How Do You Cash Out On Betsafe: Complete Guide

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Like most online bookmakers out there today, Betsafe offers a cash out function across many (but not all) wagers. It can be a valuable feature at times as it enables customers to guarantee some money from their bet, even when the bet goes on to lose. In this article, we’ll help you learn more about cashing out and how to use the feature at Betsafe.

Steps for Cashing Out on Betsafe

The precise process/wording for cashing out a bet at Betsafe can vary depending on your region and/or device, but you should be able to follow these general steps.

betsafe cash out activate
  1. Place a bet that qualifies for cash out. Any qualifying market will state ‘cash out’ in green text in the top right corner.
  2. When the event (or one of the events) is live, log in to your account and go to your betting history via the main menu or open bets via the bet slip.
  3. Here, you should see an offer cash price. Click this button to send a cash out request. In most cases, Betsafe will approve this within a few seconds.
betsafe cashout confirm

Betsafe: When Is Cashing Out an Option

Cashing out a bet will only be an option providing a user selects a qualifying market (or markets). Betsafe clearly state for each market, within each sporting fixture, if cash out applies.

Players will temporarily lose the ability to cash out when a market they have backed is suspended. This often occurs when there has been a major incident, for example, a penalty award or a red card. Finally, remember that the option to cash out will no longer appear if the bet, or part of a bet, is a confirmed loser.

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Pros and Cons of Cash Out

  • Pros
  • Allows punters to react to unexpected in-game circumstances
  • Settling a bet early can reduce any stress/nerves
  • Enables bettors to get some money back on bets that would have failed
  • Cons
  • If the bet ends up winning, you will always end up with less money, as cash-out offers are always lower than the full potential payout
  • You can still lose money as cash-out offers can be lower than the initial stake
  • Cash out prices can change at any time, so it is difficult to know when to time it, which can itself can be a source of stress


Why is my Betsafe cash out being delayed?

Betsafe may put a temporary hold on any cash out offer due to a change in odds or market suspension.

Is Betsafe actually safe?

Yes, Betsafe is a trusted and licensed site that has been active for many years. Furthermore, Betsson owns the brand and is among the largest companies within the European iGaming industry.

Can I combine cashed-out bets with promotions?

No, cashed out bets do not qualify for any Betsafe casino bonus or promotions qualification, or wagering requirement.

Can I cash out a multiple bet?

Users can cash out multiple bets providing all the legs, including markets eligible for cash out.

How do you cash out on Betsafe mobile?

Follow the steps outlined near the top of the article and ensure you have a reliable data/Wi-Fi connection.

Last updated: 29 Jan, 2024 at 02:03
Leona Melvin
Leona MelvinLeona is part of the Content Writers team behind Nostrabet. With 6+ years of experience within the iGaming industry, she has an in-depth knowledge of casinos and games.