Top 8 Euro 2024 Betting Markets To Keep An Eye On

top betting markets for EURO 2024
EURO2024 Top Betting Markets

UEFA Euro 2024 begins on June 14, meaning we are less than 2 weeks away from the biggest football event of the year. Many people will want to keep an eye on their favorite teams and players, but others will also want to bet on them. Needless to say, bookmakers will make sure to provide more than enough options for you to choose from.

Speaking of bookmakers, works with the best iGaming sites in the business. “Every betting company with football in its sportsbook will allow you to wager on Euro 2024, so you can expect loads of options. Some websites may have thousands of different markets, but I know that some are more important and intriguing than others”, said Kristiyan from NB.

We already mentioned some of the most interesting controversies regarding Euro 2024, so definitely check them out. With that said, let’s dive into some top-tier betting markets for the upcoming competition and what you should know about them. We will exclude the most popular alternatives, such as 1×2.

To Win Outright

When talking about the Euro 2024 betting markets, we must mention the Outright Winner. This option will be available until the beginning of the tournament, so you have a few days left to use it.

If you decide to wager on this market, you must choose which country you believe will win Euro 2024. Every bookmaker has different odds, but the stats reveal England is the favourite. Bookies, such as bet365, for example, give England odds of 4.00 to win. The country is in Group C, so it will be intriguing to see if it will live up to the expectations.

France is usually next on the list, followed by Germany and Portugal. However, bookies vary, so some countries may have better odds. 

Remember that many players are missing out on Euro 2024 due to different reasons. The graph below includes some of them.

top 6 most valuable players to miss UEFA EURO 2024

Double Chance

People often forget to use the Double Chance market when betting on football. This market does not have that attractive odds if you compare it to the classic 1×2 option on which it’s based. Despite that, we think it’s among the Euro 2024 betting markets that are worth it.

The reason why many bettors will choose this thing over the rest is that it is considered more secure. Double Chance is a market where you punt on one of the following options:

  • Team A to win or a draw (1x)
  • Team B to win or a draw (x2)
  • A or B to win (12)

In other words, choosing this market means your chances of winning are higher than usual. Bookmakers know that many bettors are doing everything possible to minimize the risk, so they will offer this option for every game.

Over/Under (Goals, Cards, Corners, etc.)

When discussing the Euro 2024 betting markets, we must address the Over/Under option. These types of markets are also known as Totals, and you should not be surprised to see them all the time.

The Over/Under market, in its classic form, lets people wager on a given statistic, and they have to decide if it will go over or under the specific number. For example, in the Germany vs Scotland match from Euro 2024 Group A, Betano offers 2.82 odds for the Over 3.5 and 1.44 odds for Under 3.5 goals. If you choose the first option, you will predict the bet if there are more than 3.5 goals (4 or above), whereas the Under option will be a winner if there are fewer goals than 3.5 (3 or lower).

Aside from goals, certain bookmakers may offer this market for Yellow and Red cards. You can also find it for corners, fouls, penalties, and more. The odds for some options can be good, but you must be careful.

Going back to the Over/Under Goals, some websites may call it “Goal Line” and may only offer one value (such as 2.5, for example). Some people prefer this, so take a look at the bookmaker you are using.

Goal After Minute

This market is not as common as some of the other options we’ve mentioned so far. We found it while analyzing Betwinner, and our research revealed that the brand offers it for almost all Euro 2024 matches.

Goal After Minute, as its name suggests, allows you to wager if there will be a goal after a specific minute in a given match. If we look at the Spain vs Croatia game from Group B, we can see the Goal After Minute 73 option. If you choose “Yes”, the odds will be 1.88, and this means one of the teams has to score a goal for you to win. Surprisingly, the odds are the same for “No”, and if you pick this option, neither team has to score a goal.

Draw No Bet

An intriguing betting market you will find across multiple online bookmakers. Draw No Bet is easy to understand, but a lot of people choose to ignore it because they don’t think it’s worth it.

Unlike some markets on this list, such as Double Chance, you only have two options here. If you choose Draw No Bet, you wager on one of the two teams. If that team wins, you will win your bet, but if it loses, you will also lose. If the match ends in a draw, the bookie will refund your stake.

You can find multiple examples of this market, such as in the Portugal vs Czech Republic (Group F) match on bet365. This Euro 2024 betting market has 4.50 odds for Czech Rep. and 1.18 for Portugal.

Correct Score

The next Euro 2024 betting market worth including here is Correct Score. This option is not everyone’s favorite because it is famous for being difficult to predict. Of course, those willing to take the higher risk have the opportunity for a higher reward because the odds are usually much more attractive.

Regardless of the online bookmaker you choose, the Correct Score market will work identically. This means you wager on the correct score at the end of the specific match. The odds will vary, depending on what you choose, but they often start from 5.00 and above.

For example, if we check Poland vs Netherlands match from Group D, we can see that Betano gives 13.00 odds that Poland will win with 1:0. If you decide to wager on the 0:1 option, however, the odds are 6.40.

This market is very difficult to predict because the only way to win is if your score is correct. Consequently, a lot of bettors choose to ignore it and focus on something else.

Minute Markets

Unlike everything else mentioned so far, this Euro 2024 betting market is different. The Minute Markets are found on, and they consist of several smaller options. What’s different about them is that they are only valid for a specific period of time in the given game.

Let’s take the Romania vs Ukraine match from Group E, where you will find several options. The first one is called “10 Minutes – 1×2 From 1 To 10”, which means you have to bet on the classic 1×2 market, but your results will be based on the first 10 minutes of the game.

The second option within this group of markets is called “When Will The 1st Goal Be Scored (10 min interval)”. The idea here is to choose a specific time frame during which one of the two teams will score a goal. You can access 10 min intervals (for example, between min 1-10), and the odds will differ.


Lastly, we have a very popular Euro 2024 market that you should be able to find while using many different operators. HT/FT allows you to wager on the results during the half time and when the match is over. In other words, this is a complex market that combines two outcomes into one choice.

The HT/FT option is available almost anywhere. For example, BetWinner offers several variations and uses the words W, followed by a number (1 or 2) or X. So, for example, if you see W1/W1, it means that you bet that Team A will win the half and the match. If it’s W1/X, team A will win the first half, but the match will be a draw.

Similar to the Correct Score markets, the odds here are usually much higher. Consequently, a lot of people who like speculating often decide to wager on this market.

These were just some of the more popular sports betting markets you can find while wagering on the UEFA Euro 2024. Most bookmakers have special options and features that you can try, so think carefully about which brand you want. We at Nostrabet will keep you updated with everything related to Euro 2024, so make sure to follow us.

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