William Hill Comp Points: Everything You Need To Know

william hill comp points
William Hill Comp Points
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William Hill is an established online bookmaker, casino, and bingo site operator that has developed a comp points system. Used primarily as a loyalty rewards program, comp points allow players to earn continual reward redemption opportunities. However, the William Hill comp point program is far more complex than you might think. Our William Hill Comp Points article explains everything you need to know about William Hill Comp points.

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What are Comp Points

Comp Points are a complimentary point system that William Hill uses to reward its customers for placing wagers via their gaming platform. The purpose of comp points is to allow players to accumulate points to convert them into real money that they can use in the casino.

How to Acquire Comp Points at William Hill Casino

The process of acquiring comp points at William Hill is actually quite easy. Like other online betting sites, comp points are acquired by placing real money bets within the casino or sportsbook. Once players accumulate £10 in bets, they will be awarded 1 (one) comp point.

Converting William Hill Comp Points to Cash

Conversion comp points to cash at William Hill is not remotely difficult. However, the amount of points you receive is determined by your VIP Level, meaning the higher your rank, the fewer points you need to earn per £1 redeemed. That said, to convert your William Hill comp points, you simply need to:

  1. Log into your William Hill account.
  2. Navigate to the “Main Menu” section.
  3. Click on “Comp Points”.
  4. william hill comp points redeem
  5. Select “Convert to Real Money”.
  6. william hill comp points convert
  7. Click the “OK” button.
  8. william hill comp points confirm

Pros & Cons of William Hill Complementary Points

  • Pros
  • Comp points are easy to accumulate
  • Comp points act as a bonus rewards scheme
  • Converting William Hill points to cash is easy
  • Comp point conversion in loyalty level based
  • Cons
  • Can encourage excessive gambling


William Hill comp points are a fantastic loyalty scheme that allows players to convert points into cash. Similar to other comp point-based rewards systems, the number of points needed for conversion correlates with each player’s loyalty level. While for some, this may be challenging, it is purposefully designed to ensure all loyalty levels are rewarded equally based on the amount they play, and that makes William Hills comp point system fair and competitive.


What other promotions are there at William Hill?

Yes, there are multiple sportsbook, casino, and bingo promotions at William Hill.

What are VIP levels?

VIP Levels are a loyalty level designation that is based on the amount players wager.

Are there comp points for sports betting as well?

Yes, there is a Rewards Club card that allows players to accrue points for all types of sports wagers.

How long does William Hill take to convert loyalty points into cash?

Typically, William Hill takes less than a minute to convert loyalty points into cash.

Can I earn loyalty points for playing poker?

Yes, William Hill offers a Poker Points program that allows players to convert points to cash.

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