How To Place A Bet On Betway

betway how to place a bet
How to Place a bet on Betway
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Betway is an award-winning online gambling company whose betting products include a sportsbook and casino. Established in 2006, it is also the official betting partner of the NHL, LNH and West Ham United. Considering its extensive pre-match, in-play betting opportunities and wide range of sports, this article will explain how to use Betway, place a bet on Betway, and choose a bet type.

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Before You Place a Bet

Before you place a bet on Betway, there are several steps you must complete as a new Betway customer. The first is to create a new account, the second is to verify your account, and the third is to make a deposit. To create an account on Betway, you will need to navigate to Betway, click on “Sign Up”, and then follow the steps below:

  1. Select whether you would like to activate the Betway welcome offer.
  2. Create a username and password and enter a valid email address.
  3. Enter your personal details, such as your name and date of birth.
  4. Lastly, complete the contact details section, confirm you are of legal age to gamble click the “Register” button.

After creating your account, Betway will send you a link to your registered email address with a verification link. To complete the verification process, click the link sent by Betway and then proceed to fund your account using one of Betway’s popular payment methods.

How to Use Betway

Knowing how to place a bet on Betway is an important starting point for any punter who wants to bet on sports. To help you understand how to use Betway, here are the five main steps you will need to follow:

  1. Log in to Betway
  2. Navigate to the sportsbook and find a sport and league
  3. Decide on an event
  4. Choose a bet type
  5. Confirm the bet

Finding a Sport and League

betway place bet sports

Finding a sport and league on Betway is relatively easy, as the sportsbook provides several navigation options. The first is a menu with quick links to various leagues, such as the NHL, NBA, NFL and UFC, and the other is the main sports menu. This menu is conveniently located under the quick links menu and lists the sports available for betting on alphabetically.

To find a sport and league, you can scroll through the list of sports, select one that interests you, then under the sport in question, select a top league, preview the scheduled events, make your selection and place your bet.

Deciding on an Event

betway place bet events

While choosing an event may seem simple, with over 20 sports leagues covered on Betway, it is beneficial to know what to look for when deciding on an event. When deciding on an event, the main factor to consider is what sports interests you. As most punters favour certain sports over others, the first step is to preview the schedule of events for each sport you wish to punt on, and lastly, the next is to evaluate the odds for each market you are considering.

Choosing a Bet Type

Choosing a bet type is almost as important as the sport you bet on, as each has a unique set of variables that can impact profits. As Betway strives to offer a variety of bets:

betway place bet type
  • Pre-Match – betting on events before their scheduled start time.
  • Live Betting – betting on events while they are live and before their natural conclusion.
  • Free Bets – using free bets to bet on a specific sporting event.
  • Build-a-bet feature on Betway – creating a multi-bet with different markets for a specific event or game.

Confirming the Bet

betway place bet confirm

Now that you have created an account at Betway, chosen a sports league, decided on an event and selected your bet time, now it is time to confirm your bet. By far, this is the easiest step, as all it requires of you is to enter your bet amount and click the “Place Bet” button. Once the bet has been submitted, all that is left is to wait for the outcome.


One of the benefits of punting at Betway is how easy it is to register with the bookmaker and how easy it is to place a bet. The beauty of Betway is that it doesn’t change regardless of whether you are betting on your desktop or mobile, as punters will find how to place a bet remains the same, as do the bet types and markets they can choose.

FAQ about Betway

Is Betway safe?

Yes, Betway is a member of the International betting integrity association and is certified as a safe and fair betting site by eCOGRA.

How can I know which events offer which types of bets?

You can know which events offer which bet types by selecting an event and previewing the available bet types.

What is the minimum deposit on Betway?

The minimum deposit on Betway is £/€/$10.

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