Social Media’s Influence On Online Gambling – How Do Bookies and Casinos Use The Different Platforms To Their Advantage

Social Media's Influence on Online Gambling
Social Media's Influence on Online Gambling

Social media will play an important role regardless of the industry you are interested in. Billions of users worldwide use different social media channels to work, keeping track of different information and staying up-to-date with everything new regarding the company they are interested in. This is also true for online gambling.

Speaking of social media, the stats from show that close to 29% of people learn the latest news online because of it. Searching for more details comes second with 25%, whereas learning directly from the source is third with 22%. “Many of you may be surprised by the results of social media, but I am not. Almost everyone I know uses Instagram, Twitter (X), Telegram, or Facebook. Needless to say, the hottest news spread like wildfire, so it’s easy to keep track of things”, said Kristiyan from NB.

Now that we know social media influences how we learn the latest news, it’s time to focus on online gambling. The companies involved in this business have realized the power of social media long ago. Let’s see how do they use it to their advantage to grow their business.

what do internet users rely on to learn about the news online

Engaging posts

Starting with the classic, online bookmakers and casinos (even their land-based counterparts) usually have a specific post schedule. This means that the company will post different kinds of things on social media. The posts will be different, depending on the operator, but they will always be engaging.

Companies do this because they want to interact with their fans. Since most brands use social media managers, these people know how to make a page look more engaging. Consequently, they often create funny posts, ask for people’s opinions, or share popular memes.

The posts’ structure depends on the specific social media. In Twitter (X), for example, gamblers rarely read long posts, so most operators usually share memes and/or other engaging content. The same is true for Instagram, where the photo itself is the main focus. On Facebook, however, some online bookies and casinos can create long-form posts because users are more willing to read such a thing.

Professional social media managers keep track of the most recent news and post about them. For example, many bookmakers will often talk about some of the more popular sports like football.


Voting for different things is always interesting, especially when we can do it from the comfort of our homes or the palm of our hands. If you look at any big company on social media, you will find loads of polls. People ask various questions and expect others to vote and share their opinions.

Considering these things’ popularity, it’s no surprise that online gambling websites use them to their advantage. You will always find at least a couple of active polls if you check any bookmakers and casinos. There are instances where the operators want to know what their clients think about something, but most polls are just there to engage with the community.

Creating innovative games via social media

Many big gambling companies try to be more innovative by sharing random posts, memes, and polls. Consequently, they often develop different games requiring people to do something.

The games and the rules will differ in each situation because it depends on the operator. For example, some sports betting operators host a Correct Score prediction game during a big football competition. If that is available, users who follow the given channel or page will have to guess the final score in the game. Those who predict it will win prizes, such as a free bet, a promo code, or something else.

It’s no surprise these kinds of games attract many people because they are free of charge. Usually, gamblers have to like the given bookie’s page and write a comment with the score.

The correct score game is just one of the many things that punters will come across on social media. It is possible to find different trivia posts where the casino/bookie asks specific questions. The idea here is to answer as soon as possible because the first one to answer usually gets the prize.

Many Different Promo Codes

When talking about social media’s influence on online gambling, some operators have difficulty convincing fans to like their pages. There are many instances where a given casino or bookie may have loads of clients, but most are not interested in following the brand on social media. There are different reasons for that, including the fact that some punters want to stay under the radar.

In order to stimulate gamblers to follow their pages, some operators take drastic measures and offer promo codes. These codes are very different in terms of what they offer because it depends on the specific company.

A typical example of a reward obtainable via a promo code on social media is a small no-deposit bonus. There are also bonus codes for free spins and free bets, as well as for limited-time reload offers.

Sometimes, the promotional codes on social media will be your ticket for certain events. Many online casinos do that and require the given person to follow and/or like their page to participate in these competitions.


Although giveaways are less common than some of the other things mentioned before, it is possible to find at least a couple of them. Some online casinos and bookies haven’t hosted any giveaways yet, but the option is becoming more popular.

When talking about giveaways, we can divide them into two groups. The first includes different “on-site” items like promo codes, extra cash, instant withdrawals, and more. On the other hand, the second group can consist of different tangible items. For example, some operators may offer smartphones, laptops, luxury vacations, and more.

Although each player will most likely have to wager a given amount before taking part in these giveaways, social media will be involved. This means that punters may need to like a page or follow a channel and leave a comment.

Guest posts from celebrities, ambassadors, and more

Gambling websites partner with famous people from all walks of life to appeal to more clients. Most companies used to focus on famous athletes, but we have brands that partner with music stars and others.

To keep people entertained and show their relationship with a given celebrity, the latter often posts something using the operator’s social media page. For example, it’s common to find special posts about a given event, interviews, and more.

Some operators, such as Stake, also share when some of their ambassadors do something interesting. For example, this is one of the sites that will share a post when Drake decides to place one of his jaw-dropping bets.

Influencers and collaborations

Not every online casino and bookmaker has the funds to work with a celebrity. Therefore, some brands use social media to their advantage and partner with different influencers. The latter will usually create posts or stories/reels about something and promote the operator’s services.

The only problem with influencers is that most are unwilling to work with gambling companies. Due to the strict rules about gambling advertisements, most famous people on social media refuse to promote these sites. Although most gambling brands pay tons of money, it seems like influencers do not want to risk their accounts.

Tutorials, Interviews, Live Streams and Behind-The-Scenes Content

Everything mentioned so far allows gambling operators to attract more fans. However, some brands invest heavily into becoming “closer” with their customers. As a result, a lot of them started focusing heavily on video content for their social media channels.

Starting with tutorials, it’s common to come across short videos about some of the products you will find while using the betting platform. For example, there might be videos about how to place a bet, play a given casino game, make a deposit, and more.

Interviews are also becoming much more popular, especially among sites that sponsor different people. Since the latter work with the gambling operator, you can often find unique interviews where these people are asked questions you won’t find elsewhere.

Live streams are also becoming more common, especially on big platforms. Some online bookies host regular live streams on a given day of the week, whereas others only do it when there is a big event.

Last but certainly not least, some gambling sites have started creating behind-the-scenes content. Although these videos may not seem attractive at first, many gamblers watch them because they want to know how a given operator works. Depending on the site, users can learn about management, day-to-day operations, the development of new games, and more.


All top-tier online bookies and casinos rely on social media to become more successful. It is just one aspect that helps them grow, but it’s incredibly important.

Considering the legislative changes and the broader acceptance of iGaming, we expect social media to be even more important in the future. After all, a lot of people will learn about some gambling sites because of it.

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