Are you ready for an exciting summer full of epic football matches?

Challenge yourself, your friend, and everyone in the exclusive prediction game during EURO 2024!
Prove that you are the best football expert and compete for amazing prizes.

Nostrabet Tipsters League – EURO 2024 Prizes

  • 1st place 300
  • 2nd place 200
  • 3rd place 150
  • 4th place 100
  • 5th place 50
  • 6 – 10th place 40
1X = €1

The Nostrabet prediction game is here, and it has a special edition dedicated to the European Football Championship in Germany. EURO 2024 starts on June 14 and will last one month – until July 14. Needless to say, the Nostrabet Tipster League – EURO 2024 will also take place in the same period. The total prize pool is 1000 Nostracoins, and it will be distributed among the top 10 players.

How to take part in the Nostrabet Tipster League – EURO 2024 Special Edition?

  1. Step 1.

    Create an account with Nostrabet or login.

  2. Step 2.

    Make predictions for at least 5 matches at EURO 2024.

  3. Step 3.

    Keep an eye on your rank.

Prediction Game – Euro 2024

Start: June 14, 2024
End: July 14, 2024

All 51 matches that will take place at EURO 2024 are included in the game.

Friday, 14 June
Saturday, 15 June
Sunday, 16 June
Monday, 17 June
View all EURO 2024 matches

NOSTRABET Tipsters League EURO 2024 Ranking guarantees equal chance to all in our game. That is why we strictly monitor for misuses and we pay attention to every signal raised! Good luck to all!
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The European Football Championship in Germany will grab the attention of all football fans. All eyes will be set on the stadiums in Germany and the teams that will do everything they can to become the European Champions. Nostrabet shares every football fan’s passion, which is why the Prediction Game has a special edition dedicated to EURO 2024.

Since the Nostrabet Tipsters League will take place during the championship, predictions for other events won’t contribute to your Nostrabet Tipsters League – EURO 2024 Ranking. You have to predict matches from the competition.

The rules are simple – you make predictions on matches from EURO 2024, get points, and secure a spot on the leaderboard. All players will start with a certain number of points that will depend on when they join the Nostrabet Tipsters League – EURO 2024. Here is how it works:

Date of joining the gameStarting number of points
From June 14 to June 20100 points
From June 21 to June 2775 points
From June 28 to July 450 points
From July 5 to July 1425 points

The winners of the competition will be determined after the EURO 2024 final. The prize pool of 1000 Nostracoins will be distributed among the top 10 participants in the final standings. Of course, the person who finishes first will get the Grand Prize, which is 300 Nostracoins.

Terms and Conditions

All of the standard Nostrabet Tipster League rules and conditions will apply to the Nostrabet Tipster League Special Edition – EURO 2024, except for a few examples listed below.

  • Nostrabet Tipsters League – EURO 2024 will occur between June 14 and July 14.
  • Only predictions for matches in the European Football Championship in Germany will be included in calculating each player’s points in the game ranking.
  • When joining the game between June 14 and 20, you will receive 100 points. If you start between June 14 and 27, you will get 75 points. Joining between June 28 and July 4 will give you 50 points, and if you start playing between July 5 and 14, you will get 25 points.
  • The total points each user earns determine their overall ranking, which is applicable solely within the context of the exclusive game.
  • The ranking of a player will be valid if the person made at least 5 predictions on different EURO 2024 matches.
  • For a single match, you can predict up to a maximum of 2 markets.
  • The maximum number of points you can place on a single prediction is limited to 300 points.
  • The Nostrabet Euro 2024 Prediction Game’s prize pool is 1000 Nostracoins.
  • The prize funds will be distributed among the 10 participants who have accumulated the most points.
  • All winners will receive their prizes within 10 days after the game ends. We will contact them.
  • The Nostrabet Tipsters League – EURO 2024 is held internationally and players from all over the world can take part in it.
  • By participating in the game, you agree to its terms and conditions, as well as allowing the use of your data to announce the ranking on our website.

*Nostracoin is not a currency that you can use to pay for things, nor is it a cryptocurrency. Nostracoins represent the prize value in the Tipsters League and are converted into cash by financial operators who are independent of the game organizer.