Top 10 EPL Season 2023-24 Annual Salaries REVEALED

Kevin De Bruyne - Manchester City
Source: BTA

Being a professional footballer has many perks, especially if you are playing in the English Premier League. The latter is the home of some of the world’s best football clubs and players. That’s why it should not be surprising that the best players in the EPL have jaw-dropping salaries.

While discussing the annual salaries, revealed that Kevin De Bruyne is occupying the first place with £20,800,000 per year. “Manchester City’s midfielder has been one of the world’s best footballers for some time now, so he deserves to be the highest-paid player on his team and in the English Premier League. Having said that, I won’t be surprised if things change this or next year”, said Veselin from NB.

EPL Salaries season 2023/2024

Kevin De Bruyne is a 32-year-old midfielder from Belgium who became a part of Manchester City in 2015. Before that, he played for Vfl Wolfsburg, Werder Bremen, and even Chelsea. At the time of his arrival in City, the latter paid around £55M, which made him the most expensive transfer in EPL’s history. Some people were skeptical about this move, but De Bruyne proved he is among the best midfielders in the world.

While it is true that Kevin De Bruyne’s salary is impressive, he is among the many well-paid EPL footballers. So, let’s dive into the other 9 on the list and share more details.

Erling Haaland – £19.5M

Erling Haaland Man City
Source: BTA (AP Photo/Dave Thompson)

As our expert mentioned earlier, De Bruyne might be leading the chart in the EPL now, but this could change really soon. One of the reasons for this is Erling Haaland, Manchester City’s world-class striker. The 23-year-old has been on the rise for a few years now, and it’s safe to say he is the best striker in the English Premier League. In fact, some people even say he is among the best to ever play in the EPL.

Erling Haaland’s current yearly earnings are equal to £19,500,000, slightly less than that of one of his teammates. However, the player keeps breaking records in terms of the number of goals he scores, which means City may decide they need a new contract.

It goes without saying, but all the top football clubs in Europe want to get Haaland’s signature. Competing with the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, and many others is hard, but City has the financial resources to give Haaland an even better contract. We are yet to see if this is going to happen.

Mohamed Salah – £18.2M

Mohamed Salah
Source: BTA (AP Photo/Ian Walton)

After analyzing Manchester City’s big superstars, Mohamed Salah is the next name in the list of top 10 EPL season 2023-2024 annual salary earners. In the last couple of years, Liverpool’s best striker gets around £18,200,000 per year. He has been on a similar rate for a while now because Salah is the leading figure in Liverpool.

The Egyptian player became a part of The Reds in 2017 after a transfer from Roma. Similar to De Bruyne’s move to City, Salah’s Liverpool transfer was unheard of because the club spent around £36.5M. The amount was hefty, but Salah proved several times he deserved it because he had been the team’s leader. Salah helped Liverpool win numerous awards, and he even won the PFA Players’ Player of the Year award in 2017-2018.

Carlos Casimiro – £18.2M

Casemiro - Manchester United
Source: BTA

The next name on our list of the top 10 EPL Season 2023-24 annual salary earners is Carlos Casemiro. Manchester United’s player gets more than £1M per month because his annual salary is the same as Salah’s – £18.2M. This amount makes Casemiro the most-paid player in his position in the EPL.

The 31-year-old Brazilian star became part of United in 2022 when the club paid £60M + £10M in add-ons. United needed a player of his caliber in this role because the team was struggling to achieve good results. Whether the transfer helped them get better is a topic for another day, but the fact is that Casemiro came to Manchester from Real Madrid.

Raphael Varane – £17.68M

Raphael Varane - Manchester United
Source: BTA

The next player on the list is also from Manchester United. The data for the top 10 EPL season 2023/23 annual salary earners show that Varane gets around £17,680,000 per year, which equals to more than £1.4M a month. This amount also makes Varane one of the highest-paid centre-back in the EPL.

In terms of moving to the Red Devils, the French star became a part of the team after coming from Real Madrid. This happened in 2021, and since then, the player has 54 matches, during which he scored 2 goals.

Raheem Sterling – £16.9M

Raheem Sterling - Chelsea
Source: BTA

After highlighting a few players from City, United, and Liverpool, we must add Chelsea to the list. The Blues’ highest-earning player in terms of salary is Raheem Sterling. The sources reveal Sterling earns around £16,900,000 per year, which makes him among the best-paid Wingers in the league.

Sterling has always played in the English Premier League. His career started in Liverpool, and after spending 3 years there, he joined City. After playing over 225 matches for the club from Manchester, Sterling decided to move to London and joined Chelsea in 2022. The club had to pay around £47.5M for his signature.

Jack Grealish – £15.6M

Jack Grealish at Man City
Source: BTA

The most expensive English player ever became a part of Manchester City in 2021, and the latter paid around £100M for his signature. Since then, Jack Grealish has played a total of 61 matches, and City is paying him roughly £15.6M per year.

Before joining Manchester City, Grealish was a part of Aston Villa. In fact, he spent his entire career there and played a total of 185 matches before moving to Manchester. Since becoming part of his new club, City secured many trophies, including the legendary Treble.

Marcus Rashford – £15.6M

Marcus Rashford - Man United
Source: BTA

This player is also on the list of top 10 EPL Season 2024-24 annual salary earners, and he gets the same amount per year as Jack Grealish – £15.6M. Marcus Rashford is 26 years old and has been a part of Manchester United throughout his career.

Despite the criticism, the forward has had several good seasons with the club, as well as the English national team. Off the pitch, Rashford is famous for being active in campaigns against racism, and he is also a philanthropist.

Enzo Fernández – £15.47M

Enzo Fernandez at Chelsea
Source: BTA

The World Cup 2022 winner, Enzo Fernández, is the next name on the list because the player earns around £15.47M per year. The 22-year-old from Argentina joined Chelsea in early 2023 following his stellar performance for his national team. Enzo had a crucial role in Argentina’s success in Qatar, which is why he was approached by several clubs.

Before joining the EPL, Enzo played in Benfica. The midfielder became a part of Chelsea after the latter paid around £106M. This resulted in an 8-and-a-half-year contract between him and Chelsea, valid until 2031.

Kai Havertz – £14.56M

Kai Havertz - Arsenal
Source: BTA

The last football player we want to talk about is Kai Havertz. He is a part of Arsenal and earns around £14.56M annually. This makes him the highest-paid player at the club because he earns even more than Gabriel Jesus.

Despite being just 24 years old, Havertz is a big name in football. He was a part of Bayer Leverkusen, after which he played for Chelsea for 3 years. This was when he signed a deal with Arsenal, a transfer that was around £65M.

The clubs that pay these salaries & their EPL winning odds

If we analyze the top 10 EPL season 2023-24 annual salaries, we can see that the players are a part of the following clubs:

  • Manchester City
  • Manchester United
  • Chelsea
  • Liverpool
  • Arsenal

Considering they are the biggest names in the English Premier League, it’s no surprise a lot of people bet on them. There are many different types of bets to choose from, but a lot of people decide to wager on the outright winner. This option could result in high odds, but it depends on which club you select.

If we analyze some of the leading football betting platforms, we can see that some teams are way bigger favorites than others. Manchester City leads the chart with an average odds of 1.61 to win the league. The next place is for Arsenal with 4.50, followed by Liverpool with 5.50. The odds for Manchester United are 71.00, whereas Chelsea gets 251.00.

Considering City’s most recent dominance, it’s no surprise the team is the favorite to win the EPL. However, it won’t be easy because clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool will do everything in their power to stop Haaland and co. We will have to wait and see the final results.

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