Who Owns Betway

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Who Owns betway?
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Betway is one of the most popular and famous online bookmakers, offering a sportsbook and online casino to people worldwide. Licensed to offer its services in various jurisdictions, including the UK, Ireland, Malta, and Sweden, this bookie is a globally renowned company. Betway Group was founded in 2006 and offered an online cutting-edge interactive gaming experience.

Their international expansion sees them licensing the brand in further regulated markets to ensure a global presence. However, to understand the brand better, knowing who owns it is crucial. Below, we explore the board members and the owners of Betway.

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CEO of Betway and Other Board Members

Betway owners Super Group has Eric Grubman as the company’s chairman. Grubman (see LinkedIn profile) has been part of the sports industry for many years and, from 2004 to 2018, held various roles in the National Football League (NFL). He was also the Chairman and CFO of Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp. Neal Menashe (LinkedIn profile) holds the CEO position in Super Group, with Anthony Werkman, the CEO of Betway Group.

Anthony Werkman (LinkedIn profile) was born in South Africa and completed a degree in politics and economics before entering the iGaming industry. He’s been part of the industry since 2000 and joined the company in 2013. He was previously the Marketing and Operations Director since 2015 and was appointed CEO in 2017. However, Betway runs thanks smoothly to several crucial board members listed below.

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Source: @betwaygroup.com
  • Richard Akitt – Chairman (LinkedIn profile)
  • Damaris Galea – Finance Director (LinkedIn profile)
  • Bob Dutnall – Advisor to the Board (LinkedIn profile)
  • Nick Shepherd – Non-Executive Director
  • Lord St John of Bletso – Advisor to the Board of Directors

More About Super Group

supergroup logo

Super Group is one of the leading iGaming companies. It not only owns this popular bookie but also owns Spin, a multi-brand online casino. This company has a global workforce in over 17 countries with more than 3,500 employees. The company is also determined to ensure you enjoy a safe gaming experience, offering industry-leading responsible gaming tools. They also run a charity organisation, WayForward, which focuses on giving back to the communities the brand closely works with on a daily basis.

Betway Headquarters

As we’ve stated before, this bookie offers international platforms. However, while Betway is available in multiple jurisdictions, the bookie has its Headquarters in Malta, at 9 Empire Stadium Street in Gzira. They also have other offices in Guernsey, Madrid and London. They are present in many other jurisdictions through third-party support staff. Betway owners Super Group is located in Guernsey, in the Kingsway House on Havilland Street in St Peter Port.

The Importance of Knowing Who Owns Betway

Knowing the Betway owners is vital to ensure you are safe and secure while using the services. While you can explore more about the bookie’s platform through several sources, the owners aren’t always looked at in depth. Playing at a platform that’s entirely transparent about the Betway owners means the company has nothing to hide and is trustworthy. In addition to the trustworthiness of this betting operator, you can browse through the teams sponsored by Betway and learn why it is so popular in certain jurisdictions.

A safe platform like betway casino is always licenced and regulated by the applicable jurisdiction. Knowing more about the Betway owners means you can check which jurisdictions licence them and all responsible gambling policies they have in place. This provides increased security not only for the platform but also for you as a user.

Another reason to know who the Betway owners are is that you can keep up to date with any relevant news. Keeping updated with the company’s recent news means you’ll always know what to expect from their services.


Where Is Betway Licensed?

This brand is licensed in the UK, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Belgium, South Africa, Mexico, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Argentina, Ireland, France, Malta and the US.

How Do I Register for Betway?

You can easily complete the betway registration process; it only takes six easy steps to sign up.

How Do I Contact Betway?

The platform has various support channels, from live chat to support email on their gaming platforms. You can also contact the team via their website.

How Do I Install the Betway App?

Installing the betway mobile app is easy, as you download it and follow the prompts to install it on your Android or iOS mobile device.

Does Betway Sponsor Any Sports Teams?

Yes, the company believes in sponsoring sports teams from several countries, including eight NBA teams like the Chicago Bulls, the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL, and West Ham United of the England Premier League, to name a few.

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