60% of NBA’s Home Teams Win Their Matches – Here is Why and How it May Affect you

nba home teams win percentage
NBA Home Teams Wins

People interested in basketball know that the NBA is the world’s most prestigious league. Besides basketball fans in the U.S., people watch the best NBA teams in action and support their favourite players worldwide. Of course, everyone wants their favourite team to win, but this isn’t always possible.

Fortunately, the data available by Nostrabet.com shows that the NBA teams win around 60% of the games they play in their home arenas. “Everyone knows a specific team has an advantage when playing on its home court. Although this statistic is true for soccer, it seems like it is also present in basketball and the NBA”, said Veselin from Nostrabet.

While it is true that some people won’t be surprised that the home court gives an advantage, others might be wondering why this is the case. Aside from pointing out the top reasons, this article will also focus on those interested in betting on basketball. So, let’s go through a couple of things.

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Home Arena

Starting with the elephant in the room, one of the big reasons why home teams have a higher win rate in the NBA is because of the fact that they’re playing on their home court. Some people don’t think this has an effect, but it does, especially in sports like basketball.

Some teams are using the world’s most popular arenas as their courts. For example, Chicago Bulls hosts its matches in the United Center, which is an impressive indoor arena. Interestingly, besides the Chicago Bulls, this arena is used by the Chicago Blackhawks from the NHL.

Besides the fact that the home team is familiar with every inch of their arena, they will always feel more comfortable while playing. The basketball players might not have any direct advantage when using their home stadium, but they definitely have improved self-esteem and a huge psychological advantage.

The Crowd

One of the most underrated aspects of basketball, or any other sport for that matter, is the crowd. The fact that NBA players can use their home stadium means they will also have more supporters than opponents. Unsurprisingly, this has a positive impact on the team’s results.

Although some areas are larger than others, most basketball games do not have as many spectators as the NFL, for example. Nevertheless, people who watch basketball games in real-time are usually passionate about the sport and their favourite team. Consequently, they will do everything they can to help them by singing, chanting players’ names, and so on.

It should be noted that fans have a vital role in many other sports, including soccer. Some of the world’s biggest stadiums gather hundreds of thousands of players, which means this definitely affects the match.

Extra Motivation

The last reason home teams in the NBA have more than a 60% win rate is their extra motivation. Since they’re playing in their hometown, they want to impress their fans and win the match. Needless to say, this gives them extra motivation while playing, which reflects on the score at the end of the match.

Aside from the motivation from playing in their hometown, some teams/players are more competitive than others. That’s why there have been many cases where the underdogs win, even against opponents they shouldn’t be able to defeat. Of course, we must remember that the NBA is the most impressive basketball league globally, so everything is possible.

Betting on the NBA – What to keep in mind when choosing the home team

Since basketball is one of the most popular sports among online bettors, much only focus on the NBA. In addition to the NBA betting tips, people who decide to wager on this league have to check which team will “host” the match. You may think this does not matter, but some bookies add new options and/or adjust the old ones. Here are just a couple of aspects to keep in mind.


Unsurprisingly, online bookmakers are aware that most teams using their home court have a slight edge over their opponents. As a result, they make sure to reflect this on the odds for the most popular markets.

If you decide to wager on the most common basketball betting markets and choose the home team, you may notice that the odds are slightly lower than usual. There are cases where the difference might be substantial, especially if the two teams are “arch enemies”.

Of course, the fact that the odds are lower for one team means that they are higher for the other one. So, make sure you learn everything about the two NBA squads and decide what to wager on.


Online bookmakers are aware that people like using all kinds of bonuses while betting. So, in addition to the ones available all the time, they often provide short-term options for basketball. What’s even more interesting is that operators usually focus on the underdogs, especially when they have the home stadium advantage.

There are different kinds of basketball betting bonuses you can come across. Since most of them are for the underdogs, the only way to use them is by betting on them. Unsurprisingly, the cashback promo is the most popular reward you can come across. However, some websites may provide alternatives like free bets and even classic deposit bonuses.

Additional betting markets

Lastly, another big advantage of betting on the home team in an NBA match is the access to additional markets. As mentioned, the best basketball betting websites are aware of the fact that home teams have an advantage. Consequently, they will often include exclusive betting markets for a specific club that won’t be available when they’re on the “away” side.

The options here are limitless because it all comes down to the iGaming operator you’re using. Keep in mind that some bookmakers will pay more attention to the live betting markets than the regular ones. So, by choosing to bet on the home NBA team, you will have the chance to experience new options.

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