Asian Handicap Calculator

An Asian Handicap Calculator is a sports betting tool that helps punters calculate the possible outcomes from an Asian market. With the AH Calculator, players can check if the bet wins depending on the Asian Handicap Line and the correct score from the game. The tool helps understand the possible results for various market types like Home/Away team Win or Over/Under Line Markets.

The Asian Handicap Calculator will allow you to define the winning outcomes for specific markets in seconds. Thanks to this tool, you don’t need to spend time calculating anything because you have to add the required information.

Asian Handicap Betting In A Nutshell

Whether you use the standard Asian Handicap Calculate process or decide to test the calculator, the Asian Handicap is something you will be interested in. Known as one of the world’s most popular football betting markets, this option has loads of fans. That’s because the Asian Handicap allows people to access better odds.

The idea behind this sports betting market is that it adds a handicap to the favourite in a given market. Depending on the bookie, you may find an Asian Handicap that starts from 0.25 and can reach up to 1.5 or even more. These values have a “+” or a “-” before them, indicating whether a given team has a certain fictional goal advantage.

People use the Asian Handicap because it allows them to bet on higher odds even if they choose the favourites in a given match. However, since the other team will start with up to 2 or even more goals lead, the favourites have to win by scoring more goals.

How To Use Our AH Calculator

To use our AH Calculator, you have to do the following:

  1. Go to Nostrabet’s site and find the Asian Handicap Calculator.
  2. Once there, choose your market type (AH Home Team, AH Away Team, Over, Under).
  3. After completing the second step, you will need to enter the Home team Odds, followed by your stake. You also need to enter other information, depending on your chosen market type. For example, choosing AH Home Team will require you to provide the Home Team Asian Handicap.
  4. Next, enter the Home Team and Away Team scores to learn if your Asian Handicap bet wins or loses.

Following these steps, the calculator will show you the result of your bet, payout, and profit. You can use this tool to check how much you should bet and whether it is worth it.

What is Over/Under betting?

Over/Under betting allows sports punters to wager that there will be over or under certain things in a given game. Naturally, this market usually allows football fans to wager whether there will be over or under a certain number of goals. That said, the option can work for things like:

  • Total number of corners
  • The number of throw-ins
  • Yellow/Red Cards

Even though this market is easy to use, some people are interested in an Over Under calculator. That’s the reason why our Asian Handicap calculator also allows you to check the Over/Under options.

Keep in mind that bookies will offer this market in half numbers, such as 0.5, 1.5, etc. Depending on whether there is a “+” or a “-”, you bet that there will be over or under things like goals, points, corners, yellow cards, etc.


What sports allow AH bets?

Football, tennis, and American football are some of the popular sports that allow people to use the Asian Handicap market. However, some bookmakers may offer this option for even more sports.

Why should you use our calculator?

You should use our Asian Handicap calculator because it allows you to check everything in seconds. There is no need to use complex formulas to determine whether you win and how much you get.

Is the Asian Handicap legal?

Yes, the Asian Handicap is a legal sports betting market offered by almost every online bookmaker.

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