Betway Roulette: Everything You Need To Know

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Betway Casino has grown into one of the best betting sites for roulette enthusiasts since opening in 2006. Along with RNG roulette games, Betway’s live roulette games have been instrumental in their success. This article will explain everything you need to know about the roulette games Betway offers and will include a list of the top 5 recommend Betway roulette games.

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Betway Roulette Games

Whether you play Betway Roulette on your desktop or mobile device, the game selection and quality are second to none. With a goal to deliver a safe gambling environment, Betway has focused on providing a small yet superior selection of roulette games. All games are provably safe, and more importantly, they offer a full range of betting limits, multiple betting options, and special features.

RNG Roulette Games

Betway may not be one of the biggest online casinos in terms of the total number of games they offer. Still, with new titles always on the horizon, they are one of the best for RNG Roulette games. Powered by Microgaming, the company behind the very first online casino, the games may appear dated, but the quality, table limits and betting features are what make these games a great option.

betway roulette game RNG

If RGN games are your preference, the table below includes a list of the 10 RNG Roulette games Betway provides, their table limits, betting options and features:

🎡 Roulette Games💰 Table Limits⚡ Betting options and Features
American Roulette€1 – €2000Fast play, Auto-Play, Hot/Cold, Neighbours
European Roulette€1 – €2000None
French Roulette€1 – €2000Neighbours, Finales
Multifare Auto Roulette€1 – €2000Auto-Play, Neighbours
French Roulette Gold€1 – €2000Auto-Play, Neighbours, Finales
Multi-Wheel Roulette€1 – €2000Fast play, Auto-Play, Neighbours, Finales
Premier Roulette€0.25 – €2000Auto-Play, Neighbours, Finales, Splits
Multi-Player Roulette Diamond Edition€1 – €400Neighbours
Premier Roulette Diamond Edition€0.25 – €2000Fast play, Auto-Play, Hot/Cold, Neighbours, Finales, Splits
European Roulette Gold Series€1 – €2000Auto-Play, Neighbours, Finales, Splits

As you can see, the selection of RNG Roulette games at Betway is fairly diverse. Along with American, European and French Roulette, Betway offers less commonly known variants, such as Multifare Auto Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette, and Premier Roulette. The diversity lets you experience a far greater variant of Roulette games. In our opinion, Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is one of the best, as it has all possible game features and liberal table limits.

Live Roulette Games

Similar to RNG Roulette games, Betway’s live casino offers a fantastic variety of state-of-the-art live dealer roulette games. Powered by Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Pragmatic Play Live and OnAir, the quality is immediately noticeable thanks to the superb streaming qualities, table limits, and betting features.

betway roulette live dealers

More importantly, with skilled live dealers at the ready, bettors interested in playing live Roulette at Betway can choose from the following game variants.

🎡 Roulette Game💰 Table Limits⚡ Betting options and Features
American Roulette€1 – €25,000Neighbours, Fast play, Auto-Play, Hot/Cold
VIP Roulette€2 – €50,000Neighbours, Finales, Hot/Cold
London Roulette€1 – €25,000Neighbours, Finales, Hot/Cold
Auto Roulette€0.10 – €10,000Neighbours, Finales
Auto Roulette VIP€0.20 – €10,000Neighbours, Finales, Hot/Cold
Auto Roulette La Partage€0.20 – €10,000Neighbours, Finales, Hot/Cold
French Roulette Gold€2 – €50,000Neighbours, Finales, Hot/Cold
Immersive Roulette€1 – €400Neighbours, Finales, Hot/Cold
Deutsches Roulette€0.25 – €2000Neighbours, Finales, Auto-Play, Hot/Cold
Lightning Roulette€0.20 – €10,000Neighbours, Finales, Hot/Cold
Quantum Roulette€2 – €50,000Neighbours, Finales, Hot/Cold
Speed Roulette€1 – €400Neighbours, Finales, hod/cold

As you may have noticed, the live Roulette variants above all offer liberal table limits that are suitable for all skill levels. Unlike the RNG games, the live casino focuses more on unique variants like London Roulette, Auto Roulette and Auto Roulette La Partage. We particularly like VIP Roulette as it offers the highest table limits.

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Betway Roulette Games Rules & Terms

In order to play roulette at Betway, every bettor must follow the rules for the variant they are playing and meet the terms and conditions. Resultantly, whenever playing roulette at Betway, each player must:

  • Be a registered member at Betway.
  • Must have verified their account.
  • Must have a positive balance in their account.
  • Must place bets within the posted table limits.

Our Betway Roulette Top 5

As we mentioned, Betway has a small yet high-quality selection of RNG and Live Dealer Roulette games. While all offer a fantastic gaming experience, like any other game, there are several that stand out above the others. Therefore, here is our list of the top 5 Betway roulette games.

1. American Roulette

american roulette live

American Roulette is one of the most popular roulette games due to its offering an average of 94.74% RTP. Featuring a single and double zero and a 1 to 36, bettors can opt to bet on odds, even, colours, corners, dozens and more. However, its most appealing aspect for live roulette is the €1 – €25,000 table limits, and for the RNG variant, a €1 – €2,000.

2. Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

premier roulette diamond edition

The second in our top 5 roulette games at Betway, Premier Roulette Diamond Edition features a 1 – 36 numbered wheel with a single zero. Known for its above-average RTP, this variant offers a sleek design and all the usual betting options and includes rebet options, statistics, and table limits that appeal to low, medium and high rolling punters.

3. Lightning Roulette

lightning roulette live game

One of the top variants since its release at Betway, Lightning Roulette is an intensified version that begins with a lightning bolt striking 1 to 5 numbers and giving those numbers multipliers between 50 and 500x. While the game has reduced single number odds (30/1), its multipliers, lighting, sound effects, and traditional side bet options make it a must-play fast-paced variant.

4. Immersive Roulette

immersive roulette live casino game

Rated one of the best versions of live roulette online, Immersive Roulette may offer lower table limits, but it more than makes up for the reduction with its inside and outside bets. Featuring thirty high-definition cameras, it delivers an immersive roulette experience where bettors never miss a second of the action.

5. VIP Roulette

live casino vip roulette game

The last in our top 5 list, VIP Roulette offers a standard version of the game with the usual 1-36 single zero game board. While it offers nothing special in terms of betting options and features, it does offer table limits that top €50,000, and for high rollers, that opens the doors to great opportunities.


There is no doubt that Betway offers the perfect balance between RNG Roulette and Live Dealer Roulette games. Backed by top providers who work with Betway to offer above-average table limits, bettors interested in playing Roulette will find the reputation and integrity at Betway to be unquestionable. That is a solid reason for choosing Betway for Roulette, add in our top 5 Roulette games, and you are already one step closer to experiencing the quality Betway delivers.

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