Bingo at William Hill: Everything You Need To Know

william hill bingo games
William Hill Bingo Games
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The game of bingo is a game of chance that requires players to match the numbers on their bingo card to the coloured numbers drawn by the caller. First introduced at William Hill in 2007, the site offers a variety of different types of bingo. With each category being uniquely different, this article will explain the differences and discuss William Hill’s live bingo, its bingo promotions, and its bingo loyalty program.

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Types of Bingo Games Available at William Hill

As a brand that is known for its credibility, quality, and commitment to excellence, William Hill has created a unique bingo platform that consists of three main categories – Specials, 75/80 ball, and 90-ball bingo. With each category offering a unique selection of bingo games, ticket prices, and prize pools, it is essential to know what types of bingo games William Hill offers are available.

william hill bingo rooms

William Hill Bingo Specials

William Hill bingo specials feature a selection of various bingo games. Each unique in their own right, they include the Cash Cubes Bingo, Deal or No Deal Bingo, Deal or No Deal Bingo 75, Bingo Bowl, Age of Gods Bingo, Willy’s Winners, Speed Bingo and more.

As each game is unique in itself, some are more popular than others. Deal or No Deal Bingo, Willy’s Winners and Speed Bingo are among the most popular. Typically, the average number of players per game varies from a low of 25 to a high of 850. Prize pools also vary from £10 to £150 unless playing jackpot bingo, as they offer higher prize pools of up to £100,000.

William Hill 75 Balls Rooms

The 75 ball bingo rooms at William Hill are among the most populated. Similar to the specials category, the William Hills 75 Ball rooms category features a variety of unique bingo games. They include rooms such as Stars & Stripes, Deal or No Deal Bingo 75, and Time Out Tavern.

With an average of 75 players per game, prize pools range from £10.00 to as much as £2,000. Similarly, new bingo games start every three minutes, and most William Hill 75 ball bingo games offer ticket prices ranging from £0.02p to £0.20p, although some, like Deal or No Deal Bingo 75, the price per ticket is £0.20p.

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William Hill 80 Balls Rooms

Unlike William Hills 75 ball bingo, the 80 Ball Bingo Rooms at William Hill are not as frequently offered. With a limited selection of rooms to choose from, Party is popular, as is Time Out Tavern Room. With new games starting every three minutes, the average player count per game is 65.

Ticket prices are also similar to 75 Ball bingo ticket prizes. The lowest price per ticket is £0.10p while the highest is £0.50p, whereas the average prize pool is £50, although jackpot bingo prize pools can top £5,000.

William Hill 90 Balls Rooms

The most popular of the three bingo categories, William Hill 90 Ball Rooms, offers a diverse range of bingo rooms. Starting with Speed Bingo and Bargain Basement, there are more than 10 bingo rooms in the 90 Ball category. With names like Willy’s Den, and Willy’s Winners, access to branded bingo rooms like Age of Gods Bingo and Deal or No Deal Bingo are offered.

As for ticket prices vary from £0.01p to £0.25p, although some ticket prices can be as much as £0.50p. Depending on the room, new games start every three to five minutes, and prize pools vary from £10.00 to £400 and jackpot prizes vary from £5,000 to £77,000.

William Hill Bingo Promotions

It would be foolish not to think that after 85 years in the gambling business, William Hill knows a thing or two about promotions. Renowned for its extensive promotional offerings, William Hill Bingo offers everything from bingo bonuses to free bingo and free bingo tickets.

However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. William Hill Bingo promotions also include an impressive list of other promotions. They include the following:

  • Free games in selected bingo rooms
  • Regular escalators in selected rooms
  • Daily chances to win prizes such as free spins
  • Discounted tickets to play bingo at special times of the day

Loyalty Points System

If you love playing bingo, you will love the loyalty points system at William Hill. Designed to reward you with loyalty points every time you play bingo, there are six Bingo Club Rewards Levels you can strive to achieve. The icing on the cake is that the more you play every month, the faster you advance within the program.

Even better, with six Bingo Club Levels, the number of points you need to earn to qualify for a bingo loyalty bonus is dependent on each Bingo Club Level. Starting with Little Duck and progressing to Top of the Shop, redemption rates begin at 75 for the lowest level and 25 for the highest. There are birthday bonuses and other loyalty club bonuses from time to time.

Live Bingo

When you play live bingo at William Hill, the experience is vastly different from what you experience while playing bingo online.

Growing in popularity, live bingo games are hosted by a live dealer. He or she manually pulls balls out like at your local bingo hall.


A growing segment in online bingo, William Hill is constantly looking for new live bingo opportunities.

At the moment, William Hill Bingo features twelve live bingo games. This means you have numerous variants of live bingo games to choose from, such as:

  • Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw
  • Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live
  • Everybody’s Jackpot Live
  • The Money Drop Live
william hill bingo deal or no deal

William Hill Bingo Compared to Other Brands

Compared to other brands like Ladbrokes Bingo, Unibet Bingo, and LeoVegas Bingo, William Hill Bingo is similar in its offerings. Ladbrokes, Unibet and LeoVegas all offer 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo. Ladbrokes features chat room games, Unibet offers tournaments and other promotions, while LeoVegas offers mini games and a jackpot room.

Final Say

By far, William Hill offers a fantastic bingo platform that features a diverse range of games, unique promotions, and an active bingo community complemented by experienced chat room hostesses whose goal is to bring the community together by engaging them in conversation. With multiple chat room games and 75, 80, and 90 ball bingo variants, it is clear that William Hill Bingo has created a platform that is as exciting as it is engaging.


Can I play bingo from the William Hill app?

Yes, you can play bingo from the William Hill app on iOS or Android.

How to start playing William Hill bingo?

You can start playing William Hill Bingo by opening an account and making a minimal deposit of €/$/£10.

Is there a bingo chat?

Yes, bingo chat and multiple chat room rooms are available at William Hill Bingo.

Can I play free bingo at William Hill Bingo?

Yes, you can play free bingo at William Hill Bingo at designated times of the day.

Are there any William Hill bingo promotions?

Yes, there are multiple promotions to choose from at William Hill Bingo.

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