Types of Bets

Nowadays, there are many people out there who are interested in betting on a particular sport. However, they do not have any previous experience, which is why they don’t know the types of bets in sports. Luckily, this article will provide you with the needed information regarding each bet type.

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What Betting Types are Available at Online Bookmakers?

The betting types that are available at online bookmakers are shown below. Keep in mind that iGaming keeps improving, which means users could try even more alternatives in the near future.


This is the most common bet type because it is available on every online bookmaker. Usually, people can use Singles when punting at any sports event. Using this option, you must choose one available market and place a bet.

Multiples (Accumulators)

Although betting on a single market is easy, the odds are often not as high as some think. Therefore, Multiples is one of the leading types of bet in football and a couple of other sports.

Also known as Accumulators, this option lets people wager on several betting markets. By doing this, punters can have access to higher odds. However, this makes their bets riskier because failing to predict one of the events in their ACCA bet means they will lose everything.

System bets

Thanks to the so-called System Bets, punters who wager on multiple options can win something even if they do not predict some of their selections. There are all sorts of system bets, but most of them consist of different combinations and single bets. Once you decide your preferred system bet, the online bookmaker will calculate your total stake.

Lucky 15

Punters interested in the Lucky 15 bet type have to place a total of 15 bets that cover four different selections. These bets are as follows:

  • 1 four-fold accumulator
  • 6 doubles
  • 4 single bets
  • 4 trebles

What’s interesting about Lucky 15 is that predicting one selection will give you a payout. However, unless the odds are really high, you should try to predict at least a few of them because the payout won’t be that high.

Lucky 31

As its name suggests, the Lucky 31 is a bet type that consists of 31 bets. Unlike the previous one, the bets here have to cover five different selections:

  • One 5-fold Accumulator
  • 10 doubles
  • 5 four-fold Accumulators
  • 10 trebles
  • 5 singles

This betting type is not that common and can only be used in some scenarios.


If you are interested in one of the most exciting types of bets in horse racing, you will eventually come across the Yankee bet. The latter consists of eleven bets:

  • six doubles
  • four trebles
  • one four-fold

In order to predict your Yankee bet, you have to guess at least two of your selections.


If you are looking for a bet type that will give you a return even if you predict one bet, definitely check out Patent. The latter is a popular multiple betting method where you must place 7 bets on 3 different selections.


This parlay bet will allow you to change the points spread in a given game. Should you decide to do that, the bookmaker will lower the payout. In other words, the teaser should help you increase your chances of winning.

If bets

The if bets are unique combinations of two bets where the result of the first one determines whether the second bet will take place. In other words, these two bets are related to each other.

Popular Betting Markets

After we’ve checked the bet types and their meaning, it is time to share more information about the most popular betting markets.

1X2 (Full-time Result)

The 1×2 market, also known as FT result, is the option that lets you choose the winner in a given match. Alternatively, you can bet the game will end in a draw. This market is available in almost any sport, but you will only find it as a “Winner” in some cases.

Over/Under (Totals)

Over/under is an option that is usually popular among football bettors, but people use it to punt on other sports as well. This market can be used for various things, such as goals, yellow/red cards, corners, throw-ins, etc.

Handicap (Points Spread)

The handicap betting markets add either something positive or a negative. The selection with the handicap usually has to overcome an obstacle or do something more to win, such as scoring more points.

Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap is a popular betting type of bet for football where one of the two teams has advantage over the other. For example, one of the standard handicaps gives a one-goal advantage to the underdogs in a football match.


As its name implies, this type of bet requires you to wager on something that will finish in the future. Most punters use it to bet on the potential winner of a given event or series.

Half-time Markets

Some sports offer more betting opportunities than others because they have a half-time. Consequently, many online bookmakers provide a wide range of half-time betting markets.

Double Chance

Choosing a double chance as your betting market increases your chances of winning because you can bet on two outcomes. Of course, double chances only work for sports that have at least three different consequences like win, loss, and draw.

Correct Score

Lastly, we have the correct score betting market, which lets you place a bet on the exact result of a given sports event. Most people use this option when punting in football, but it can be used in other sports.

Most Popular Types of Betting Features

The betting features have a crucial role for many online bettors because they help them maximize their results. Therefore, we’ve pointed out the most popular options below.

Cash out betting

Cash out is undoubtedly the leading sports betting feature. It allows you to settle a bet and receive a certain amount of money before the event is over. The money you can get depends on how likely it is to predict the bet.

Bet Builder

Some of the world’s leading online bookmakers offer a Bet Builder option. The latter allows you to choose different betting markets from the same event and combine them into a single bet. Although some bookies only offer it for football, punters could use it for other sports, such as tennis.

Fast Markets

Fast markets are special betting options that only last for seconds or minutes. They are only available in some situations and only when the event you want to bet on takes place in real-time.

Request a Bet

Even though some online bookmakers offer thousands of betting options, there are cases where punters can’t find what they want. That’s the reason why some iGaming operators offer a request a bet feature that lets you contact the bookie and ask it to provide you with odds for a specific market.

Live Stream Betting

Lastly, many top-tier sports betting platforms offer a feature called live streaming. The option allows you to watch some more popular sports events without leaving the bookie’s website. Some people often combine this feature with the most popular types of bets in sports to get better results.


Which is the best bet type for beginners?

The best bet type for beginners is singles because it is easy to understand.

Are all betting markets available for every sport?

Some betting markets are only available for sports like horse racing and football.

Which is the riskiest bet type?

The riskiest bet type is the one that includes multiple bets.

Is live streaming available on every online bookmaker?

No, live streaming is unavailable on every online bookmaker because only a few operators give their clients access to this option.

Can you use Bet Builder for every sport?

No, you can’t use Bet Builder for every sport because it is usually only available for football.

Can you use the Correct Score betting market if you punt on basketball?

Some online bookmakers allow you to use the Correct Score market if you punt on basketball.

Will I have access to better odds if I use Accumulators?

Yes, you will have access to better odds if you use Accumulators because you have to bet on more selections.

How to Request a Bet?

To request a bet, you must contact the bookmaker using some contact options, such as Twitter.