handicap calculator, select the home/away team, enter the odds, Asian Handicap, stake and the specific final score.

Once entered, you can calculate the payout and profit to determine the best betting scenario. And while this is helpful, the use of an Asian Handicap calculator will help you gain a betting understanding of how Asian Handicap works, and that understanding can translate into long-term profits.