Margin Calculator – Find Out Bookmakers’ Profit

Using our Margin Calculator, you can easily calculate the profit margin and the odds value a bookmaker provides.

A margin calculator is a valuable tool that allows you to quickly and easily assess the value of the odds a bookie offers you.

Value is key to betting if you want to give yourself the best chance of having long-term success. Our profit margin calculator lets you check how much profit margin the betting site takes for itself. Using the payout calculator, therefore, is a quick way to see if the odds offer much value.

To use our margin converter:

  1. Click whether the market is two-way or three-way.
  2. Next, use the dropdown menu to select your preferred odds format.
  3. Finally, enter the odds for each selection in the relevant boxes.

Our margin calculator will then display the margin and payout percentages, as well as the implied probabilities for each pick.

The profit bet margin is the way bookmakers make money. Whatever they believe the true probability for a team, horse, or player to win, the odds will be slightly lower. You can use our payout calculator to see how the margin varies from one bookie to another. Because they have different odds, the payout percentage varies. If you consistently make bets with a bookmaker that has a margin of 8%, your results will be significantly worse than if you made the same bets with a site that has a 4% margin.

Kristiyan Kyulyunkov
Kristiyan KyulyunkovKristiyan Kyulyunkov specializes in bookmakers’ analyses. He has years of experience betting online and always keeps an eye on the different operators. His tasks in Nostrabet include writing, editing and publishing expert reviews.