Martingale Calculator

With our Martingale Calculator, you can see the bet value needed for the Martingale Betting System to work in your favour as per your balance and initial bet.

Our Martingale calculator is a tool that helps you understand how much you can afford to stake using this betting system. You can use it as a Martingale sports betting calculator or a Martingale strategy calculator for casino wagering.

The Martingale system probably originated in France in the 18th century. In simple terms, you double your stake whenever you lose. Consequently, any single win leaves you up, no matter how many losses precede it. It is most commonly associated with roulette. However, it works well with any wager with around a 50% chance of success and pays out at even money. Martingale has its critics but used sensibly, it will lead to positive outcomes much of the time (though crucially not overall).

Our Martingale betting calculator is helpful because it allows you to sensibly deploy the system. The calculator lets you see how many consecutive bets you can lose before going bust. Because of this, you can structure your stakes accordingly.

To use our Martingale system calculator:

  1. First, enter your betting balance.
  2. Next, adjust your “Initial Bet”, noting how the green and red values on the right change. This shows you how many bets you can lose (green) before going bust (red).
  3. In addition, the Martingale calculator shows you the likelihood of losing so many consecutive bets (assuming a 50/50 bet).
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