How To Build A Bet On Betway: Complete Guide

betway how to build a bet
How to Build a Bet on Betway.
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Since opening in 2006, Betway has built a reputation for staying atop the latest trends and developing player-friendly betting features. Along with live betting and live streaming, Betway’s Build a Bet has grown to become one of its most popular. This article will explain what a Betway Build a Bet is, how to build a bet on Betway and provide some useful Build a Bet tips.

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Betway Build a Bet Explained

The Betway build a bet is a sportsbook betting feature designed to let punters create a unique combination of bets for a specific sporting event. Most commonly offered for football matches, Build a Bet allows bettors to select from a variety of different markets for the same match to create their bet.

betway bet builder football

However, before a Build a Bet will be accepted, each build bet must contain at least two selections and a maximum of ten. Once submitted, the Build a Bet feature will automatically price the bets based on the markets and posted odds. For a Build a Bet to win, each selection must result in a positive outcome.

Build a Bet Terms and Conditions

  • Build a Bet is only valid on single bet selections for pre-match matches.
  • Each Build a Bet must contain between two and ten selections.
  • Build a Bet bets are not eligible for early Cash Out.
  • Each Build a Bet selection must win to be settled as a winner.
  • Any cancelled or voided selections will void the entire Build a Bet betslip.
  • Betway might reverse a Build a Bet settlement if a selection was settled in error.

Betting Markets

The betting markets available to punters wishing to create a Build A bet are substantial and include over 40 selections. These include popular selections such as Win/Draw/Win, Anytime Goalscorer, First Goalscorer, Last Goalscorer, Double Chance, Total Goals, and Correct Score. As for the remaining markets, they include:

  • Both Teams to Score
  • Team A Total Goals
  • Team B Total Goals
  • Handicap 3-Way
  • 1st Win/Draw/Win
  • Full-Time Total Corners
  • Full-Time 1St Corner
  • Full Time Corners Handicap 3-Way
  • Full Time Home Team Corners
  • Full Time Away Team Corners
  • 1st Half Total Corners
  • 1st Half Team A Total Goals
  • 1st Half Team B Total Goals
  • 1st Half Home Team Total Corners
  • 1st Half Away Team Total Corners
  • 1st Half – Team A – Total Goals
  • 1st Half – Team B – Total Goals
  • 2nd Half Win/Draw/Win
  • 2nd Half Double Chance
  • 2nd Half Total Goals
  • 2nd Half Both Teams to Score
  • 2nd Half Goal Bands Team A
  • 2nd Half Goal Bands Team B
  • Goal Bands Team A
  • Goal Bands Team B
  • Player To Be Sent Off
  • Team A – Total Cards
  • Team B – Total Cards
  • Total Cards – Handicap
  • Team to Get the 1st Card
  • Player To Score 2 or More Goals
  • Player To Score 3 or More Goals
  • Players to be Carded

How to Bet Using Build a Bet

To use the Build a Bet feature, punters will need to create a Betway account and ensure they have completed the verification process and funded their account.

First, log into your Betway account using your username and password. This is easily accomplished by entering the information in the fields provided.

After that, how to build a bet on Betway is as easy as following these steps:

betway bet builder - place bet
  1. Click the “Sports” tab.
  2. Select a match to bet on and click the “Build a Bet” tab.
  3. Choose up to 10 markets and add to your betslip.
  4. Enter the amount you want to bet.
  5. Click “Bet Now”.

If you have a Betway free bet that you want to use for your bet builder, you should mark the free bet amount and use it in the bet slip.

Build a Bet Useful Tips

While using the Betway build-a-bet is uncomplicated and selecting markets to add to a build a bet is simple enough, inexperienced bettors often make mistakes. Therefore, some tips inexperienced bettors should consider when using this feature:

  • Tip 1: Conflicting matches in their betslip
    When creating a Build a Bet, it is important not to add any conflicting matches to your bet slip. If you add a conflicting match, your build a bet being accepted as a regular multi versus a build a bet.
  • Tip 2: Not calculating outcomes and payouts properly
    While Betway will calculate the outcomes and payouts based on your selections, it is essential to pay attention to the combined odds of your selections to ensure the selections you are adding increase your odds appropriately.
  • Tip 3: Create Multiple Build Bet’s to increase your odds and payouts
    By creating multiple Build a Bet betslips for the same match and taking advantage of the different markets, the potential for profit is increased as the odds of success are increased, unless the match on Betway is postponed.


Betway’s Build a Bet is another fantastic feature for arguably one of the best sports betting sites online. While several other bookmakers offer a similar betting feature, the basic design and premises for Betway’s Build a Bet means bettors have an increased opportunity to customize their bets and, ultimately, use their knowledge for a match to increase their profitability.

FAQ about Build a Bet on Betway

Why use build a bet on Betway?

The main reason for using Build a Bet on Betway is to increase your odds and payouts for a single match.

Are there any other bet builders in South Africa?

Several other sportsbooks, such as Bet365 and Sportingbet, offer bet builders in South Africa.

What is the minimum bet for Betway’s Build a Bet?

The minimum bet per selection for Betway’s Build a Bet is €0.01.

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