Top Performing Players In Every Position Prior To Euro 2024

Harry Kane
Harry Kane (Source: @BTA)

Football fans from across the globe are eagerly waiting for Euro 2024 because it will be one of the year’s biggest events. Naturally, the tournament will include the best football nations and the continents, as well as some of the top-tier players.

When talking about top players, decided to give you a list of some of the best-performing footballers prior to the competition. What’s more, we have divided them into different categories depending on their positions. “I have spent a lot of time researching all of the big football championships from around the world. Even though it was hard, in the end, I believe that some players are in better form than others, so it’s time to share their names”, said Kristiyan, the football expert at NB.

There are a lot of names to keep an eye on, and we will try to share as many of them as possible, so let’s dive in. We will monitor each player’s performance to see if he will live up to the expectations after Euro 2024 comes to an end.

best young players to watch at EURO 2024

Forwards – Harry Kane/Kylian Mbappe

Starting with one of the most important and interesting to watch positions in football, we have the Forwards. Considering Euro 2024 is such a vital football competition, it’s no surprise we will see Europe’s best strikers. However, we think that Harry Kane and Kylian Mbappe are the two names that are performing the best right now.

Starting with England’s player, Kane quickly became one of Bayern Munich’s stars. After he moved to Germany, Kane helped Bayern a lot and scored 36 goals in the campaign alone. This allowed him to become the first Englishman with a canon trophy.

Kylian Mbappe
Source: BTA (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

Even though some of you probably think that Mbappe should not be on the list, we do not agree. Besides the fact that he is France’s best player right now, he is also among the top forwards at Euro 2024. This season, he scored 27 goals for PSG in 29 games.

What’s interesting about Kylian Mbappe is that he will be even more motivated to shine after his recent transfer to Real Madrid. If you have not heard, he became part of the club.

No matter if you like these players, the stats do not lie, and they are clearly among the best. So, once you check the best betting markets for Euro 2024, don’t forget to analyze the individual options. Some operators may have interesting offers for players who decide to wager on these two.

Midfielders – Kevin De Bruyne, Phil Foden and Nico Williams

Euro 2024 will allow us to watch some of the best midfielders in the world right now. Nevertheless, we think that the two names are more interesting than the rest because of their most recent performance.

Starting with the EPL champion, Kevin De Bruyne is probably the midfielder to watch during this competition. Even though he does not score as many goals as some of the other names on the list, the Belgian superstar is on another level. He has been among the world’s best midfielders for years now, and we expect to see him carry his country.

Phil Foden
Source: BTA (AP Photo/Jon Super)

Another name that we must add here is Phil Foden, and he is another star who plays for Manchester City. Like De Bruyne, Foden had a key role in the success of his club and even became the Premier League player of the season. Considering this, it’s no surprise we think he is among the best midfielders to watch during this event.

Nico Williams from Spain is another midfielder who could surprise us with his performance. Despite being just 21 years old, Nico is one of those midfielders that you need to keep an eye on. He has had an amazing season with Athletic Club, and fans expect to see the same performance for the national team.

In addition to these two, we can add players like Cole Palmer, Bukayo Saka, and Bruno Fernandes. All of them are world-class players, and we can’t wait to see them in action.

Defenders – Alejandro Grimaldo and Dani Carvajal

Regarding defenders, Euro 2024 will give us access to a couple of interesting names. Everyone who’s been following the top-tier football championships knows that Leverkusen shocked the world with its impressive performance and won the competition in Germany. That’s why it’s probably not surprising that Alejandro Grimaldo is on this list.

In fact, we think that Alejandro Grimaldo is the best defender in Europe right now. The player’s recent results with Leverkusen and his overall presence during the season make him one of the most important defenders. We wouldn’t be surprised if some of the top football clubs in Europe decide to get his signature following the competition.

Alejandro Grimaldo
Source: @BTA

The second defender that we think is worth keeping an eye on is Dani Carvajal. Some of you probably think that there are other defenders that deserve to be on this list, and this might be true. However, we’ve been following this player for a while and it’s safe to say he is in excellent form.

Besides being a crucial part of Real Madrid in La Liga, Dani Carvajal also helped the squad win the Champions League. In fact, he even scored in the final and gave his team the lead against Dortmund.

Goalkeeper – Gianluigi Donnnarumma and Diogo Costa

Gianluigi Donnarumma
Source: @BTA

Euro 2024 will allow us to watch many world-class goalkeepers. In fact, every single country’s goalkeeper probably deserves to be here because each one performed well. Nevertheless, we believe that Gianluigi Donnarumma is slightly above the rest because of his overall performance.

Despite the fact that he is just 25 years old, Donnarumma is a legend because of his incredible performance during Euro 2020. He was a key player for AC Milan and continued to shine when he moved to PSG. The Italian football fans will definitely keep a close eye on him because he is one of those players that deserves more attention.

The second goalkeeper that we’ll monitor closely is Diogo Costa. He is one of those players who does not get the recognition he deserves, at least in some parts of the world. Even though he is only 24 years old, Costa already proved himself by debuting for Portugal during the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Besides playing for Portugal, Costa is a member of Porto and he is the club’s leading goalkeeper. Considering that he has Cristiano Ronaldo on his team, we expect Costa to exceed expectations and help Portugal.

The big names that won’t be able to play give others a chance to shine

Euro 2024 will be one of those tournaments that deserve more attention. Even though we will see a lot of the world’s best players, there are many names that won’t be able to attend the competition. In fact, we have already mentioned some of them, such as Erling Haaland, Pogba, Gavi, and more.

There’s no arguing that these players’ absences will affect their teams. However, this also means that other players get the chance to shine and show what they’re capable of.

As you know, a big international football championship, such as Euro 2024, allows some players to get exposure and eventually sign with a big club. There are several notable examples of such players at Euro 2024, such as Matz Sels.

Belgium’s goalkeeper will be among the names that many will watch closely because he has to step in to replace Thibault Courtois. The 32-year-old player recently became a part of Nottingham Forest F.C., but we wouldn’t be surprised if he joins another team following his performance with Belgium.

Betting on individual players

Besides watching some of the world’s best footballers in action, Euro 2024 will also allow you to bet on them. Players using different online bookmakers will find a wide range of individual betting markets. You can expect to find anything ranging from goals to cards, substitutes, and more.

We won’t go into detail about the markets you should focus on because each one is different. The good news is that Nostrabet works with all top bookies, so you will have plenty of options no matter what you go for.

Final thoughts

This article wraps up our overview of Euro 2024. Fans are eager to watch the best teams in the world, and if you are one of them, remember to tune in on June 14 with the first match between Germany and Scotland from Group A.

Speaking of groups, each one has something to offer, so we recommend checking our analysis to see what to expect. Aside from Group A, you can also learn everything about Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E, and Group F. Most fans agree that Group B is going to be the most interesting one, but we are confident that each one will offer us something special.

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