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Who owns Betsafe?
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Betsafe is an excellent brand name with a huge history. The bookmaker was founded in 2006, and its main focus was the Nordic countries. The platform was founded by André and Christer Lavold.

After combining with Betsson, the management of Betsafe changed; consequently, the current CEO of Betsson is the same CEO for Betsafe, namely Bill Lindwall and Rolf Lundström.

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BetSafe History

Currently, BetSafe is part of Betsson. But before combining, the platform had gone through a series of developments with various gains. The pointers below take us through the main events in the history of BetSafe.

Jan 2006
BetSafe started as a sportsbook

2007 – 2009
Launch of Betsafe Casino and Poker.

After serious marketing, the company’s profits increased by 119pc.

March 2011
The number of BetSafe players grows to 84,000 while the number of employees increases to 148.

May 2010 – April 2011
The total revenue of BetSafe grows to 33 million Euros while the operating profit increases to 6.9 million Euros.

July 2011
Betsafe bookmaker is bought by Betsson Group. Therefore, the management goes into the hands of Betsson AB.

FIFA World Cup final between Argentina and Germany generated €490,563.08 in bets placed by 6130 customers.

Launch of Manchester City sponsorship and over 1 million customers around the world.

April 2021
Betsson Group, the new Betsafe owners, launches in Mexico.

June 2021
Betsson starts operating in Greece after getting the necessary licenses.

In the above spirit, Betsafe, under its parent company Betsson, continues getting new markets globally. This has led to huge achievements for the bookmaker.

BetSafe Head Office Location

Since joining hands with Betsson, Betsafe casino stopped having a separate office. This means it had to take full operations to the Betsson headquarters.

Therefore, the Betsafe head office location is Regeringsgatan 28 111 53 Stockholm in Sweden.

Besides, it has several other overseas offices. A good example is the Betsafe Kenya offices in Nairobi, address number 27568-00100 KE.

Moreover, Betsson, the parent company, has two offices in Malta. One is the Betsson Experience Centre, while the other is the ESquared Hub in St. Julian’s.

Who Owns BetSafe

After combining with Betsson, Betsafe came to new ownership. Betsson Group Limited owns it. Betsson Group is a huge brand that owns 17 other brands. All of them are gaming companies.

betsson group logo

BetSafe CEO, Head Team

The current CEO of Betsson Group is Pontus Lindwall. Since BetSafe is part of Betsson, Pontus is its CEO as well.

Other influential leaders in the management team include:


Why is it good to research the Owner and CEO of bookmakers?

It is good to research who owns BetSafe Kenya or the CEO to know if you are playing on legitimate bookmakers.

What is the difference between an owner and a CEO?

The owner is the founder or the person/company who owns the brand, while the CEO is the expert who runs the company’s operations.

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