2.04B People play Video Games to unwind, 1.48B prefer to spend time by themselves

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How many people & Why play video games?

Video Games may seem like a waste of time for many, but for others, they can be a source of infinite fun. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you notice that the number of people who use them grows every year. Of course, the popularity of video games also affects the eSports industry.

The stats offered by Nostrabet.com show that around 2.04B people play video games in unwind. Interestingly, around 1.48B play video games to spend time by themselves. “It might seem strange to some people, but others play all kinds of games after a long and exhausting day at work. Sure, not all titles allow them to relax, but there are usually plenty of options that offer a load of fun”, said Veselin from Nostrabet.

But what are all of the reasons why people play video games, and how do they affect the eSports & online betting industry? Well, we are about to learn more.

2.04B play video games to relax

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The fact that around one-fourth of the global population plays video games to relax might surprise some people. However, considering that most gamers have full-time jobs, they need something that allows them to have fun. This is where these games to play.

Playing computer games is a relatively inexpensive hobby unless you always want to have the best hardware. All you need is a decent PC, and you will be able to play the most popular titles. This is especially true regarding eSports because most of the computer games in this category do not require a lot of system resources.

Speaking of eSports and relaxing, these games rarely allow people to do that. On the contrary, those interested in games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends are usually competitive. So, instead of relaxing, they end up focusing on winning.

1.61B people play games to fill in their time while taking a break

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Unlike those who play video games to relax, almost everyone in this category is interested in mobile gaming. People who play while taking a break or when waiting or commuting rarely have access to a computer or a laptop. As a result, they focus on mobile games available on Android or iOS.

Speaking of mobile games, some people might think they aren’t as good as those on PC. This may be true up to a point, but playing on the go is becoming more popular daily. As a result, some of the leading gaming companies have developed loads of world-class mobile titles.

The only downside of using these games is that they can rip through your battery life. Hence, mobile gamers often have to carry large battery packs with them.

Around 1.48b people play games because they want to spend time by themselves

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It may seem strange to some, but many gamers play their favourite titles just because they want to spend time alone. Most of them have a busy lifestyle that rarely allows them to have fun, so they focus on playing games. As mentioned, this hobby does not require a lot of funds, meaning that almost everyone can pick it up.

Speaking of spending time by themselves, some of these people are interested in eSports titles. Sure, these games might not be as relaxing as the single-player classics, such as God of War, but they allow them to compete against other players.

Almost all eSports games are free to get and do not require any kind of subscription. Playing eSports titles turns out to be cheaper in the long run.

More than 1.14B people play games because they want to solve a problem using their brain

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Everyone who plays video games knows that there are all kinds of genres to pick from. Most games prefer to focus on shooters or RTS/MMORPGs, but many other users like different things. In fact, more than 1.14B online gamers prefer to try out games that allow them to solve problems.

There are many examples of games that offer just that. Some are focused entirely on logic and problem-solving, while others include other elements. For example, one of the most popular eSports titles called, Dota 2, is notorious for being a game where you have to think critically and make accurate decisions in order to survive. As a result, people often play because they want to challenge themselves.

Which countries have the most gamers?

According to the most recent studies, the UK and Japan are the countries with the largest number of gamers compared to their population. As of 2022, around 58% of these countries’ population plays games, which is impressive, to say the least. What’s even more interesting is that the expectation for 2027 for the UK is to reach 70%, whereas Japan will go to 67%.

top 10 countries with active esports players

Aside from these two nations, Sweden, South Korea, and Mexico are also close behind them. South Korea will have around 57% active gamers in 2022, which should increase to 64% in 2027. The same applies to Sweden, but the country will have approximately 51% in 2022.

Even though Japan is an exception, Sweden, the UK, and South Korea are notorious for being among the best nations for eSports. In fact, some of the world’s top-tier players come from there. Needless to say, this has a big impact on the popularity of games.

Esports & their relationship with online betting

Those who keep an eye on sports know that eSports is a multi-billion-dollar industry that grows yearly. Even though the concept of playing games for money is strange to some, the best in the world people make millions of dollars from competing in events, salaries, and advertisements.

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the leading eSports titles attract a lot of casual players who want to become among the best. Even though this is easier said than done, millions put their luck to the test, which increases these games’ popularity.

Besides affecting the number of online gamers, eSports titles also have a crucial role in the online betting industry. The top online bookmakers worldwide allow their clients to bet on the biggest tournaments in the world. Although some only include a few options, most operators try to include as many alternatives as possible.

Esports will continue to have an even more critical role in the future of online betting. Unlike other sports, these titles offer different markets and odds. In some cases, options like CSGO and Dota 2 often allow users to try out unique features and specific bonuses. Unsurprisingly, this makes them the preferred option for many bettors.

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