How to Delete Coral Account?

how to delete coral account
How to Delete Coral Account
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Sometimes, for one reason or another, you may decide to stop using the services of Coral. However, once you have already had an active account, your data is stored on the website’s servers. Therefore, you might not be willing to leave your data since you have decided to stop using Coral.

There might be various reasons you want to delete your current Coral account. The good news is that just like any other reliable and trusted operator, Coral will allow you to easily complete the account deletion process.


Why Would Anyone Close Their Coral Account

Coral is a well-known bookmaker that offers a wide range of sports, casino and poker betting opportunities. As a Government of Gibraltar licensed bookmaker, Coral appreciates that some customers may wish to close their Coral account. Whether that is due to a lack of self-control, the need to take a break, changes in their financial obligations or maybe they simply found a better bookmaker. Either way, this article explains the various close Coral account options offered by the bookmaker and whether closing a Coral account is reversible.

Alternatives To Deleting Coral Account

While closing a Coral account is an option, the bookmaker offers a number of alternatives to deleting a Coral betting account. Among the alternatives Coral offers account holders is the option to set up deposit limits, and take time-outs to ensure they gamble responsibly. These allow users to set up daily deposit limits, weekly deposit limits and monthly deposit limits. This is above and beyond the following alternative options.

Guide on How to Close Coral Account

Closing a Coral account might seem a bit difficult to some of you. But, don’t worry, the procedure is not as engaging as it may seem. There are three major ways you can delete your Coral account and the customer service team will be there to help you along the way.

  • You can close the Coral online account through their gambling website.
  • You can ask for account closure at Coral by sending an e-mail.
  • You can make a account closure request using the live chat.

It all depends on your preferences and how to do it. Nevertheless, no matter which option you choose, you will be able to delete your Coral betting account. Below, we will give you more details on what you need to do in any available options.

How to Delete a Coral Account Through the Website?

You need to complete several steps if you want to close your Coral account through their website. Here is what you need to do:

coral send email support
  1. Access the Coral website and enter the Help and Contact section.
  2. Navigate to the Technical Issue section and click on the respective button to indicate that you need support. Click on “Yes” to indicate that you need further assistance.
  3. Then, you need to click on the E-mail tab.
  4. There, you must enter your date of birth, your name, and the e-mail you used when creating your account.
  5. In the message section, you can write that you want to delete your account.
  6. Click on the submit button to finalise the process and contact customer support team.

How to Close a Coral Account by E-mail?

The other option that you can use to delete your account at Coral is via e-mail. Here are the actions that you need to take.

coral delete account send email
  1. Enter your Coral account and open your account e-mail.
  2. Create a new message and enter the Coral customer service team
  3. In the subject section, you can type in a message that says that you would like your account to be deleted.

How to Delete Coral Account via the Live Chat?

There is another way to delete a Coral account, and it is by using live chat support. Here are the steps to contact Coral via chat:

coral live chat support
  1. Visit, and if you want, login to your profile.
  2. Start the live chat support option by the Help and Contact section.
  3. Tell the Coral support team that you want to delete your account.
  4. They may need some account information and confirmation of this procedure.
  5. Provide every detail, and if all is good, the account will be deleted.

Note that you have the chance to self-exclude yourself from Coral betting for some time. That means that you can take a break from gambling, and when you feel more comfortable, get back to the website and enjoy the fun with Coral.

Definite Self-Imposed Exclusion

A definite self-imposed exclusion is when you exclude yourself from your Coral account for a specific period of time. As a safer gambling option, Coral offers a number of non-reversible options under this category. This includes the option to select self-imposed periods ranging from one day to six months.

Indefinite Self-Imposed Exclusion

An indefinite self exclusion is when you permanently exclude yourself from your Coral account. If you opt for the non-reversible self exclusion, your account will immediately be closed by Coral and you will be prevented from accessing it indefinitely.

Final Say

Overall, the Coral close account process is easy to navigate and most players will find it pretty straightforward. The entire process, regardless of the option you are choosing, is efficient and typically can be completed within a few minutes.

However, it is important to remember that if you decide to close a Coral account, the decision cannot be reversed. Therefore, you may want to consider some of the other safer gambling options offered by Coral as an alternative to closing your account.

That said, if you close your Coral account, you can register a new account at a later date unless you were identified as a problem gambler. So keep these options in mind if you are thinking about closing your Coral account.


How long does the deletion process usually take?

The deletion process at Coral takes place as soon as your request is received by the Coral support team.

Can I get my account closing request denied?

No, Coral is obligated under the provisions of its license with the government of Gibaltar to close your account upon your request.

What happens if I delete my account and there is still money in it?

If you delete your account and there is still money in it, Coral will manually withdraw the funds to the payment method you used to fund your account.

Can I log into my account once it has been closed?

No, you will not be able to log in to your Coral account once your account has been closed. You could create a new account.

Do I have to tell Coral why I want to close my account?

No, you are not obligated to explain the reasons why you want to close your Coral account.

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