Unibet Streakr: Complete Guide

Unibet Streakr
Unibet Streakr
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Unibet has once again launched its monthly Streakr competition where it will reward punters the opportunity to win a variety of cash prizes. Open to all members in eligible countries, the goal is to build a winning streak by answering the daily questions. Read our Unibet Streakr Guide to find out more about how the Unibet Streak competition works, what prizes you can win and how you can participate.

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How Does it Work

Unibet Streakr

As you might expect, playing the Streakr Unibet competition is pretty easy. All that is needed to complete is to log in to your Unibet account, navigate to the Unibet Streakr page and select a daily question from the sports list.

The goal is to correctly answer the daily question during each of the three rounds to build up a winning streak. If you correctly answer the daily question, your streak will build and once you have correctly answered three daily questions, you will begin earning free bet bonuses.

Streakr at Unibet Requirements

Like Unibet Boosted Odds and any other offers, if you want to participate in the Unibet Streak competition, you will need to meet the Streakr promotional requirements. These are pretty straightforward, easy to follow and summarized below:

  • Only one entry per player is permitted at any given time.
  • Questions must be answered correctly to qualify towards a winning streak.
  • Players may edit their selection or change their answers prior to the event start time.
  • Unibet will credit free bets bonuses after each daily round.
  • Free bets are valid for seven days once credited to customer accounts.
  • Leaderboards will be updated at the conclusion of every daily round.


The Unibet streak promotion is designed to reward players based on the streaks they achieve within the promotional rounds and on their consistency as they will get only one entry per day. As this is an incremental prize system, the amount each player wins depends on their winning streak, so naturally every player will aim for the longest winning streak possible. Similarly, the amount won depends on the specific Streakr promotions, but typically, the prize system will award the following cash prizes in the form of free bets:

  • Get a streak of 3 – Win a €5 free bet
  • Get a streak of 6 – Win a €10 free bet
  • Get a streak of 9 – Win a €30 free bet
  • Get a streak of 12 – Win a €100 free bet
  • Get a streak of 13 – Win a €100 free bet

How to Participate in Unibet Streakr

The steps each customer needs to take to participate in the Unibet Streak promotion are easy to follow. Each day of the competition, Unibet will post three questions relating to a list of fixtures for a variety of sports. Based on this list, customers wishing to participate will need to do the following after visiting the Unibet site:

  1. Navigate to the Unibet Streak promotion page.
  2. Select one of the three daily questions from the list.
  3. Make your prediction.
  4. Submit their prediction.
  5. If you are right 3 days in a row you will start to win free bets.


The Unibet Streakr bonus is an entertaining promotion that is a great way to test your knowledge and skills on top of that it is free to play. What’s better, the Unibet Streakr promotion is free to enter, meaning whether you win or lose, there is no risk. However, if you hit a winning streak, it is a nice way to earn some free bets, and hopefully, score a boost to your bankroll.


Are there any bonuses related to Unibet Streak?

No, there are no bonuses related to the Unibet Streak promotion at Unibet.

Is Unibet trustworthy?

Yes, Unibet is a highly reputable sportsbook operator that is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

What types of bets can I use in Unibet Streakr?

The Unibet Streaker bonus does not require you to place a bet, meaning bet types are not required to participate in the Streakr bonus.

Does the Unibet Streak bonus offer a Streakr jackpot?

To see if the monthly Streakr bonus is offering a Streakr jackpot, you will need to check the monthly promotional details.

When will Unibet credit my Streakr bonus?

Unibet will credit your Streakr bonus within 24 hours of your qualifying for a Streakr prize reward all bonuses are in the form of free bets.

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