Coral Racing Super Series: Everything You Need To Know

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For enthusiastic punters, horse racing is full of fun. A couple of things add more spark to this thrill, starting with live betting. Besides, enjoying a range of beautiful promotions could also make it even better.

We bet you have participated in the Coral Racing Super Series. If you haven’t yet, we will discuss this promotion and guide you on how to participate in it.

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What is the Coral Racing Super Series

Coral Racing Super Series is a promo for horse racing bettors. The promotion is free to join for all new Coral customers, and it gives you a chance to win a share of the £25,000 prize pot.

Coral Racing Super requires you to pick a horse to place in the listed races. To win a share of the jackpot prize, the horse you select should be placed in each of the available races. If one of the horses does not place, then you are out.

The entrants whose horses place in all the races will share the £25,000. If no one qualifies, the prize is not given.

Moreover, the prize is available as cash credit to your Coral account. Usually, it is offered within 24 hours after settlement of the bet and happens within five days.

How to Play Racing Super Series on Coral

To play the racing super series, Coral, register an account through the steps below.

Coral Registration
  1. Click the yellow ‘Join’ button on the top right corner of the Coral website.
  2. Select your country and currency on the sign-up form.
  3. Move on to enter your email address, user ID, and create a password.
  4. Next, enter your title, name, and date of birth.
  5. Lastly, key in your address and phone number and select a suitable marketing method before you hit the ‘Create my Account’ button.

Immediately after the above step, verify your Coral account by uploading proof of identity and address.

With your verified account, follow the steps below to place your Racing Super Series bet on Coral.

coral racing super series betting
  1. On the main menu, load the ‘Racing Super Series’ link.
  2. Automatically, you will see the first race. The runner, odds, forms and analysis are available as well. Selecting a horse takes you to the second race.
  3. Select the second one and continue to the last horse.
  4. Finally, click on the green ‘Submit Selections’ button.

Coral Racing Super Series Terms & Conditions

Below are the key terms and conditions of the Coral Racing Super Series.

  • Available to new and existing players who are 18 years and above from the UK and Ireland.
  • Enter all selections before the first race starts.
  • You can only place a maximum of 1 online entry and one in-shop entry for every eligible player.
  • Every horse you select must place in the races available to win.
  • The total prize pool will be divided among all winning entries in a game.
  • To receive the amount won in your account and withdraw it, your account must be verified.
  • The cash prize will be credited to your account within five days from the end of the game.

Racing Super Series Tips & Strategies

When participating in this promotion, you may have little control over aspects that may help you develop a winning strategy. However, there are two general tips that you could use to get the best. These include:

Keeping an Eye on the Big Prize

The promotion presents you with a prize pot shared among the winners. However, you stand a chance to carry the whole prize alone.

To do this, you could identify the favourite but fail to select it since everyone will choose it. This means you will choose either the second or third option from the famous. If your selections win, you will win the whole prize of £25000 since your competitors picked the favourite.

Bet on the Favourite and Optimize your Winning Chance

If you are not in for the whole prize, at least you want to walk away with some share in the £25000 prize pot. Therefore, you could pick all your favourites. Since they have a high winning chance, you could be among the prize pot beneficiaries.

How to Choose a Horse?

With the guide below, you can make better horse choices when participating in this promotion.

  • The horses form – The horse’s form will show how the horse performed in the previous races. Therefore, it will be a good indicator of its present natural ability. Go for a horse that shows excellent records.
  • Age of the horse – The age of the horse is critical. Is it a young and improving horse? Is it at the peak of its career, or has it started to decline? You go for a young and improving horse or the one at the height of its career.
  • Trainer and his form – It would help if you went for a horse trained by experienced and well-known trainers. Besides, you need to check how the trainer has performed recently.
  • Watch out news – Keeping up with current news about your favourite horse is essential. This gives you a performance update that could help in making a good pick.

Coral Racing Super Series Pros & Cons

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the racing Super Series Coral promotion.

  • Pros
  • You participate in the promotion freely
  • It has a massive jackpot of £25000
  • You receive the prize as cash credit in your account
  • Cons
  • Limited to players from the UK and Ireland
  • A single wrong selection eliminates you from the jackpot

Final Say

Coral Racing Super Series is a promotion of its own kind. To join, you do not stake any amount, yet the prize is an incredible jackpot of £25000, shareable among winners. More interestingly, the promotion terms and conditions are simple and friendly to any player. Consequently, it is a promotion you might want to try out.

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How long does the Racing Super Series promotion last?

The promotion period depends on the races you select and when they happen. Otherwise, this is a weekly promotion.

Can I bet from the Coral app?

Yes, you can bet from your Coral mobile app.

What’s the highest possible prize?

The highest possible prize under this promotion is £25000.

Can I cancel a bet?

No. But you have the option of editing your selections until the first race happens.

Must I be a registered punter to participate?

Yes, you must be a registered player to participate in the promotion.

Will I get any prize if one selection does not place?

No, you get a prize if all selections are placed.

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