Real Madrid is the 2021/2022 European Football Champion With the Most Social Media Followers – 376M as of January 2023

2021/2022 football champions with most followers
Football Club Champions (2021/2022) with Most Followers

Whether we like it or not, Social media has a huge role in our daily lives. Besides the ordinary people who use them to communicate with friends and family, companies utilize things like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to promote their brands. This also applies to some of Europe’s biggest soccer clubs.

According to, Real Madrid has the most impressive media following, with a total of 376M. This is more than all other European league football champions following the 2021/2022 season, which is really impressive. “To be fair, I wasn’t surprised that Real Madrid is topping the chart as of January 2023. The team has a massive following worldwide because it has been home to some of the best footballers, such as Ronaldo and CR7. Although the Portuguese star left the club several years ago, Los Blancos are still the leader in social media”, said Veselin from NB.

most followed on social media football champions season 2021/2022

#1 Real Madrid – 376М

Real Madrid won La Liga for the 35th time in season 2021/2022, and the team has what it takes to win again this year. However, Barcelona is right behind them, which means that it won’t be easy for Benzema and his team to win.

Of course, a team like Real Madrid is often the preferred option for online bettors and one of the bookies’ favorites. Even though the odds for most markets won’t be that high, users can expect to find various options. Moreover, some operators will allow players to watch Real Madrid’s matches in real-time, thanks to the Live Streaming feature.

Even though Los Blancos leads the social media followers chart, some of Europe’s biggest clubs are not that far behind. Let’s go through them and learn more about their current situation.

#2 Paris Saint-Germain – 180M

Regarding the European football league champions and their followers, Paris Saint-Germain takes the second spot on the list. Unsurprisingly, one of the wealthiest clubs in the world has little to no competition in France. As a result, PSG won the Ligue 1 in 2021/2022 and is on track to do the same in 2022/2023.

Although PSG has always been one of France’s most successful and famous football teams, everything changed once Tamin bin Hamad Al Than, Qatar’s Emir, got around 70% of the club. Suddenly, PSG stepped away from Lyon’s shadow and became one of the most popular and strongest football clubs in Europe.

Today, France’s powerhouse is home to some of the world’s most popular footballers. Players like Lionel Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, and Ramos are all on the same team, which is mind-blowing, even for casual football fans. Of course, all these stars attract a lot of attention, which explains why PSG has 180M followers.

In terms of online betting, you can find loads of options for PSG. In fact, many bookmakers will even include temporary bonuses that people can use when betting on them.

#3 Manchester City – 130M

While we’re on the topic of rich football clubs, we also have to include the current English Premier League Champion. Once in the shadows of Manchester United, everything changed once Sheikh Monsaour decided to acquire The Citizens in 2008. Since then, City has won numerous trophies in England and established itself as one of the most successful football clubs.

The fact that Manchester City became rich allowed the team to sign in some of the best footballers worldwide. The team won the EPL many times, but in 2022/2023, it had a formidable opponent in the face of Arsenal. The two clubs are close to each other, which is why bookmakers pay special attention to the markets and the odds they offer.

Nowadays, City’s squad is full of superstars, but Erling Haaland is in a league of his own. Regarded as one of the best footballers, the goal machine is probably the best player in the EPL.

#4 Bayern Munich – 119M

Even though some people don’t consider the Bundesliga as popular as the EPL or La Liga, there are a couple of big clubs there. However, Bayern Munich is on another level because it is the most successful team in Germany. The current champion is also quite popular on social media because it has around 119M followers across all platforms.

What’s interesting about Bayern Munich is it was the world’s most supported club several years ago. In 2016, the team had more than 277,000 registered members, more than the other clubs, such as Barcelona or Benfica.

Let’s look at the leading European football competitions, such as the Champions League. We can see that Bayern Munich is the only German club that can challenge the best in England, Spain, Italy, and France. That said, the team is always the favourite in the Bundesliga. Consequently, most bookies rarely provide good odds for the standard betting markets, such as 1×2.

#5 AC Milan – 62M

There is no arguing that Serie A is nowhere near as strong as it was around 20 years ago. Nevertheless, the top clubs in Italy have loyal fans all over the world, and the 2021/2022 champion is no exception. AC Milan won Serie A after a fierce battle with some of its competitors, and as of early 2023, the club has around 62M social media followers.

Although 62M followers is a lot, AC Milan is not the most famous club in Italy. This honour goes to Juventus, but since the Rossoneri won the championship, we’ve decided to feature them on the list.

Speaking of Serie A, it is highly unlikely that Milan will win the competition for the second time. As of early 2023, Napoli has a substantial lead over its competitors, which means the team will most likely win. However, this doesn’t mean that Milan is not a solid option for online betting. On the contrary, the fact that the team is not in its best form means that bookmakers often provide much higher odds than usual. Of course, this depends greatly on which betting platform you choose because some provide more things than others.


In addition to these 2 teams, we also have to mention Ajax and Porto. The first club won the championship in the Netherlands and has around 22M followers. Porto, which is one of the biggest clubs in Liga Portugal, won its 30th championship title in 2021/2022. However, the club only has around 9M followers, much lower than the biggest names in other countries like Spain.

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