Unibet Boosted Odds (Uniboost) Explained

Unibet Boosted Odds
Boosted Odds at Unibet
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Unibet boosted odds is an offer that gives you a chance to improve your odds at Unibet. When you place a qualifying bet, you can enhance your odds thrice daily. When betting at Unibet, most sports allow you to enjoy this offer.

This article will explain everything you need to know about Unibet’s boosted odds.

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What are Unibet Odds Boost

Unibet Boosted Odds

When you place a qualifying bet at Unibet, you will get a chance to enjoy enhanced odds. Usually, the boosted odds are given through boost tokens. For every qualifying bet, you will need one token to boost and improve the odds.

Every day, you will receive three boost tokens. This means you can enjoy improved odds on three different odds daily. If you do not use your given boost tokens, they will expire at 23:59. The tokens will not carry over to the following day. However, you will get an extra three tokens after midnight.

Although the offer will magnify your odds, there are certain limits to check. First, you only get a boost if you bet a maximum of £20. The maximum you can earn from the boosted odds is also capped at £1000.

Despite working on most of the available sports at Unibet, the odds boost does not work on some. These include virtuals, racing and greyhounds. However, it works on all other sports, whether in-play or pre-match events.

Types of Uniboosts

Different punters will place different bets at Unibet. To ensure all players benefit from this offer, Unibet offers different types of boosted odds. Whether you bet on the in-play section, Unibet Esports, bet weekly or enjoy parlay, there is something for you.

Below are the types of unit boosts to enjoy on the platform.

Live Boost

Unibet Live Boost

The live boost is the improvement you get on the odds when you place a qualifying bet on the in-play section. Usually, the chance gives you a 25% live profit boost.

To qualify, go to the in-play section of your favourite sport, add selections to your bet slip and stake a minimum of £25.

Unibet Weekly Boosts

The Unibet weekly boost is a weekly offer that allows you to enjoy improved odds every week.

However, the weekly boost may not be constant all the time. The amount may differ depending on the match it is offered in. It could be a 25% boost on MLB bet or a 10% on SuperBowl. The crucial thing is to keep checking what is up for grabs.

Unibet Parlay Boosts

Unibet Multibet Boost

If you are fond of using your winnings as a stake in the next bet, then you could benefit from the Parlay offer also know as Multibet boost. With the offer, you will get up to 15% extra amount. However, this is only possible when you place a parlay with more than three selections.

You could select any football events for the parlay provided they have an odd of at least 1.20 for each. Besides, placing as many parlay bets as possible is allowed. However, the maximum amount to go into your parlay bet £1000. If you wish to take advantage of the full 15% will need a parlay with at least 5 selections.

Boosted Odds at Unibet T&C

Usually, every offer at the bookmaker like Unibet Streakr has terms and conditions that you should follow. Likewise, the boosted odds have some terms that you must observe.

Adhere to the following terms to ensure you get the best out of the offer.

  • You will receive three Unibet boosts on a single day.
  • If you do not use your three boosted odds token daily, they will not be carried on to the following day. Instead, they will expire.
  • You will not enjoy the Uniboosts odds if you bet on greyhounds, virtuals or racing.
  • To benefit from any Uniboost, deposit must not exceed £20
  • The total amount from a Uniboost bet will not exceed £1000.
  • If you cash out your bet, it will not qualify for the Uniboost odds.
  • Next, you can only see the Uniboost tokens when you place qualifying bets on the betslip.
  • Finally, the received Unibets are usable on both multiples and single bets.

How to Use Unibet Boosted Odds

From above, qualifying for the Unibet odds boost is almost automatic. Provided you have an account and some stake, the only thing that remains is to take the offer.

Follow the below steps to use your Unibet boosted odds.

  1. First, log into your Unibet account or become a new player.
  2. Select a qualifying sport and then place your choices on the bet slip.
  3. Afterwards, select the amount you wish to stake. It should not be more than £20.
  4. On the slip, you will find the Uniboosts button. Click on it.
  5. Finally, place the bet.

After this, your odds are now boosted. This will show on the bet with a Uniboost mark.

Pros and Cons

Although the general feeling is that the Uniboosts are perfect for every player, some cons come with that. The section below captures both the offer’s good and the undesirable side.

  • Pros:
  • Gives you better winnings.
  • Easy to claim since it involves placing your bet normally.
  • Covers a wide range of sports.
  • Comes on daily, weekly and parlay options.
  • Cons:
  • Has a limit on the maximum win set at £1000.
  • Excludes some sports like virtuals


The Uniboost odds is a great promotion by all means. The fact that it simply involves placing bets as usual, makes it more enticing and favourable to punters. Additionally, the terms and conditions are friendly and easy to achieve. Unlike other promotions, it does not have wagering requirements, making it a go for offer for many players.


What bets are eligible for Uniboosts?

The bets eligible for Uniboosts are both singles and multiples.

How many boost tokens do I have per day?

You have a maximum of three boost tokens per day.

When will my boost tokens be recharged?

Usually, Unibet recharges your boost token at midnight.

Is there a limit on the maximum I can earn on the Uniboost promotion?

Yes, the maximum amount you can get from the Uniboosts promotion is £1000.

How do I claim my Uniboost offer?

You claim your Uniboosts offer by placing a qualifying bet. The boost will apply automatically, provided you have the boost tokens on your bet slip.

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